Of all the topics I discussed before, the topic I have chosen to speak on today is the most sensitive. Unlike many, I will want to look at Human Relations a little differently, with spirituality added to relations. We are Human beings. The one’s who can write, talk, explain, express, discuss, debate, argue, laugh, love and live life the way we want. All because at the moment ‘Humans’ are the most advanced creatures to be alive on this earth. When will this change? Only the creator & destroyer will decide together. But till that moment time, we are here.

We are here not just as one, but as two. No, I am not talking about our partner here. It’s the relationship between our soul and the body. Those who believe in multiple births and the Vedas must be knowing that the body is all but nothing just a support to the soul. Whereas the soul is the master of your life.

Wait, who are the soulmates then? Long ago I read a quote somewhere written by an anonymous person, who said soulmates are not always the partners. It can be friends, parents, and anyone who helps you in attaining your soul’s purpose. When probed further, I got a similar answer and this time with complete sense.

The purpose of life is the driving force for everyone in this world. Nobody in this world is left with no purpose. Think deeply, having no purpose itself is a purpose in life. When you find hardworking people, he or she has a purpose. When someone is lazy and always resting, he or she also has a purpose. Relaxedly look around you and see in your family, friends and society. Find those who are happy and those who are depressed from inside. Those who are happy can fulfil the purpose of their life because they found the right person. While the sad ones are still finding the purpose or have found the purpose but the not right person to fulfil it. The right person here automatically refers to the right soul which means right soulmate.

Humans are born with emotions but not with emotional intelligence. We have gone so much ahead in technology and found out many ways of keeping ourselves happy. It may be movies, sports, games, trekking, working, earning and so on. Everyone has a different method of keeping themselves happy. But all these are momentary and lasts for that moment. Real happiness is achieved when you are en route to fulfilling your purpose in life. Mind you, the purpose of life is not to get into meditation or renunciation. It is just one of the methods.

Let me explain how to connect this to Human relations and also tell you why they fail…

The point I am trying to make here is when you don’t see things working with the other person, it’s not just because of the relations with the body but also with the soul. If you are happy with the person you have in life, then automatically it says you found the right soul. Because it’s not you or the opposite person who makes the decision but it’s the soul who decides. You might dream of many people in life but ultimately you will end up with those whom your soul decides or you may not find that person at all and you might have to wait for the next birth. The person may be beautiful, may not be beautiful but he or she will surely help you in your progress.

Another thing to keep in mind, there are wrong decisions that are made by the soul too. If that happens, you move out and find the right soul. It will not be respected by society but that’s the way to do it. Apart from the soul reasons, there are human reasons which have a higher stake in spoiling human relations. These are applicable in those relations which have found a stake in human relations. Concerning the incompatible soul, the relationship dies on its own. But the human relations with the right soul will need to be maintained. Because those relations only take you forward and help you in your purpose.

In such relations, two things require complete attention. They are Trust and Faith. Trust will bring the aspect of well-being. Well-being refers to taking the responsibility of the other person and keeping them content. Whereas ‘Faith’ will add honesty in the relation. When you have faith in the other person and the opposite person has the same in you, the execution becomes easier. Execution is equally important because after having trust, the next step is to make the person feel your presence and fulfil your responsibility.

Believe that if the connections that you have are soulful, they will never break. But if there is no soul connection it’s difficult to hold on.

Also, Life is complex say many, life is easy but we make it complex is my belief. You can borrow my belief because that’s the best way to look at life, again as per me.