What is Sade Sathi or Elnati Shani? The effect of Saturn’s movement. #Saturn #Shani

In today’s Tuesday post, I am going to talk about ‘Saturn’.

Saturn is a one among the 9 planets as per Indian Astrology. Saturn is the slowest moving planet which takes 30 years to complete one transit. Saturn changes it’s the position in every 2.5 years and moves into another house. This movement gave terms like Elnati Shani or Sade sathi, panouti or ardhastama Shani, or ashtama Shani.

As Saturn moves every 30 years, there is a possibility that an individual can face Sadesati 3 times in his/her life. The same is the case with panouti and ashtama Shani.

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Today, am discussing Saturn because, on the 25th of this month, Saturn changed its house and entered Capricorn where till will stay till 26th April, 2022. This is a long time and this will impact many of us in different ways, depending on our Rashi or moon sign, Here is the list of the Rashis and the impact of Saturn’s movement on them.

  1. Aries: Those born with moon located in Aries in their birth chart will have Saturn in the 10th house. 10th house deals with the career of a person. So those with Saturn in the 10th will frequently be making mistakes in their career. People shouldn’t change their job because that will only put them in the wrong place and are left with nothing at the end. Ashwini, Bharani and 1st part of Krittika Nakshatra form Aries or Mesha Rashi.
  2. Taurus – 9th House, Here Saturn is in the house of Travel and father. People born in Taurus sign must secure about travelling. Not just that, even the planning and communication-related issues are gonna crop up. Say, even the communications that are done will be in problems. With regard to father, there will be many health issues. Remaining parts of Krittika, Rohini and first two parts of Mrigasira come in Taurus or Vrishabh Rashi.
  3. Gemini – Saturn is in 8th house for Gemini. Also known as Ashtama Shani. This will bring in a lot of difficulties. Both physically and mentally. The person is made to work really hard. He will also go through a lot of mental stress and problems. Remaining two parts of Mrigasira, Arudra and 3 parts of Punarvasu form Gemini or Mithun Rashi.
  4. Cancer – Saturn located in the 7th house. The only house which is considered to be neutral. This house talks about the right partnership. Partnership with regard to conducting business or it can be a personal partnership. Decisions must be taken carefully and with the complete need of efforts. Marriages are not really recommended during this time. Last part of Punarvasu, Pushyami and Ashlesha forms the Cancer or Kataka Rashi.
  5. Leo – Saturn here is in the 6th house. It’s a good sign. Those with Simha Rashi and are suffering from health issues, all those will be resolved. People will start living a healthy and peaceful life. Apart from this, any kind of land dealings pending will also be finalised. One of the good signs to invite Saturn into their 6th house. Makha, Pubba and 1st part of Uttara form Leo or Simha Rashi.
  6. Virgo – 5th House. Saturn lands in the house of mentality and children. People with Kanya Rashi will have to face problems coming from children. Problems will also be created due to the thought process. One shouldn’t be doing any kind of experimentation and should stay away from change. Remaining 3 parts of Uttara, Hastha and first two parts of Chitta Nakshatra form Virgo or Kanya Rashi.
  7. Libra – Saturn is placed in the 4th house. It’s called Artha Ashtama Shani. This house deals with education and mother. People here will have performance-related issues in examinations. Chances of robbery and health issues for Mother. No sort of negligence should be shown during this time. Remaining two parts of Chitta, Swathi and three parts of Visakha Nakshatra form the Libra or Tula Rashi.
  8. Scorpio – 3rd house. This is the House of brothers and sisters. This Saturn’s movement will bring in a lot of good fortune to the person. He or she will be able to do a lot of community development. If someone looking for any kind of society related work, they shall get rewards. May it be joining politics or starting to work with NGO’s. Last part of Vishaka, Anuradha and Jyeshta Nakshatra form the Scorpio or Vrishchika Rashi.
  9. Sagittarius – 2nd house, here comes the house of Elinati Shani beginning. Here the person will be going through Elinati Shani. Basically 1, 2nd and 12th are the phases of Elinati Shani. Which means here the person is in the first phase. It’s the house of money. So one must be careful. As the Shani goes away, it can lose all the money. Careful decision making is must here. Moola, Purvashada and the first part of Uttarashada form the Saggitarius or Dhanu Rashi.
  10. Capricorn – 1st house – this is also the central phase of Elinati Shani. Here the effect is purely depending on how the birth chart of the individual is. This will have a full impact and has an impact on the personality of the person, both positive and negative. Remaining three parts of Uttarashada, Shravana and first two parts of Dhanishta form the Capricorn or Makar Rashi.
  11. Aquarius – 12th house. The house of Karma. It is the house of the last phase of Elinati Shani. Here all the karma that one has accumulated will be showing the results. Remaining two parts of Dhanishta, Shatabhisha and first three parts of Poorvabhadra nakshatra form the Aquarius or Kumbh Rashi.
  12. Pisces – 11th house Saturn is considered to be very good and 11th house deal with friends, business and community-related and business activities. A person from this Rashi can shine very well in business and reach new heights, especially in partnership businesses. Last part of Poorvabhadra, Uttarabhadra and Revathi form the Piscis or Meena Rashi.

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One has to keep in mind that these predictions are very general and broadly applies to everyone in that Rashi. Specific problems and their solutions can only be acquired after studying the accurate birth chart of the person.

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