The topic for today is “Adhika Maasam”.

Generally, we know that there are 12 months in a Calendar year. Hindu calendar also has 12 months in a year, but each month is not 30 or 31 days as we see in English Calendar. This differentiation is because we follow Moon’s Movement whereas English Calendar is made based on Sun’s Movement. So as per Telugu Calendar or Moon calendar, a month is exactly 29 days 10 hours and 48 minutes to sometimes 29 days 12 hours 44 minutes. On an average a month stays for 29.5 days. 29.5 days multiplied by 12 months gives us the total days as 354 days.

The difference then between Lunar Calendar 354 days and Solar Calendar 365 days and 6 hours is 11 days 6 hours. That difference must be corrected. Every third year this shortfall gets corrected as an extra month and that is called as Adhika Maasam.

I will make it simpler:

365 – 354 days = 11 days 6 hours (gap)

For example:

2015-16   In 1st year 11 days 6 hours

2016 –17  After 2nd year 22 days 12 hours

2017 –18  After 3rd year 33 days shortage

Even before we complete the third year the shortage hits more than 30 days and that is why in the middle of the third year or by the end of third year, we will see the Adhika Maasam coming. This is also called as Purushotam Adhika Maasam.

Adhika Maasam comes in four combinations not exceeding three years.
  1. 2 years and 4 months
  2. 2 years and 9 months
  3. 2 years and 10 months
  4. 2 years and 11 months

Factually, in 2015 Adhika Maasam came in the month of Ashada – fourth month of 12 months. Another point to be noted is that always Adhika Maasam goes in the order that was given above. As in 2015 Adhika Maasam came in the month of Ashada which is the 4th month, this year in 2018 it has come in the month of Jyestha which is the 3rd month. This Adhika masa came in 2 years and 11 months and so the next adhika masa comes after 2 years 4 months. That would be in the year 2020 year Ashwaija masam. The next Adhika masam after that will come in 2 years and 9 months which is 2023 Sravana masam.  There would be no Adhika maasam in Margashira, Pushya and Magha months as they are very auspicious months as they fall in Uttarayan time period.

Adhika Maasam is believed to be very bad for any auspicious things may it be education, marriage or anything that anyone is starting afresh. People completely avoid this month and are switch on to holiday mood. In ancient days, people don’t count the interest rates also for the Adhika Masa. Hope you got all that you want to know about Adhika masa and this Adhika masa which started on 16th May will last till 13th June, the holiday period for all important activities!!!