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Bay of bengal wing of monsoon was very active in South India and North eastern states. South India got an excess of +86% because of which the total average rainfall in India in last 24 hrs ending 2.30pm today at 3.4mm vs normal of 6.7mm which is a deficit of -49%. That takes the total seasonal rainfall to 716mm vs normal of 749mm which is 96% of LPA. Central India is at 93%, South India is at 94% of LPA, Northwestern India is at 96% and Eastern India is at 100% LPA.

Following are the top 5 wettest states in India.

1. Tamil nadu +304%
2. Karnataka +120%
3. Andhra Pradesh +74%
4. Arunachal Pradesh +71%
5. Rest of North east +23%
Hyderabad was totally dry in the last 24 hours ending at 2.30pm today but Telangana got normal rainfall. Telangana on an average got 5.2mm vs normal of 5.1mm and that takes the total seasonal rainfall to 557mm vs normal of 623mm which is still a deficit of -11%. Only 3 districts got excess rain while all the other 7 districts got deficit rain. Mahbubnagar district got an excess of +417%, Rangareddy district got +175% excess and Warangal got +153% excess.

Following is the deviation in percentage from the normal.

1. Hyderabad +10%
2. Khammam +8%
3. Warangal +3%
4. Medak -7%
5. Nalgonda -11%
6. Mahbubnagar -12%
7. Rangareddy -13%
8. Nizamabad -20%
9. Karimnagar -20%
10. Adilabad -26%