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The Arabian sea wing of monsoon was totally inactive in the last 24 hours. This is considered to be one of longest ever monsoon breaks. Bay of bengal wing also weakened a bit and only some places are getting good rainfall. Following are the top 5 wettest places in India
1. Tamil nadu +154%
2. North east India +56%
3. Bihar +43%
4. Karnataka 0%
5. Andhra Pradesh -12%
India as a whole got 4.0mm rain vs normal of 9.0mm which is a deficit of -56%. That takes the total seasonal rainfall to 572mm vs normal of 598mm which is still 96% of LPA. South India is at 84% LPA, Central India is at 91%, Eastern India at 103% and North western India is also at 103% of LPA.
Hyderabad was totally dry in last 24 hours and no rainfall was reported from anywhere. Rainfall occurred at few places in Telangana. While rain was reported in few places in Karimnagar and Warangal districts it was almost dry in other districts. Telangana on an average recorded 1.7mm rain vs normal of 7.5mm which is a deficit of -77%. That takes the total seasonal rainfall to 415mm vs normal of 494mm which is a deficit of -16%. This deficit of -16% is the highest deficit recorded in this season.

Here is the break up of deficit percentages in various districts.

1. Hyderabad +5%
2. Khammam +5%
3. Warangal -7%
4. Nalgonda -10%
5. Rangareddy -16%
6. Medak -18%
7. Mahbubnagar -21%
8. Karimnagar -22%
9. Nizamabad -28%
10. Adilabad -31%

Following is the rainfall recorded in last 24 hours ending today morning

Srinagar 0mm
Shimla 0mm
Chandigarh 0mm
Delhi 0mm
Jaipur 0mm
Bhopal 0mm
Ahmedabad 0mm
Mumbai 5.0mm
Pune 0mm
Kochi 11.6mm
Bangalore 30.6mm
Chennai 0mm
Vijayawada 1.4mm
Bhubneshwar 6.6mm
Kolkata 0mm
Guwahati 0mm
Patna 18.6mm
Lucknow 0mm