Visited a Veda Patashala, not once but twice… soon it’s gonna be thrice…

Visited a Veda Patashala, not once but twice… soon it’s gonna be thrice…

Veda Patashala, a place of real learning. Everything that a student needs to live life is found here. The level of knowledge & wisdom acquirable for those who study in a Veda Patashala is unmatched in any kind of education system. The Vedic education system is such that, it concentrates a lot on celebrating nature and connecting mankind with nature. The four Vedas, thousands of sutras, 18 Puranas have all echoed the need for mankind to worship nature and seek life in her. Rishis and Munis meditated for years and have created a treasure for the people like us. It is a different story that not even 1% of the entire population is inclined towards the ultimate truths. Of every type of people, brahmins hold the highest percentage of Vedic teachers, Pandits, Acharyas and then the students.


I am not a brahmin by birth. But somehow, I have a lot of inclination towards Vedas. The Vedas themselves preach to us that a ‘Brahmin’ is not someone who is born but it is his or her actions that decide the Guna. Thus, my attempt to study Vedas as much as I can continue. Even though there is a small break due to other commitments, the commitment to learn Vedas will not stop. As part of this process, I had paid a visit to Veda Patashala.

The moment I stepped into the Veda Patashala;

I could listen to the Vedas being chanted by the young students. It was amazing to see a place right in the city to accommodate close to 50 students and teach the Vedas. Though the place is located in 70% of the city, the vibes I received in the school were outstanding and only positive. To see the young kids and the teenagers reciting Vedas and learning them gave me a special feeling. The Veda Patashala had a serene environment with saplings, cows and a lot of free space. Students were seen around only chanting Vedas and learning them. I learnt the course at Veda Patashala goes for 1-year minimum and goes on till 9 years. The 6-year course in Veda Patashala is the most chosen one by the students. That six long years with full concentration will make a person wise and intellectual.

As I said, I had visited twice to the Veda Patashala in the last two days. The most important one which will be my third visit is due in the coming few days. On which, I will write in the coming days once the day goes as planned…

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