Virat Kohli – Why are you the most hated Cricket captain ever to captain Team India?

Among the obvious reasons like aggression and animated emotions of Virat Kohli, the world’s best batsman is the most hated team India captain because of his public life. He is now being trolled as ‘Anushka’s Kutta’ translates to Anushka’s Dog. Here is VK, won magnificent games for Team India, scored thousands of runs and took India to No 1 ranking. Still, Kohli is treated as an unworthy, disrespectful and undeserving cricketer.

Well, everybody has an opinion and we must respect their opinion. – Don’t go by this…  

It’s so disgusting but not surprising to see this from fellow Indians. I have not got anything else to say apart from feeling bad for your behaviour. Remember guys, having the freedom to critique someone doesn’t mean you can make illogical and speculative statements. I mean, how logical is to call Virat the puppet in the hands of Anushka and call him a left-wing liberal? The day you reflect on these thoughts, you will surely change them and feel disheartened to have made such comments on this couple.

There has been no dearth of trolling and hate campaigns run against Virat Kohli. It all began with his aggressive game style. I always say this, the only captain to have defeated Australia in Australia is Virat Kohli. Of course, the haters will be of the thought that it’s just a one-off. Remember his outstanding batting and captainship skills in the 2014-15 series. He stood as the highest run scored with 692 runs for India and almost took India to victory in 4th test match. He was a stand-in captain then, come 2018-19 series, Virat Kohli was the fulltime captain and won the series 2-1.

Opinions do come with bias, but the statistics don’t, right?

Virat Kohli is the most successful Indian captain in both the ODI and Test formats.

  • 89 ODIs as Captain with the 71.83%-win ratio
  • 55 Tests as Captain with the 60%-win ratio

This is in comparison to Dhoni’s 45%-win ratio in Tests and 60%-win ratio in ODIs. I am in no way trying to tell that Kohli is better than Dhoni. But he has proven himself as the captain and just like that you can’t have such a big difference in the winning percentage. Also, Virat Kohli has highest away wins as Indian captain. This is all about his International performance. Haters don’t stop here; I think I would respect them and refer them as Critics.

IPL 2020 has concluded and Mumbai Indians once again finished as champions. They are now 5-time champions, Dhoni won it 3 times with Chennai. Wait there, what about Virat Kohli? He has never won it for RCB. I reckon this is where those who claim Virat has bad captaincy skills have the strongest point. While I feel there should’ve been better results for Bangalore, in my view, it’s always the bowling that did damage to the winning chances of RCB. Maybe if the team had one or two good bowlers’ things would’ve been different. Nonetheless, that cannot be the point to find a hideout.

Here’s my conclusion: VK should’ve won a title for RCB in the format where a single wicket or single over can change the course of the game. Yes, IPL provided a great platform to Indian players, but it also widened the scope for regionalisation of Cricket. IPL has brought in the factor of deep hate or huge support. So, a part of hate for Virat comes from other players fans, who troll him.

Finally, what’s wrong with Virat Kohli? Why so many haters?

The statistics prove that Virat isn’t a bad captain and we all know how great a captain is VK. The point here is not with the player’s ability, it is done with his success and the heights he has reached. Otherwise, I don’t understand why a middle-class person or for that matter any Indian should have a problem with a celebrity. I do agree that he made a mistake by asking people not to burst crackers on Diwali. I understand he is a public figure and he shouldn’t be opinionated in any way to hurt the sentiments of anyone.

But wait a minute, don’t you have a single person in your family or relatives who oppose bursting crackers? Does that mean you also name shame them? Are you going to call them the Kutta of Wife? No Right? If yes, then I won’t count you. If no, then you are suggested to do some contemplation so that your thoughts will show the right path…

I conclude this post by saying this – “If you call Virat as a person who is so aggressive and can’t make better decisions, I would suggest you one thing. Can you please take the pains to look at yourself in the mirror?”

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