On a Sunday morning as usual people in the rest of India weren’t doing much other than enjoying the holiday. But the state of Uttarakhand was hit by Avalanche or Glacier Burst. Not the perfect Sunday start for the northern state. It is still not certain if the flood was due to Avalanche or Glacier Burst.
As the scientists discover the real reason behind the flash floods in Uttarakhand, the number of lives lost is increasing. It’s only getting tougher and fatal for the country even with top teams involved in the rescue operations.
While the process of saving lives is being carried out, there are agencies especially the environmental experts and organisations that are blaming the role of Mankind. They believe like always that the biggest reason for Glacier burst is due to glacier melting. This is because Human intervenes with nature as per some scientists and environment activists.
The point we will have to answer for real is whether the ‘glacier burst’ is the result of global warming or is it natural? Let’s look at the studies and the counter-arguments to those studies made by the environmentalists.

The Natural Calamities are Human or Man-made – We must take the Blame!

This statement is bought by all. We strongly believe that man’s interference into nature by acts like deforestation, polluting the air and water through industrialisation are the major reasons for climate change. Climate Change has become a wonderful school days topic for elocution or essay writing. Because the data shows the number of deaths in the last century has been the highest. The deaths due to natural disasters are currently at 60,000 per year.
Not just that, there is always news of the occurrence of an earthquake in one or the other corner of the Earth. Coming specifically to the disaster that occurred on 7th February Sunday, the glacier bursts are expected to be the next big problem for Mankind. Most people expect the world to end by melting glaciers. The data suggest that Earth got hotter by 1-degree Celsius in the last 100 years. So statistically too, there is an upward trend in heat. Though the warming is not uniform across the planet, the upward trend shows that more areas are warming than cooling.

The Counter Argument says the calamities are part of Nature, thus it’s ‘Natural’!

According to the documentaries and the data again, it is proven that the Earth is 4500 million years old and it is believed that ‘Humans’ came to earth only before 1 lakh years. Those who say Climate Change is natural are thus asking for proof of natural calamities happening because of Human Beings intervention about 1,000 years ago.
Unfortunately for the environmentalists, the data at maximum is available for 100 to 200 years. Scientifically speaking, there is something called as Ice Age. It is again believed that the Ice Age is a period that lasted for around 60,000 years. In their logic, if the ice age can last for 60,000 years, why can’t the non-ice age exist for the next 60,000 years? Though the number of people calling climate change a hoax are less in number compared to those who call Climate Change is real, the argument they hold is truly considerable.

Forget the Climate Change issue, should you continue living in valleys and hills?

Definitely yes, but at your own risk. Yes, you heard me right. It’s like this, if you want more profits you invest in the riskiest instrument. Similarly, if you want to stay closest to nature and its beauty you need to be prepared for risks. This is applicable to those who can afford all the resources. But then for the underprivileged and those who live for a day, it is a difficult choice to make. The government can do all they can to bring the hill and valley people to villages or towns, the problem is will they accept? Especially India is a deep-rooted country that beliefs in traditions and respects them.
So, an average person wouldn’t feel like leaving the birthplace, simply because they are connected to the land and nature. We can always let them live in such places and still be safe and that’s possible only by innovations. Not sure if climate change is real or a hoax, but the innovations in the modern world are not yet at the levels that of ancient India.
Considering the points above you can choose your side. Do you believe in Climate Change due to people interfering in mother nature or do you think we are not capable enough to challenge or hurt Mother Nature! The choice is yours…