Ugadi – ‘Hevalambi’

Happy New Year to everyone, wishing you all a Healthy & Wealthy New year. This new year according to Indian calendar is called as ‘Hevalambi’. We Humans always want to understand the future once the new year arrives. I’m here to give you all a brief on what can happen to different people according to their moon signs (Zodiac Signs), there are in total 12 rashis which are calculated through birthday and birth time of the person.
These signs help you to understand your future and bring back to normalcy. Life is all about Income Vs Expenditure and Honor Vs Humiliation. Let’s find what each Rashi is to face in this year ‘Hevalambi’.

Mesha Rashi –
|Income 5 – Expenditure 5 | Honor 3 – Humiliation 1|
Mesha Rashi people will have equal income and expenditure at 5:5 ratio, whatever they earn they will spend. They will gain more respect and will be known in their circles for the activities they do. Things will not be favorable as Jupiter will be in 6th house till September and moves to 7th house later & those who are planning to go abroad will have problems and delays as Saturn is in 9th house throughout.

Vrishabha Rashi
|Income 14 – Expenditure 11 | Honor 6 – Humiliation 1|
For Vrishabha Rashi people this is one of the Best years. They will have very high income and lot of money coming in from unexpected sources. They also will get many good friends and praise from their superior. All this is because of Shani’s location in 8th house which is good the earlier half till September will be much fruitful.

Mithuna Rashi
|Income 2 – Expenditure 11 | Honor 2 – Humiliation 4|
Very Busy year for Mithuna Rashi people. Very high on spending and low on incomes. Though the expenditure is more the person is very happy in spending. Good Health. Children and Emotional balance are also on higher side. Most of the expenses made are for Children or Property. Could see Problems in the months of July, August & September. Very Careful and cautious approach is required in this months. Overall the person will be very happy by the end of the year.

Karkataka Rashi
|Income 11 – Expenditure 8| Honor 5 – Humiliation 4|
Above Average Year. People will have money to spend and save. Good things take higher stage than bad things. People respect for your works and see rapid changes coming in the middle of September as Jupiter moves to 4th House leading to changes in Education. Thoughts keep coming in minds on big positive changes required in life to grow. Holy trips and Pilgrimages are possible. Overall a much-satisfied year for Karkataka.

Simha Rashi
|Income 14– Expenditure 2 | Honor 1 – Humiliation 7|
Bad year for simha rashi people as they are expected to get unexpected setbacks. They will love many things because of shani’s location in 5th house. It might be the job, or peace of mind or health constant fights will be there at home and they won’t get any good from quarreling too much. Jupiter also is not favorable in 2nd and 3rd house and maybe the brothers or relatives might give them some comfort other thing is money wise they will not have any problem this is because of Jupiter’s location in the 2nd house of money

Kanya Rashi
|Income 2 – Expenditure 11| Honor 4– Humiliation 7|
Kanya rashi also will have a very bad year but Jupiter being in the 1st house of personality till September their confidence will be higher in the time of difficulties unnecessary expenditures will be there and they need to control that and Saturn’s location in 4th house says that education will not go well any attempt to do higher education also will back fire they will have to listen from people unnecessarily, though it’s not their fault

Tula Rashi
|Income 14- Expenditure 11 | Honor 7– Humiliation 7|
A good year for Tula rashi people luck favors them a lot till September and any career related decisions can be taken during this time saturn’s location in 3rd house also will help them and they will get promotions in their jobs Falling in love or marriage attempts during this year will work out very well
Vrishchika Rashi
|Income 5 – Expenditure 5 | Honor 3 – Humiliation 3|
Looks like average year for vrishchika rashi people with good things happening in-between they have to put in double the efforts to get results. Saturn located in 2nd house of money makes financial situations tight but people in business will see money flowing suddenly with jupiter in 11th house of business till this September after that money is going to dry up and they have to struggle. Even respect also is something they have to work really hard for.

Dhanush Rashi
|Income 8- Expenditure 11| Honor 6– Humiliation 3|
Great year for Dhanush rashi people as Jupiter is located in 10th house of career till September and 11th house of business for rest of the year whatever they do they will get lots of success education and job interviews will go very well and they might get multiple offers business ventures will be very successful after September. Saturn’s location in the 1st house creates some insecurity and self-doubt but Jupiter’s influence over Saturn will mean that you will have a great 2017

Makar Rashi
|Income 11 – Expenditure 5| Honor 2– Humiliation 6|
This is another good sign. Incomes look higher than Spending, expect double income. Jupiter is in 9th house moving to 10th house which talks about the education. Expect good news on education, employment and New Job Opportunities. There are setbacks planned too. One should do good deeds and take careful steps. Karma is in strong positon, so Good karma is equal to good future.

Kumbha Rashi
|Income 11 – Expenditure 5 | Honor 5– Humiliation 6|
Balanced Rashi with very good education and money. Income is double then spending. People will be able to become confident and independent. Very important for person to be watchful and cautious in making friendships. Decisions should be taken carefully. Friends are the one who will Push & Pull you. So, it’s very important for this Rashi people to be very alert and never make any rushing decisions.

Meena Rashi
|Income 8 – Expenditure 11| Honor 1 – Humiliation 2|
Last one to call for, Meena Rashi. People as they try to figure out where they are going wrong, everything works well in the beginning but things get stuck towards the end, unnecessary expenditures in luxuries will make their finances weak. Till September they have guru balam which is good for marriage and unmarried people can look for matches. Saturn in 10th house of career makes things difficult and create obstacles but those who have favorable Saturn in their horoscope need not worry.

Astrology is not a religious phenomenon it’s all energies that are present in the atmosphere and controlling them to bring good changes into your life. With this I, will end by Wishing you all a Very Happy Hevalambi New Year. But before that anybody interested to know their Rashi can get in touch for clarity.
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