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Ugadi – A New Year which is expected to be great as the COVID pandemic enters the endemic stage

Ugadi – A New Year which is expected to be great as the COVID pandemic enters the endemic stage

శ్రీ శుభకృత్ నామ సంవత్సర ఉగాది శుభాకాంక్షలు!

Happy new year to everyone!!

Ugadi 2021: Celebrations in various parts of Karnataka | udayavani

Ugadi is a festival celebrated famously in the Telugu States as new year’s day. Ugadi is celebrated when the Moon crosses the sun 12 times. Every rotation is on average for about 30 days. The journey of these twelve rotations starts with the first Rashi ‘Mesha’ and ends with the 12th Rashi ‘Meena’. As per the Telugu Calendar, Moon entered ‘Mesha’ or Aries Zodiac Sign on 2nd Apri. To be very precise, the right time to celebrate the festival was between 11:21 am to 11:55 am on 2nd April when thithi was prathama and nakshatra was aswini, the first nakshatra as per the Vedic calendar.  Every year in the Telugu Calendar has its name. This new year is called ‘Shubhakrith’. The Gregorian calendar is made based on the Sun’s movement. Whereas Telugu Calendar or any other Hindu Calendar is made based on the Moon.

As soon as the festival Ugadi arrives, people have two things in common. One is to make the Ugadi Pachadi, a semi-solid form of a dish that has  ‘Shadruchulu’; six tastes. The second is knowing their future. We Humans always want to understand the future once the new year arrives. I have written the Ugadi posts in the past as well, but this is a comeback post after 4 years. Firstly, let us look at how the energies are acting on each one of us. I’m going to give you a brief on what can happen to different people according to their moon signs (Zodiac Signs), there are in total 12 rashis which are calculated through the birthday and birth time of the person. Using your birth date and time, you can find out your Zodiac Sign.

Don’t mix the Sun Zodiac Sign with the Moon Zodiac Sign.

The above chart describes the future of twelve Rashi people in general. To have a specific understanding of one’s next twelve months of life, he or she has to look at their birth chart and the Lagna. That only will give a detailed understanding. Also, there is another angle to all our present life conditions. I will explain that in future posts. But for now, I will want to explain a simple yet powerful aspect of Vedic Astrology.

As I have told you before, this year is called ‘Shubhakrith’. This is one of the names of 60 names for Telugu years. Every year the name changes and the repetition happen only after 60 years. Simply put, Shubhakrith which has come in 2022 will come next in 2082. While you must be wondering what’s the big deal in the names? For that, we need to derive the meanings.

Let’s go back a bit…
(1899, 1959, 2019, 2079) Vikāri వికారి (అనారోగ్యము కలిగించునది)

The name of the year 2019 was ‘Vikari’ which as per the Telugu language means ‘Illness’. Remember what happened in 2019? Will you even forget? Something that never happened in our lifetime… COVID pandemic took its baby steps. It all started in China and came to India in the next year…

(1900, 1960, 2020, 2080) Sārvari శార్వరి (చీకటి)

The name of the year 2020 was ‘Sarvari’ which as per the Telugu language means ‘Darkness’. Remember what happened in 2020? You can surely not forget! The darkest of the period in the 21st century. COVID went from outbreak to epidemic to pandemic. Wave after the wave has hit human beings. Economy collapsed. Lives were lost and the damage was heavy.

(1901, 1961, 2021, 2081) Plava ప్లవ (ఒడ్డుకు చేర్చునది)

The name of the year 2021 was ‘Plava’ which as per the Telugu language means ‘Shore’. 1st wave, 2nd wave, 3rd wave and 4th wave…. Every wave had come with a different force and power. But finally, we have come out of the Pandemic in the year 2021-22. From recording lakhs of cases in a single day, the cases have fallen below a thousand a day before Ugadi in India. The tally may increase but the damage is inevitably gone.

(1902, 1962, 2022, 2082) Subhakritu శుభకృతు (శుభములు కలిగించేది)

The name of the year 2022 is ‘Shubhakrithu’ which as per the Telugu language means ‘Auspicious or Good’. The Pandemic is in its dying stages. The virus has lost its power. People are coming back into the real world. Businesses are growing and life will be back to normal. This year promises to be an excellent year and people are going to achieve the best possible goals in their life.

New Year. New Hopes. New Horizons. New Dreams. | Happy new year wallpaper,  New year wallpaper, Happy new year 2015

The next year as per the Telugu Calendar names is much brighter. Again, it’s a general and a worldly prediction. There is the possibility that someone would’ve gained even during the pandemic era. Similarly, even though the years are good it could happen future may not be bright for a few people. To know if it’s good or not for you? All you need to do is go deeper and not see things in general…

In the next post, whenever possible I will write about a very important topic related to Vedic astrology …. Once again a Happy new year to one and all…

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