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The Multi-sport event, Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020 is just 10 days away… Will India make it count?

The Multi-sport event, Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020 is just 10 days away… Will India make it count?

Japanese capital city, Tokyo is all set to host 205 countries for Olympics 2020. This was the event that was slated to happen in 2020 but the COVID pandemic pushed to it this year. There was a lot of pressure on Japanese officials to cancel the Olympics in the wake of a rise in cases and a potential spread of the virus leading to a new wave.

But the Olympics Committee and the Japanese officials have been working hard and will not give up on the international event that happens every 4 years. The games are divided into Summer & Winter Games. In these both, Summer Olympic games have wider reach and significance with 205+ countries participating. Whereas in the Winter Olympic games, only 92 countries participate. The next Olympic games (winter) are in 2022 in Beijing.

Several Sports, Medals and more facts…  

The 32nd edition of the international sporting event is all but ready to take off on July 23rd. The number of games for this edition has increased to 33 games with 5 new editions. Because the number of games has gone up, automatically the number of medals has gone up too. The Tokyo Olympics will see 339 medals up for winning.

As many as 11,500 athletes are expected to take part in this edition and this is a big number. With COVID19 still hanging around, a survey has shown more than 60% of Japanese locals want the games to be either cancelled or postponed. Japanese officials don’t have the same thought process. Not because firstly highest level of safety measures in place and the country has spent $15.4 billion for Tokyo 2020 so far. One can always think the expenditure to go higher with every day and with a proper audit. In Indian rupees, the amount spent is 11.5 lakh crores….

India’s past performances in the Summer Olympics 2020!

Before we look at India’s chances in this edition’s Olympics games. Let’s revisit India’s Olympic campaign in this century. Added below is the list of India’s medal tally and the number of athletes in each edition from 2000.

Looks very disappointing, isn’t it? A nation that’s known for a wide variety of customs, traditions, religions, etc is unable to produce talent in diverse sports. All that Indians concentrate is on Cricket and nothing else. Not wanting to stress more on the bias for Cricket, India and its authorities have to bring a sense of urgency in the other sports and nurture talent. Of course, what has been done in the last 4 years will be seen in the performances of our athletes in the next few days. Also, a point that we all have to notice is the reason behind Cricket getting popular. Cricket was just another game until the 1983 World Cup Victory and it gained the next level of popularity after the 2011 World Cup Triumph.

Similarly, other sports will also need that game-changing moment to become popular. The brand value for a sport is crucial in gaining traction and participants. Even though India’s strength and contingent is increasing with every edition, the performance is not picking up. Like, the last edition was more promising than ever. A lot was expected but it turned out to be the worst for India. This edition also promises to be the best year of the century, but will India make it count?

How many medals can India win at Tokyo 2020?

India is heading to Tokyo with 124 athletes in 18 sports. India’s all-time medal tally going into this edition is 9 Gold, 7 Silver and 12 Bronze medals, that’s 28 medals. Of the 9 Gold medals, the majority of them came from Hockey. India won only 1 Gold medal in the last 9 editions. So statistically, a gold medal in this edition looks very difficult. Mathematically India is expected to win nothing more than 3 medals, with one silver medal and 2 Bronze medals.

But that’s stats and there is always room for outliers in statistics too. India can make this a big year, but on one condition; to perform like winners!

Expected medals in the different sports:

  • Archery – 2 Medals (Atanu Das and Deepika Kumari)
  • Athletics – None to 1 medal
  • Badminton – 0 or 1 medal (Sai Praneeth or PV Sindhu)
  • Boxing – 1 or 2 medals (Amit Panghal and Mary Kom)
  • Equestrian – None
  • Fencing – None
  • Field Hockey – 2 Medals (Both Men and Women)
  • Golf – None
  • Gymnastics, Judo, Sailing – None
  • Shooting – 2 or 3 medals (Manu Bhaker & Sourabh Chaudhary will be Key)
  • Swimming – None
  • Table tennis – 1 (Manika Batra)
  • Tennis – None
  • Weightlifting – None
  • Wrestling – 2 medals (Bajrang Punia and Vinesh Phogat)

India at the Summer Olympics – The journey so far | Chase Your Sport -  Sports Social Blog

If things go as per the above predictions, it will nothing like it for India. But this medal tally itself looks ambitious after India’s mediocre performance in the last Summer Olympics. While this will be the best scenario for India, the worst scenario could be India winning just 2 medals just like the last edition, one from Archery and one from Shooting.

But as an optimist, I see India performing their best in this year’s event. If India is to achieve the Medal Tally as per the above list, we are sure to win to 3 Gold Medals and in less than one month, the entire picture will be clear. Let’s hope that India performs their best and let us witness the highest podium finishes ever… All the best Team India… Jai Ho!!!

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