The Crisis between Ukraine and Russia explained in simple words…

USSR to Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan…

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The ongoing crisis between Russia and Ukraine is not new. It is decades old crisis that began back in 1991. Nothing much changed for many years between Russia and Ukraine. The War is between two independent nations, Russia and Ukraine. It is a geopolitical war, maybe similar to India and Pakistan. In the case of Indo-Pak, the war is for a province called ‘Kashmir’. Whereas, the battle between Russia and Ukraine is much larger in scope.

It was in the year 1991, one of the largest groups of states called as USSR – Union of Soviet Socialists Republics got dismantled and disintegrated. USSR was an active country in the world that promoted the socialist ideology and was purely against the American capitalistic and free-market economy. Russians who had the major rule in the USSR were powerful. USSR was the richest in the world. No one could think of bringing an end to USSR. But the inevitable did happen due to the USSR rebels. The USSR rebels which included today’s Ukraine took the help of the United States and other European nations to split from USSR.

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Come 2014, Ukraine had its rebels who wanted to join Russia. Luhansk and Donetsk are the top regions that rebelled against Ukraine. It was Luhansk that created unrest in the entire Ukraine in 2014 and the same region took the lead in the current crisis too. Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin recognised Luhansk and Donetsk as two independent nations. He also called Ukrainian Nationalism is as ‘Flawed’.

What has led to today’s unnoticed and sudden war events?

It is completely understood that the roots of the current tensions grew from Ukraine’s separation from the Soviet Union. More than that, the Russian President didn’t like the closer relations of Ukraine with the West. Once the USSR got dissolved, the Part of European Nations have together and formed a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and more which were firstly part of the Soviet Union, went on and joined NATO.

This pushed Ukraine also to dream of complete freedom. NATO turned out to be more damaging to Russia than the dissolution of the USSR. Ukraine made all the plans to join NATO, and if that gets underway, it is a big failure for Putin. Putin’s aggressiveness and his support from the socialist nations across the world will not allow him to do that. He had made his plans and saw the right taken to attack the Ukraine Provinces.

Russian President Vladimir Putin feels the movement of Ukraine and NATO is a direct threat to Russia’s power in the eastern part of the country. This is the major reason behind Russia’s aggression on Ukraine. Now, this won’t stop here. The world is aware of how the current president of Russia Vladimir Putin came to power. Putin is ruthless and at the same time very intelligent. Though it’s not easy to conquer the other provinces which broke away from USSR, it is his dream and goal to bring back the lost USSR. Will he be successful in achieving it or not only time will tell!

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