The biggest battle of the year 2021 is underway as the hunt for COVID19 vaccine is fully on!

But, is this the battle for vaccine or the battle for capturing the market?

Deadly Coronavirus, renamed to COVID19 after China’s pressure I suppose went from outbreak to pandemic. A virus that originated from Wuhan in China travelled all through the world. Even to the countries which have lower trade relations with bigger nations. While the debate on who’s to be blamed for such deadly virus continues, a new debate is taking the centre stage. The debate is whose vaccine is safer?  While it is important to raise questions on the efficacy of the vaccine after all the efficacy does matter if one has to develop a belief in a particular vaccine.

How does the Pfizer vaccine work to fight COVID-19? |

We have had vaccines from different nations, but yes those coming from the USA and UK have been well accepted and welcomed by people. No doubt, these are produced by world-class institutes and medical organisations. Like the Pfizer, Moderna and Oxford. Whereas there is a little caution for the vaccine coming from not so regular or famous institutes. Don’t ask what’s the name of the Chinese vaccine, because half of the World doesn’t count china any more as an ethical and rightful country.

You have the Sputnik, the vaccine candidate coming from Russia, this was the first vaccine to be introduced. But the political systems aren’t agreeing to the fact that Russia was able to make a vaccine. Living in the management studies and teaching business, these fights for who’s who is not a surprise. But the fight is turning a little ugly as soon as the Indian company Bharat Biotech got emergency approval for its vaccine Covaxin.

The status of Corona to date. Just for info:

  • Cases till date: 8,62,60,742
  • Deaths till date: 18,64,089

I have a problem in understanding the mindset of a few here, especially the Indians. While the educated and intellectuals are busy studying the efficacy of different vaccines, the politicians are busy blaming the decisions made by the medical institutes. Some are able enough to comment on the resources used to prepare the vaccine. There is rumour mongering gang who are busy spreading fear. This way everyone is busily propagating their agenda. But will there be any change…

Yes, for a change, there was a letter by SII and Bharat Biotech who have decided to produce and distribute the Covid19 vaccine jointly. This comes as surprise, only a few days ago both companies exchanged words through media. Let’s hope it stays like this and the bigger goal of getting all the Indians vaccinated should be propagated more.

Few vaccine candidates eagerly waiting to hit the market and capture their share:

  • ​​​​Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine
  • Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine
  • AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine
  • Janssen’s COVID-19 vaccine
  • Novavax’s COVID-19 vaccine​
  • Bharat Bio-Tech Covaxin

The Top 5 COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates Explained

Apart from the vaccines that I have listed above, there are many more in line. In this list of 6, only two vaccines have got full approval and authorization as on December 31st. They are Pfizer and Moderna. Other candidates are still waiting for approval and meanwhile, they are pricing and planning the strategy to enter the market…

One thing is certain that the vaccine is going to come sooner or later!!

I see a time where few people will be adamant to take any vaccine fearing side effects or even death. This is a big task in the hands of Govt to control the fake news from spreading and there must be an assurance of safety. On the other hand, those who are asking for the vaccine will have to be systemically given information on the roll-out dates. More than that, I think the vaccine must not be given for free to all the Indians. If anyone who deserves a free vaccine, it has to be medical workers, police and army officers. Apart from this, the below poverty line population should get free vaccines.

Can’t imagine the govt giving away free vaccine to the nation with 135 crore people. That will cost the govt an unprecedented 1,35,000 crore at 1000₹ per dose. It is not the question of being sensible and give the free vaccine, it is the question of sensibly taking economy forward. While the decision on free vaccine will be taken soon, I recommend people to be cautious but not adamant or foolish to ignore vaccine. Remember only if every Indian gets vaccinated, the COVID19 battle will be won. We won the Polio, Hepatitis, Chickenpox, Measles etc only by vaccine not by anything else…

Be nice, don’t act like a piece of ice… before you get sliced by disease, act wise and accept the vaccine!

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