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Bhagavadgita Chapter 11 Vishwaroopa Darshana Yoga Verse 38

Chapter 11 Vishwaroopa Darshana Yoga Verse 38

Sri Bhagavaan Uvaacha:

Mayaa prasannena tavaarjunedamRoopam  param darshitamaatmayogaat;
Tejomayam vishwamanantamaadyamYanme twadanyena na drishtapoorvam.

The Blessed Lord said:

O Arjuna, this Cosmic Form has graciously been shown to thee by Me by My own Yogic power;
full of splendour, primeval, and infinite, this Cosmic Form of Mine has never been seen before by anyone other than thyself.


After listening to Arjuna about the Vishwaroopam and its different aspects finally Lord Krishna starts to speak. He tells Arjuna that the Lord has been gracious enough to show the cosmic form of the Lord. This cosmic form also includes the yogic power of the Lord. This cosmic form is full of splendor or “Tejas” as it is referred to. It is also all pervading, combing all directions and its infinite in its form. Lord Krishna also says that this “Vishwaroopam” was never seen before by anyone else other than Arjuna himself. 

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

What is the yogic power or yoga maya power of the God? This is the energy that a person gets by integrating the subconscious mind of the Lord with the other senses of the body. Here Lord has created a whole universe through this yoga maya power. Why is it then called maya or illusion? It is because it exists but doesnt exist. It means that the whole universe that Lord has shown in His Vishwaroopam is real as well as illusionary.

Let us understand how.
Eyes are one of the sense organs through which we see things. We can see as far as our vision goes. But what if you see things that are beyond your vision on a television screen or on a mobile phone? You know it is real but you also know that what you are seeing is illusionary. That means you can only see it, you cant feel it or live it. Same applies to Lord’s Yoga maya. The Vishwaroopam shown exists in reality but what Arjuna has seen is the illusionary part of it. It is only possible through the technique called Yoga maya.
In yoga maya, you can, with the power of integration of senses with subconscious mind can create an universe which is parallel to what you are seeing. Sometimes we do that with words and alphabets. Suppose you are reading a novel which is very interesting and gripping. Without your knowledge your mind will create an image of that and it starts moving infront of you. This is just temporary and lasts for few moments. But if you turn into a yogi you can see the image of the universe that is more permanent and ever-lasting. That is what is the meaning of Yogic power.

Bhagavadgita Chapter 11 Vishwaroopa Darshana Yoga Verse 31

Chapter 11 Vishwaroopa Darshana Yoga Verse 31

Twamaadidevah purushah puraanasTwamasya vishwasya param nidhaanam;
Vettaasi vedyam cha param cha dhaamaTwayaa tatam vishwamanantaroopa.

Thou art the primal God, the ancient Purusha, the supreme refuge of this universe, 
the knower, the knowable and the supreme abode. By Thee is the universe pervaded, O Being of infinite forms!


Arjuna now starts substantiating to himself the position of Lord Krishna as the primal God of this Universe. He now firmly believes that Maha Vishnu who is in the form of Lord Krishna is the most ancient and earliest of the Purushas and attained the form of Supreme God. Not only that He is also the supreme refuge of all this universe who is a knower, who is a knowable and a supreme abode for all beings. He then goes on to call Lord Krishna a person who can exist in infinite forms, covering the entire universe.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

The primary question that comes to my mind as I write this is “Why does Lord Krishna has to come here to this World in different avatars, when Brahma is already creating beings”? I found an answer after a bit of contemplation that every object in this world and every personality that exists has a cause and has a source from which it emerges. The cause defines the reason for a particular being to come to this Universe and the source from which it comes defines the cause. Let me explain it a bit more.

Lord had said in previous shlokas that whenever dharma is in trouble and the World is moving towards chaos and anarchy, He will come to save the World and restore the dharma. That is the cause. The cause defines the source. A restorer of dharma cannot come from an inferior or lower source. He has to come from a source that is capable enough to understand the nuances and thought processes of people living in those times, have to deal with them and plan things in a way, so as to achieve the cause for which he came. That is possible when the source is a knower of all. That is none other than Sri Maha Vishnu and cannot be any other being. It is because if a soul becomes the knower of everything, which is nothing but God, it merges itself with God and cannot come back again. so, at times God Himself has to restore dharma in the universe.

There is another phrase that caught my attention and that is “the knower, the knowable and the supreme abode”. What do we have to know about God, why is He the knowable and why is He then called Supreme abode? To know is seeking knowledge. And to get the knowledge you have to do an act, which is also known as Karma. So, seeking knowledge is nothing but doing Karma. If knowledge is God, and if we perform Karma to get knowledge then every step of acquiring knowledge will take you closer to God. And Jigyasa or curiosity is something that motivates us to know more.

Thus God is also called as Knower and Knowable because the only way a person will know about God is not just knowing God, but it’s about acquiring knowledge that makes you understand God. God is not known and understood that if you know Vishnu sahasranamam or Bhagavatham or Bhajagovindam by heart. Maha Vishnu is much more than that. He is there in every particle of the universe and if you want to know about Him, you need to know about every particle in which He exists and that also includes Bhagavatham, Vishnu sahasranamam and Bhajagovindam. Only this path ensures salvation and that is why He is knower the knowable and the Supreme abode of the Universe.

Bhagavadgita Chapter 11 Vishwaroopa Darshana Yoga Verse 23

Chapter 11 Vishwaroopa Darshana Yoga Verse 23

Yathaa pradeeptam jwalanam patangaaVishanti naashaaya samriddhavegaah;
Tathaiva naashaaya vishanti lokaasTavaapi vaktraani samriddhavegaah.

As moths hurriedly rush into a blazing fire for their own destruction, 
so also these creatures hurriedly rush into Thy mouths for their own destruction.


This shloka in a way is the continuation of the previous shloka where Arjuna says that like the way rivers flow into the ocean, the kings entered the flaming mouth of the Lord. This shloka takes this comparison further, where Arjuna compares the kings who are supporting the Kauravas to moths. We all know the nature of moths. Wherever there is burning fire or light, these moths get attracted to it, jump into the fire and destroy themselves. In the same way all the kings rush into the mouth of the Vishwaroopam like the moths and destroy themselves. 

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

This shloka will be known for the comparison Arjuna is making with the moths and the Kings who are supporting the Kauravas. Mahabharat in many ways is called as Dharma Yuddha or War of righteous. The violation of Dharma repeatedly by many elders like Bhishma, Drona, Dhritharashtra etc have brought things to this level. At various levels even noble souls like Bhishma failed to understand their dharma and the result is the battle field of kurukshetra with 59 lakh odd soldiers facing each other and fighting the battle of one man and his ambition.

That one man undoubtedly is Dhritarashtra, who is not only blind by birth but also got blinded by the love for his son. He wanted his eldest son Duryodhan to rule the entire Kuru kingdom at any cost. So, he supported him in all his immoral and bad acts and not only that he has convinced many kingdoms that are friends to Kuru kingdom of Hasthinapur to support kauravas in this war. The kings who chose to support Kauravas have thus chose adharma. Anyone who chooses adharma over dharma is bound to face destruction at some point. This Arjuna is symbolically telling how these kings and others supporting kauravas would go into the vishwaroopam of the Lord like moths going to burning fire, to burn themselves and turn into ash.

Chapter 11 Vishwaroopa Darshana Yoga Verse 3

Chapter 11 Vishwaroopa Darshana Yoga Verse 3

Pashya me paartha roopaani shatasho’tha sahasrashah;
Naanaavidhaani divyaani naanaavarnaakriteeni cha.

The Blessed Lord said:
Behold, O Arjuna, My forms by the hundreds and thousands,
of different sorts, divine and of various colors and shapes!


Lord Krishna in this shloka starts to reply to the request of Arjuna, where he requests to show the Lord’s cosmic form. He starts His statement by telling Arjuna to hold himself tight because the forms of the Lord are in many hundreds and thousands which are impossible for a man to see and visualize. He then goes on to tell that His cosmic form is of different sorts and extremely divine. Finally, He also tells Arjuna that His cosmic colors are something that comes in various colors and various shapes and it takes total attention of Arjuna to adjust Himself to His cosmic form.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

This is one of the first and basic forms of information we are getting about the Vishwaroopam of Lord Vishnu. Here am mentioning Lord Vishnu because the form is of His. Lord Krishna is just an avataara. For a person of this generation, who didn’t watch Mahabharat on Television, the imagination of the cosmic form of God is something that was described in the interpretation. The basic thing that one needs to understand here is it is impossible to see the Lord in His true cosmic form as it never exists in a singular way.
For you to imagine, let me put it this way. It is something that you see in thousands of forms all surrounding you, there is no limit to which Lord’s form can end. It just keeps continuing as far as your eyesight goes. It also just doesn’t appear in one sort but you can see that in different sorts and some of the sorts are beyond your imagination. God is beyond shape, as every shape is a creation of God and as a result, in His true cosmic form you can see him in different shapes and colors. These are the colors which are visible to you and even the colors which you can never see. Such is the divine cosmic form of the Lord.