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Parashuram wins the battle against Arjun, but his return to home is the deadliest…

The battle is all over. Arjun is dead and it’s a brutal death. His wife Manorama runs out of the palace to see her husband’s dead body. She is in unbearable pain. Not just the Queen Manorama, but the entire Kingdom is shell shocked. They are now without their King, the Chakravarthy is dead. The […]

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Parashuram and Renuka are pushed into confusion and are being tested by Shukracharya

Multiple stories leading to the birth of the sixth avatar of Vishnu… ‘Parashuram’ On one side, Mahishmati is in danger of being captured by Rakshasas. Shukracharya was able to invite all the Sapt Sindhu Kings to Kuber’s place in Lanka. During that, he had mixed a potion which developed hatred among different Varnas. Brahmins were […]