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Bhagavadgita Chapter 17 Shraddha Traya Vibhaga Yoga Verse 2

Chapter 17 Shraddha Traya Vibhaga Yoga Verse 2

Sri Bhagavaan Uvaacha:
Trividhaa bhavati shraddhaa dehinaam saa swabhaavajaa;
Saattwikee raajasee chaiva taamasee cheti taam shrinu.

The Blessed Lord said:
Threefold is the faith of the embodied, which is inherent in their nature— the Sattwic(pure), the Rajasic (passionate), and the Tamasic (dark). Do thou hear of it.


After listening to the question of Arjuna, who asks about worshipping God with faith even though one does not follow scriptures, Lord Krishna starts to answer the question. Lord says that everyone in this Universe is born with a faith which is very much embodied or hidden inside them. This hidden faith usually gets observed in their nature, which is the way one speaks, acts and does different things. Lord says that the names of the threefold faith are Sattwik which is also called pure, Rajasic which is passionate in its faith and the third fold is the tamasic faith which is equated to darkness. Then He asks Arjuna to hear about them.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Here the main point we are discussing is faith. Everyone in this world will have some faith. Have you ever seen a person who is not having faith upon anyone or anything? It is impossible to find such a person.

First, many people have faith in the religion that they believe in. Then they have faith in things that they should perform within their own faith. For example, two people who have a very different way of following their religion. Faith is something which is very personal to a person that is why everyone has their own beliefs and follow certain things in life which are very different from others.

Secondly, people who do not follow any religion and are considered atheists also have faith. He might not believe in God but he might believe in his abilities, which include his positives, his nature and his strengths. That is linked to one of the faiths of sattvik, Rajasic or Tamasic. He might not be believing in any of the scriptures like Vedas or Upanishads but he might believe in science and technology which is also linked to Rajasic guna. Thus everyone who is born in this world has some faith or the other and Lord is now going to talk about each of these faiths. Let’s see what the Lord says.

Retrogradation of Planets and it’s Impact on Mankind.

Retrograde planets and its effects on Human Life based on their Birth!

Astrology. There are 9 planets as per the astrology and each planet has its significance. Every planet has the energies in them which rule the person and their personality at the time of his/her birth. This point has been noted many times before. But today let’s look at something different. That is the Retrograde of Planets.

Generally also ‘Retro’ word means ‘going back’. Here in the language of Astrology, Retrograde is a phenomenon that occurs when a planet moves backwards. But why does any planet move backwards? To understand this, let’s take an example of two trains moving towards the same destination. When the two trains are moving at the same speed it looks as if both the trains are still, but when the train you are travelling moves a bit faster, then it feels as if the other train is moving backwards. Exactly the same way, when planets move in elliptical orbits, the planet which takes a longer elliptical orbit appears to move backwards.  

Following is the retrogression of different planets.
  • Mercury is retrograde 3-4 times in a year. Retrogression lasts for 20-25 days every time.
  • Venus retrogrades once in 18 months and it lasts for 40 days.
  • Mars retrogrades once in 2 years and it lasts for 60 days.
  • Jupiter and Saturn retrograde every year and they stay retrograde for 4-6 months.

Sun and moon never go retrograde and Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde as they are shadow planets of the moon.

Planets moving in their orbits.

Now let’s look at the characteristics of each planet which is retrograde.

  1. Mercury is termed as the planet of communication. It deals with Transport, Communication and Speech. So when this planet goes into retrograde position there shall be a lot of miscommunication in the life of the individuals with his friends, family and relatives.
  2. Venus is called as the planet of relationship. It deals with Creativity, Art, Relationship. When Venus goes retrograde it is said that major relationship initiatives have to be postponed. Anything like Marriage, Engagement for that matter proposal also should be avoided.
  3. Mars is a planet related to Male Energy. It deals with the Conflicts, Bravery and Valour. If this goes into retrograde then once has to be very careful. This might bring in a lot of fights and misunderstandings. Urges also take the front step and become uncontrollable.
  4. Jupiter is the planet of knowledge. It’s relating to Education, Knowledge, Wisdom & Wealth. When in retrograde one can restart the failed project and revived them. But the sad part is it’ll bring in a lot of laziness.  One can also start learning new subjects or enrol for new courses during this time.
  5. Saturn is the planet after and before life. It talks about responsibilities in past and previous life. When Saturn is in retrograde one shouldn’t start business or venture or agreement.

In that case, what should a person do? What are the solutions to come over those influence of retrograde energies?

  1. Mercury: When in Mercury retrograde, one has to get in touch with old friends and revive the contacts. Old projects which are pending can be restarted and brought back on to the track. Education wise, one can relook at the subjects that they have stopped and can study.
  2. Venus: One should maintain Peace with all the relationships that have gone wrong may it be relatives, friends, colleagues etc. Should make sure that all the broken relations normalise.
  3. Mars: Important that one has to hold on and have patience. Can look at starting Physical regime which is starting Gym or Sports.
  4. Jupiter: Perfect. One of those planet which is more positive and gives a chance for Mankind to start something new and takes it forward successfully.  
  5. Saturn: Saturn is like a planet of Spirituality. One has to get into the mode of planning. He or She can talk to their elderly people and plan their future as well as the family future. For example, one can talk to father about his plans, his benefits and future goals. Finally one can even rethink on goals and career paths.
Solar System!

Finally, let’s look at the Planets going Retrograde in the year 2019

1. Mercury is going retrograde 3 times:  5th March to 28th March, 7th July to 1st August and 31st October to 20th November.

2. Venus and Mars are not retrograding in this year.

3. Jupiter: 10th April to 11th August.

4. Saturn 30th April to 18th September.

Now that you know the retrograde of planets and its effects, plan your schedule accordingly and make the best use of the time by starting various things as suggested.

Good luck and have a happy 2019!!

Chapter 13 Kshetra-Kshetrajna Vibhaga Yoga Verse 14

Chapter 13 Kshetra-Kshetrajna Vibhaga Yoga Verse 14

Sarvatah paanipaadam tat sarvato’kshishiromukham;
Sarvatah shrutimalloke sarvamaavritya tishthati.

With hands and feet everywhere, with eyes, heads and mouths everywhere, with ears everywhere, He exists in the worlds, enveloping all.


Lord Krishna starts His discourse on the things to be known for a person to understand the field and he begins that process with this shloka. This shloka starts with Lord describing the most essential part of understanding things for any being, that is understanding God. Lord Krishna begins the shloka by saying that God is present in every inch of Universe and He is enveloping all the beings in this Universe by His presence. By this, Lord Krishna means that the hands and feet of the God are spread everywhere and every part of the Universe. Then He goes on to talk about the eyes, head, ears, and mouth being everywhere. Here Lord is referring to the senses of God being there in every part of the Universe.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Before you could even think that how many times we have already heard this, about the presence of God in every inch of the universe, let me tell you that this takes you to one level above. Here the main focus is on the sensory perceptions of God. You might not have thought about it, but let me put a question. Does God have senses like us? If so, then what do they do? God possess senses and those are much more powerful than ours. Let me tell you few facts here. We know that dogs can hear upto frequencies of 1 lakh hertz while humans capacity is only between 20-20,000 hertz. Bats are bestowed with sensory perceptions that are much more sharper than dogs as well as humans. So, if we had unlimited sensory perceptions in terms of hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and tasting, what else we could have done?

Though we humans call ourselves the most powerful beings on this planet, our powers are limited to realms of our senses. Beyond the range of our senses, we do not know what exists and what happens. We know that there are UV rays and infra red rays but we never saw them. Have you ever imagined a possibility of a parallel universe with a different set of living beings existing in these spaces which are completely unknown to us. What we see is what we believe. What we dont see is what we need to acquire and that is knowledge. If we are able to see planes in 3 dimensions it is because we are bestowed with vision that can see three dimensions. Does that mean that can we rule out the possibility of more dimensions? 4 or 5 or 6 or whatever dimensions that exists are just in our imagination.

Saying that God exists everywhere is not enough. The Chhandogya Upaniṣhad says sarvam khalvidam , , meaning “Everywhere is Brahman.” First lets try and understand what that “Everywhere” means. Everywhere is not wherever you can see or hear or perceive. Everywhere is everywhere the Universe exists. And that is what Lord Krishna is saying here. He is asking you to increase the dimensions of your perception and vision and understand and accept the fact that many planes and parallel universes can exists right infront of you and if you cant sense them, its just because you dont have sense to sense them. The answer is to develop your senses more, to sense them.