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Padmaavat Movie Review

Padmaavat – Padmavati!

Movie Rating 4.5/5

Perfection, Colossal, Outstanding, Stupendous, Extensive, Attention, Sensible, Rich, Glamorous and lastly Lively.

These are the words that describe the performance of the cast for this humongous movie which will take Indian cinema to newer heights. After Bahubali in the last year another magnum opus has created magic in the minds of people. Not sure about the box office collections but this is a masterful movie without any doubt.

Let me also tell you that this film is not a perfect depiction of history, but the canvas through the eyes of a legend called Sanjay Leela Bansali, who took similar cinematic liberties in his previous from Devdas to Bajirao Mastani.

Talking about the controversy first:

Barring the 5 modifications that have happened not sure what they were, Movie is a representation of rich Rajput culture and their valor. There is absolutely nothing that demeans the Rajput Women’s freedom, culture or respect. It’s the story that will make the land of Rajputs proud. Those who are against the movie for me are the ones who are either less on cash to watch the movie in theatres or doesn’t want the Women to be shown with high esteem.

Otherwise there is no reason why this movie should be banned.

About the cast:

1. Ranveer as Alauddin Khilji is the best of all the three actors arguably because he is the most known character to the people before the movie. Movie shows how Alauddin used to eliminate the history where he is written in bad books. Energy just flows in the body of Ranveer and once again his stunning dance moves, war scenes and dialogue delivery stole the thunder. I might not be wrong if I say that he would be most hated person even though it is just a movie and he played his character.

2. Deepika Padukone as Rani Padmavati of Singhal or Sri Lanka was at her best. Her performance cannot be compared to any other performance of hers or any other actors in recent past. Unbelievable acting and such good chemistry with Shahid Kapoor. Her role was speaking big about the Rajput women culture.

3. Raja Rawal Ratan Singh – The lesser known character of all three to normal public before movie. But in the even with that low attention Shahid Kapoor reached the heights of other two and created a name for himself. In movies to make most of nothing isn’t easy and Shahid did it superbly.

About the talk in the public:

1. Movie is dragging: It cannot be called as dragging or boring movie is because it is a historic movie which must be shown in detail. There should be clear understanding of the events. All I can say is you cannot have a Test Match played for 2 days and in the same way this movie cannot be a movie like any other fast-moving movie.

2. Movie glorifies the Jauhar unwantedly: You are watching a movie of 13th century and that’s how the practices were followed those time. It is not a forceful action, but a willful action committed by Rajput Women.

I would say this is the best movie of 2018 till now, but I doubt you will see any better movie in the coming days. I would urge all the people to respect the Rajput Culture right way which is what the Sanjay Leela Bhansali has done. Do not listen to Gundas and Senas who are only indulging in protest for their benefits. Watch the movie and you will be thrilled.


Tumhari Sulu – Movie Review

Tumhari Sulu – Movie Review

Vidya Balan’s Best!

Many people presently in their teens and 20’s when asked about the best movie of Vidya Balan will mostly name Dirty Picture as her Best Movie. But I am happy that here is another movie which can compete with her hits and that is ‘Tumhari Sulu’. This is a story that identifies itself with majority of Indians. Indians here I mean by are the Middle-Class families and their life style. But not exactly though, as this movie is connected to Media and Entertainment as industry and not many middle-class families appreciate this movie unless you are in the Mega ‘Mumbai’ City.

This movie will not be well accepted by most of the people because it hits on a sensitive issue of late night titillating shows on Radio. Still I think this is a beautifully written story which was shot with equal dedication. Acting is outstanding and touching. Characters in the movie are magnificently picturized.

Coming to the story it’s a story of middle class family and the Mother Sulu. Sulu – Sulochana is one of the aspiring Home maker’s out of millions who is dreaming to do something big and have a job for herself. She is wonderful character who loves to mimic the artists, sing songs of SPB and appear in various competitions. She carries that attitude of Home Makers and keeps thinking of a fairy tale.

The Touch line of this movie will be ‘She lived her Dreams and shared Responsibilities’.

Sulu finally got her big break after struggling a lot to become the RJ at top Radio Station. If Women working is already issue this was even bigger because she had to work late night and host the show ‘Tumhari Sulu’. Not like any RJ but a RJ who speaks to the callers in seductive tone. Her hard work prevailed, and she became very popular. Show had generated huge call ins and she managed indecent calls with more maturity and polishness. All was fine until something dramatic happens and that creates bring a big confusion and hits her confidence. To know what it is you must watch the movie and enjoy one of the best movies by Vidya Balan.

What makes this movie special is it takes us to the point that we don’t think. The point is why should a Lady should not talk about certain forbidden issues? What’s wrong in talking about them and talking out in open? The reason why western countries are having less cases of women harassment are because they speak, and they communicate on sensitive topics substantially. We Indians feel everything is wrong in Public whereas our ancient history clearly speaks about things which are even more sensitive.

For me this isn’t just another movie but it’s a lesson to be learnt and become wiser!!

#HappyWatching #Bollywood

Half Girlfriend Movie Review

I haven’t read the book, the reviews that were out on first 2 days were not good. I was in a dilemma. I had my tickets for Sunday morning 11am show. I was in two minds, whether to go or give it a miss. Finally I decided to go. The trigger was the good 1st day collection that the film made inspire of Bahubali taking away a lot of screen space! It released in 2500 screens and collected 10 Crore on Day 1! That’s for a film which doesn’t have Khans or Akshays is no mean achievement. This year Akshay kumar’s Jolly LLB2 released in 3600 screens to collect 13.5 Cr and the great Shah Rukh Khan’s much awaited Raees released in 2800 screens collected 20 Cr. So, for a Arjun Kapoor starrer 10 Cr from 2500 screens is very very decent. Why then the reviews were bad? If the reviews were bad why people went to watch it? To find out I decided not to skip it!!
Glad I didn’t. It starts off on a very slow pace for a modern day Hindi film but gradually picks up pace. Entry of Vikrant Massey who plays the role of Arjun kapoor’s friend of all seasons. What starts as a typical college love story moves beyond college and starts following the life. Life does take you to different places. From St. Stephen’s college in Delhi to Patna in Bihar, we travel all the way to New York and UN headquarters and Bill gates foundation. Love teaches Madhav (Arjun Kapoor) to reject a placement and go back to his village to help his mother run the school. Ria (Shraddha Kapoor) dumps him, just because he forces her to bed on the advice of his friend Shailesh (Vikranth Massey). Ria’s marriage doesn’t last and she is back in Patna where Madhav comes to meet the representatives of Bill gates foundation. His aim is to build toilets for children in the school so that girls can come to school and get educated. Ria and Madhav’s love start blossoming again and Ria again leaves him when Madhav’s mother pleads her to leave her son alone. She leaves a letter saying she has cancer and she has 3 months of life left! Madhav goes to New york for an internship at UN and he is madly in hunt for Ria, who he believes is still alive! For those who read the novel, know what happens in the end and for those who didn’t, watch the movie to find out!
What is that one lesson that makes this worth a watch!
Its a very simple message. When you have problems, face them, don’t run away. If you run away the problem will again present itself there also, and how many places you can run and where all you can hide? More than Madhav taking her to bed, its the way he reacted to her avoidance by hurting her, when he pushes  her physically that made Ria to run away and get married. When her husband does the same, she divorces him, runs away and comes to Madhav. When Madhav’s mother hurts her by reminding her that she has the habit of leaving everything midway like basketball, studies, marriage and even the food in her plate, she run away from that situation also. Life doesn’t give that many chances but Ria is lucky to have a guy like Madhav who runs behind her every time she runs away from him! I was wondering what would happen if she stays there to fight on! She wouldn’t be losing so many things in life. There is no escape route or short cuts to problems. One needs to accept the reality and face them rather than running away from them! These were the thoughts when I was walking my way back to parking lot after watching the movie!
Final Verdict: Arjun Kapoor is a miscast as he doesn’t look like a typical bihari from any angle. I felt a chichora Ranveer singh would have electrified the screen playing a typical bihari boy. The energy difference is clearly visible between Arjun kapoor and Vikrant Massey. Shraddha carries her role very well but I thought Parineeti would have done more justice to this multi layered nuanced role. Other cast are just fine. But I love Vikrant Massey for his clarity and his finesse. This movie is really watchable if you think like a common man and his mindset. Dont judge it from the eye of a English novel reader. Judge it like a common man who thinks like how Madhav thinks. That is why people started going to theatres and watching the movie despite the bad reviews. Its important to keep the target for whom the film is made. This is for an average Indian and he will like it. I am giving 3.5 stars for this. It will be a HIT movie for sure and could go on to make 70-75 Crore at the box office!!

Dangal – Aamir Khan

Let me start off by saying this, Dangal is one such movie which is more hype than what it is real. I’ve heard people talking about emotional connect that this movie brings and also seen people making it a point that this is a better movie than Salman’s Sultan. But is it so?

The movie starts off in same old Bollywood style with a short intro of Mahavir Singh Phogat played by Aamir Khan. A movie which talks about the unfulfilled journey of a wrestler and how he becomes successful by end of the story to reach his ultimate dream. The first half is a bit of a drag focusing too much on the journey of two sisters into wrestling. The best part of the first half was the pain that girls suffered and determination that Father shows in keeping girls focused on wrestling.

Second half elevates the movie to next level. The movie here gets into the more motivational mode and tries to explain how one needs to be cautious about the success and victory that they achieve. there comes a moment when Geeta gets distracted from her goals and goes on to lose in all the important matches until her sister Babita comes to her rescue and yes it’s Aamir Khan was as always fantastic in bringing her daughter back to normal and makes her so powerful in all ways possible to make her win the medals.

Now about the performances no wonder the best actor for this movie is Mr. Aamir khan and the girls have done a great job, great casting but what was missing was the story. Yes, Mahavir Singh Phogat wife role was also very well played by SakshiTanwar. Though the movie was looking good next scenes were predictable and it was like the same movie with the sad+emotional end! The climax was also not something new and I feel it lacked that creative end.

Comparing this movie with Sultan isn’t a right choice as the story behind the movies are both different and can’t be comparable. But yes this was a completely serious movie with not much of entertainment but all filled with lots of message oriented dialogues.

Takeaways from the movie – Everyone has a coach, mentor & guru in life but it is important that whoever it is you are the one responsible for all your actions and having a right coach is more important than having 10-15 coaches. Another aspect is coming out of successive failures isn’t easy and to deal with the need to face it.

Problems in the movie are too much of dragging and so much of Geeta’s life story and nothing of Babita’s life story was shown which makes it a bad touch to the movie and of course Less entertainment.

My rating for this movie stands out to be at 3/5. Reasons for this rating will be absolutely sublime acting of three important characters that is Mahavir Singh Phogat, Geeta, and Babita.

Lastly, if one has watched this movie Sultan and wants to compare it with Dangal it’s not the right choice because Dangal is not made for records but it is one such movie which will tell you how to be a successful person. A movie which is more suitable and closer to athletes and sports persons.

More importantly for me personally this is a good movie worth watch but keep your expectations low and yes, you’ll be able to experience a great movie.
For me, this is the better movie between Sultan and Dangal.

To end this India has changed a lot from what was a movie called Matrubhumi- A nation without women to a movie called Dangal which talks about two brave women fighting it out to win matches and make the nation proud against all odds.