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Lots of Action picking up on the Elections Front, Congress manifesto is the latest! #LokSabha2019

In just 3-4 days’ time, things have picked up real pace and the political parties are working hard to keep themselves ahead of their competitors. Comments and Critics are coming from every corner of the Country and even from outside the Country. Political parties are given their best at everything.

Latest news for the day is the Congress Party Manifesto for Lok Sabha Elections 2019. Talking from the Stock Market’s point of view, the manifesto didn’t hurt or make the Markets happy. Anyways, just a few more days for Indian Stock Market to give their final view on this Elections. 

Let’s then move on to the post for the day, Eastern Uttar Pradesh and the 40 seats.

Last post we had looked at the Western  Uttar Pradesh and the 40 seats where we saw that BJP is losing it badly by winning only 15 seats at best and SP+BSP is possibly winning 25 seats. Congress unfortunately will be a mere spectator. Coming to the Easter Uttar Pradesh, the 40 seats here are much more important than the 40 of Western UP. There are multiple reasons for this.

  1. Regions like Avadh, Purvanchal, Bundelkhand and Bagelkhand are part of this Eastern Uttar Pradesh.
  2. BJP’s and Congress Top Leaders are fighting the elections from this Region.
  3. Most of the Prime Minister’s of India all hailed from Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Moving ahead and going into the details, the regions Avadh and Purvanchal are the largest regions in Eastern UP. Apart from the above-mentioned points, a crucial point for this being important region is because Eastern UP is diverse yet backward, Agrarian and got many more issues to deal with. The involvement of people into Agri based activities has put this region into the least developed regions of the UP. That’s how Eastern UP is more backward than Western UP.

Avadh has got the development problem which has got Jobs & Education as major problems. Purvanchal is having a problem of farm distress. Any Agri fail in this region pushes people into poverty. Bundelkhand is a tribal region where as Bagelkhand is a Muslim and ST/SC dominated area.

Yet, it is diverse as it has got bigger seats like Lucknow, Raie Bareli, Amethi. Three seats which have got so much of history and have been giving us National Leaders.

Let’s look at the Prime Ministers hailing from Uttar Pradesh
  1. Jawahar Lal Nehru
  2. Lal Bahadur Shastri
  3. Indira Gandhi
  4. Charan Singh
  5. Rajiv Gandhi
  6. VP Singh
  7. Chandrashekar
  8. Atal Bihari Vajpayee
  9. Narendra Modi

Party wise Rajnath Singh from Lucknow, Smriti Irani from Amethi, Yogi Aditya Nath from Gorakhpur and Narendra Modi from Varanasi are the top leaders.

BJP wants to make sure that they will win at least 25 seats. But then they do have hurdles, Dalit and Muslim population in this regions comes to an average of 15 to 25% which will give a positive edge to SP+BSP. Still, the word of mouth seems to be giving BJP a thumbs up and a better performance in Eastern UP when compared to Western UP.

This is majorly because of the works that have been done by BJP party and as well the factor of religion which is higher. These reasons are making BJP hope for 25-30 seats in Eastern UP. If this happens, then BJP would touch 50/80. Adding to their advantage is the Priyanka Gandhi factor which will work against SP+BSP.

So if BJP is expected to win 25-30 seats. Other parties are going to take the rest 40 seats. Congress will be able to take 3-4 seats as their best performance. Worst performance could be winning only 1 seat and that is Raei Bareli. Amethi is slipping out of the hands of Congress, thanks to Rahul Gandhi. His decision of contesting from Wayanad has completely gone against Congress and above that Rahul Gandhi adopted a village in Amethi. Where the people are complaining about no proper roads and no schools. This is how the present scenario of Uttar Pradesh looks like.

Overall we can see that if things go like this BJP is winning 50 seats, SP+BSP will win 25 seats and Congress might win a maximum of 5 seats.

Market Trade Setup 2nd April #NIFTY

We almost made an all time high in the last hour of trade yesterday but after touching 11735 levels Nifty came crashing down to 11670 levels and the wait for the all time high still continues. If we look at the global cues there is a huge amount of risk on with Dow gaining over 300 points last night and Dow conquered 26,000 mark yesterday. I now wonder where has the yield inversion gone! Certain old principles have started to become irrelevant today. We need to see them more before concluding anything. Asian markets are also on the mild green today with Japan and Hong Kong up by over 100 points and others in 0.2 to 0.6% gain territory. Big worry is coming from Brent Crude which has now crossed the 69 mark and trading at 69.35 dollars. Now it matches Rupee which is at 69.15 to dollar.

On the domestic front, the big news is the much awaited Supreme court judgement on the 12th Feb 2018 circular of RBI where the definition of NPAs has been changed dramatically. For example if your loan payment due date is 30th March and if you dont pay on that date, by 31st March your loan will be classified as NPA. Previously you would be given 90 days time before declaring it as NPA. Now the definition of NPA is changed and it is made 1 day after the due date and before it was at anytime till 90 days and banks were giving 90 days for delayed payment of the interest due, before terming it as NPA. Let’s see what SC has to say on this. Companies have taken RBI to court on this and the judgement of SC will be carefully watched today. 

Other domestic news that will affect the market is the on going election and Rahul Gandhi’s decision to file nominations from Wayanad in Kerala on 4th April. Wayanad will go to polls in the 3rd phase elections on 23rd April. If we look at Wayanad it was a safe Congress seat in the past with Congress getting 50% vote in 2009 and nearest rival CPI getting 31%. BJP at that time got 4% vote. In 2014 Congress won the seat but the vote share fell to 41% and CPI came close second at 39% and BJP vote share rose to 9%. This time NDA fielded a local BDJS candidate and this is one seat where Hindus are in minority and it is accused by BJP that this is the reason why Rahul chose this seat. Another event is the Congress party launching its manifesto at 11.45am today and everyone will look for what he says on NYAY scheme. 

Coming to derivatives, yesterday saw a see-saw action on Nifty futures and options due to volatility seen in the market yesterday. From 43 points the Nifty futures premium went up to 76 points but the Nifty put call ratio remained almost constant at 1.48 vs 1.49 seen at the beginning of the day. That means market is playing long on Futures but betting on short calls more in the options. For this week’s expiry, 11500 and 11600 put almost has same open interest of 11.8 lakh and 11.9 lakh respectively making it difficult to find the bottom. Initially however 11570 will offer a strong support. On the call side 11700 call has the highest open interest of 14 lakh positions and 11800 also has open interest of 12.5 lakh. So, as of now 11740 is a resistance and if that is taken out then we can see 11810 is possible, which is an all time high. 

What is the Nifty call for the day?

Yesterday if you have taken position in the evening around 11660-11680 levels then I would suggest you to exit for a minor profit around 11720-11740 range. Yesterday was difficult to trade as you would not have really got a chance to take a position. Today there can be a correction also to 11570-11600 mark but do not enter the market at this position because we do not know how fundamentals will pan out and as the open interest is suggesting we can even touch 11480 mark also if things get worse. So, for today the strategy is to hope that we find support at the opening levels of 11650-11680 mark and Nifty goes to 11720-11740 levels and close somewhere within the range. Exit as soon as you hit the 11720-11740 range.

Market Trade Setup 20th February #Nifty

Market Setup 20th February

After a great start, when we all thought that we might escape a fall and close at 10700 level we saw the classic last hour fall of nearly 120 points that took Nifty to below 10600 and due to the averaging of values we closed just above 10600 mark at 10604. This marks the 8th consecutive fall and we have not witnessed it for a long time, not in last 4-5 years! Are we going to see another one today or is the pain over for now? World markets are mixed with Dow Jones closing totally flat with a gain of just 8 points while Asian markets are showing a lot of positivity with Hong Kong up close to 350 points and Japan up 150 points and other markets in 0.5 to 1.5% up. 

On the domestic front, Crude seems to be emerging as a worry as Brent is now at 66.5 dollars. This will put some pressure on the rupee and in the domestic market also the petrol prices are being revised on the upside. Last 4 days saw 60 paise rise in Petrol prices in Hyderabad and Petrol now stands at 75.34. On the macro front, GDP figures are going to be out in a week’s time and going by the Q3 results things look bleak and there is a fear that GDP which grew at 8.2% in Q1 is likely to drop below 7% in Q3 and that will act negatively on the market. On the political front, the developments on Pulwama and the political statements that the leaders make will have to be watched very carefully. 

On the derivatives front, yesterday was the story where neither in futures nor in options we went anywhere. The Morning saw a lot of buying in Futures but everything changed as Nifty started to fall. The long positions still remain at 45% and the Nifty put call ratio fell a bit to 1.11 vs 1.13 seen at the beginning of the day. This is a level where puts will get demand and that means markets should go up. Tomorrow is the weekly expiry of Options and on the put side 10600 has the maximum open interest and 10800 call has the maximum open interest which means that there is some scope for a rally. On the monthly contracts however 10400 put and 11000 call has the highest open interest. 10700 put and 10800 call are also gaining open interest and we need to watch them. 

What is the Nifty call for the day?

Yesterday, if you have thought that you missed a good chance to make money, you would have heaved a sigh of relief by evening that your money is safe in your pocket. This is the nature of the market now and taking risks comes at a huge cost. With a 10670 open and 10710 seeing selling you really wouldn’t have any chance to enter or exit. Today we will see a positive start again due to positivity in Asia at around 10630-10660 levels. What happens after that needs to be seen. If 10620-10650 range is protected in the first hour, then take a small risk and go for a long position with 10700-10720 as the target, whenever it comes. You might take it to tomorrow also if targets are not met today. Make sure that your entry point is between 10620-10660 mark so that the profit you get is meaningful and take this position only if 10620 is not broken. If it is broken, and Nifty goes below 10580 then stay away.

Market Trade Setup 1st February #BudgetDay #Nifty

Market Setup 1st February 

The month of February is here and 2019 is not a new year anymore! What February kicks in is a very important event of Budget and for the last 3 years, Govt has kicked in the practice of presenting the budget on the first day of the month instead of the last day of the month, which was a practice till 2015. Today is the budget day but this year will have two budgets one now and another in the month of July. This is going to be an interim budget which will be applicable for the first 5 months of this fiscal. Interim finance minister Piyush Goyal will present this interim budget which is likely to bring in a lot of sops for every segment of the population in India.

What are the challenges in today’s budget?

This budget is coming at the back of a dismal jobs data of NSSO that got leaked to a Business standard that has put the unemployment rate at 6.1% which is the highest since 1974. This was countered by Govt which said that this data is incomplete but that’s too little too late. The CMIE which is a private body that the measured unemployment in households has come up with a data that in the year 2018 we lost 1.8 Crore jobs and that will add to unemployment and they put the unemployment at 5.5%. Another big problem that Govt needs to look at is the fiscal deficit targets that Govt has been missing. Govt, when it took over in 2014 had a fiscal deficit of 4.9% of GDP and they brought it down to 3.5% by 2017 but after that the road has been rough.

What might go wrong for Govt?

The Demonetization which served no purpose, GST which hit the MSME sector very strongly has affected the economy as well as the fiscal deficit. The fiscal deficit for 2017 and 2018 remained at 3.5% and for 2019 Govt has aimed 3.3% fiscal deficit but looks like this target will not be met. Govt also has the practice of presenting annual economic survey one day budget but this year Govt has done away with that practice. All this will cast a shadow and the behaviour of the opposition also will be a crucial factor in presenting the budget. The opposition is very vocal and any attempts by the Govt to announce any sops will be met with a lot of noise and disruption and the Govt’s ability to manage the floor also will be a crucial factor to observe in today’s budget.

What to expect from the budget?

This is an election year and every Govt has the practice of presenting something for the poor and marginalised. In 2014 Chidambaram also brought in food security bill just before the elections but that simply did not work. This time Govt will be much wider in the spectrum as well as spending with big announcements expected on the tax front. A huge relief is expected to be given to the middle class and working class. Apart from that farm loan waiver or direct cash transfers in line with Rythu Bandhu scheme of Telangana and KALIA scheme of Orissa is likely to be announced. Added to this some sops for the business class which is the core voter for BJP is also expected. All this might put pressure on fiscal targets and market might not like them.

Budget 2019!
What is the Nifty call for the day?

We have closed our positions yesterday at 10750 and today we are expected to open around 10840-10870 range and that is a situation where we will encounter with the resistance zone of 10950. This is a macro event and only macro events can make markets to break the resistance. If the budget has the strength it will take the market above 10950 and will make it touch 11000. If it is bad then we might break 10700 and might go below that. This is a binary event and involves a lot of risks. Today my strategy is going to be different. I advise you to go long as soon as the market opens at 10840-10870 levels with 10950-11000 as the target. Keep watching the budget moves carefully and try to exit if that range is reached. If there is a fall then keep 10800 as stop loss and exit if things start to get adverse. Budget trading is a professional trading and you need to do it carefully and professionally.

Market Trade Setup 8th January India #Nifty

Market Trade Setup 8th January

After a fantastic start yesterday we are back to flat zone again. Yesterday, it started with a big gap up but as I feared all the gains were taken off at 10820-10840 resistance zone and Nifty came back to test 10750 zone and ended at 10770. Practically all the gains made were taken off. But our targets have reached and we exited the market at the right time to book 60-80 point profit. Today is going to be another day where Dow Jones was up almost 100 points on the news of resumption of trade talks between US and China whereas Asia is not doing that great. All the Asian markets are in the flat territory except Japan which is on a huge bull run up more than 650 points which is 3%. Hong Kong, the market we are correlated to, is mildly up 70 points.

On the domestic front, we have fundamental news from the CSO which has come up with the advance forecast for GDP for 2018-19. According to them, we are likely to grow at 7.2% vs 6.7% seen last time. Honestly, I don’t give much weightage for it, as last year they came up with 6.4% and we have seen 6.7%. As of now, GDP for two quarters is 7.6% and full-year forecast of 7.2% means in Q3 and Q4 we should grow at an average of 6.8% which I think might not happen. I feel that this figure could be 7.0-7.1% and that would give 7.4% annual growth which is what even RBI predicted. The other big fundamental that is going to come up any time is the big farm package and we are still waiting when that would come. Brent Crude is still at 57 dollars and Rupee has appreciated a bit more and has settled itself in 69 Zone. 

On the derivatives front, there was a drop in the Nifty Futures premium from 50 points at the beginning of the day to 30 points at the end of the day. There was not much change in the long positions and it is still at 48% and so is the Nifty put-call ratio which just moved to 1.36 from 1.34. 10700 put added maximum open interest of 3.7 lakh positions while 10800 put added 2.2 lakh positions. 10500 put still continues to have highest open interest while 10700 put is slowly catching up with 10000 put to replace as the strike with 2nd highest open interest. If the market goes up today, it might happen. On the call side 11200 call added 2.2 lakh positions while 11000 call added 1.1 lakh positions and 11000 call still has highest open interest which still indicates that 10500 to 11000 is the range that we can look for in this series with a possibility of it moving to 10700 to 11200 if things improve in the 2nd half. 

What is the Nifty call for the day?

Expect a flat opening for the Nifty around 10780-10800 levels and what happens from there needs to be seen. If 10720-10750 levels hold on the downside it will present you with an opportunity to go long again with a 40-50 point target. The target should be at 10780-10800 levels. This level if crossed will take Nifty to 10820-10850, resistance level. These are two levels which are very tough to cross unless there is a strong fundamental. If there is a farm package announcement which is negative to bond markets then 10720 will be broken on the downside.

Market Trade Setup 2nd January #NIFTY

Market setup 2nd January

So the working days start again after a long Christmas and New year and now nearly 80% of traders are back into business today and the remaining 20% will be back by next week. The US markets and Europe were shut yesterday on account of New year and so there are no cues available. Some of the Asian markets like Japan are not trading even today but most of Asia has woken up from the holiday and 2019 for them is not a great start. Hong Kong is right now down more than 600 points and that is the weakest level in the last 2 months. Other Asian markets like Shanghai, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore are all in red almost down by 1%. This is not a positive signal for us.

On the domestic front, we had seen a Happy New Year rally in the last hour of trade yesterday where Nifty had crossed 10900 levels but today is a different day. Asian markets are given a lot of negative cues. Domestically we had the December 2018 auto sales figures that came in and that was not encouraging. It has shown a fall in volumes both in passenger cars as well as HCVs. Maruti, Eicher, M&M and Ashok Leyland will have some negative impact on account of this. The only good news that came in was from the ATF front where Air Turbine fuel was cut by more than 14% and in the last 2 months, we had seen 25% cut in fuel. ATF account for 40% of operational costs for Airline companies and Indigo, Spice Jet might see some positivity. Also, the Airfares might come down by 10-15% in the coming days. Jet Airways has its payment problems with banks to the tune of 14,000 Cr so that stock will have some problems. Crude is still at 53 dollars which is positive.

On the derivatives front, yesterday was a very dull day where we saw 2.1 lakh contracts in Index futures and 4.2 lakh positions in stock futures. On the options side, 88.6 lakh positions were added in Index options while 2.8 lakh positions were added on stock options. 10800 put added maximum open interest positions of 3.8 lakh while 10700 put added 2.8 lakh positions and 10500 put added 2.6 lakh positions. On the call side, 11100 call added 2.5 lakh positions while 11500 call added 1.7 lakh positions. 11200 call and 10500 put still continue to have the highest open interest and 11000 call is close behind. 

What is the Nifty call for the day?

A weak Asia means we will open a bit gap down and might open between 10850-10880 levels and 10820 to 10920 is the likely range for today. Things will be dull in the morning but with Europe opening in the afternoon things might change. We might see an up move if Europe opens in positive and then 10920 resistance will be tested again and it might strech upto 10950. On the down side, 10780-10800 which is a 20dma and 200dma is the support that should hold. Breaking this would mean we will go towards 10600 which is 50dma. I am sure you would not have taken any positions yesterday, but if you have taken I would suggest you to exit positions today above 10850 for no profit no loss and wait for the next move. No trading till afternoon.

Market set up 17th November

Welcome to India which is the best rated since it was born!

Are you not feeling proud of your country getting an upgrade on its sovereign bond ratings, that means that investments in India are comparatively more safer today than yesterday! Yes, this is a memorable moment, very rare in history and first time in my 23 years of life! I was too young when the last rating came 11 years ago and now am in a much better position to savour the happiness of the highest ever rating that India ever had in its history today on 17th November. Number 8 has always been lucky for Modi. He took over as Prime minister on 26th May adding to 8, demonetization was announced on 8th November, another 8 and today, Moody’s rating upgrade also comes on 17th November adding to 8!

Why was India upgraded?

Reforms!! Two things made India better place to live in today! One is demonetization that brought cashless transactions and increase in digital transactions and the GST which expanded the tax base and we are now on the verge of 1 lakh crore tax collections per month, never before seen in the history of India. All this means that investing in India is safe so the risk of default reduces leading to the rise in the rating!

What does it means to India?

FIIs will queue up to invest in Indian bonds. Just 5% of bonds have foreign exposure so the bond rates will move down but mostly by domestic investors. The 10 yr will see a huge fall in the yields now. another is with the increased FDI investments that is possible because of the rating upgrade rupee will strengthen and that should be a huge boost to arrest the rising import bill. Both coupled together will mean inflation will further fall and all this means equity markets will celebrate. So, its all positive and from all directions. Its such a feel good factor.

What will happen to NIFTY today?

Sky’s the limit now. If you had taken a long position yesterday you would make unlimited profit. Your position would be around 10170 and today it will open above 10300 and you might end up seeing 10350 or even 10400!! Now it’s money money money all over and enjoy the day. Bank Nifty will be on fire and pumping all cylinders. Invest in long term, buy lot of stocks and believe in India growth story! You will never be in losses!

India Q4 & Annual GDP 2016-17

GDP – Gross Domestic Product India Q4 and 2016-17

GDP or a Joke?

Today evening the GDP figures for the 4th quarter between Jan’17 and March’17 and the Annual GDP for 2016-17 fiscal were released. The annual GDP grew by 7.1% and the Q4 GDP grew by 6.1%. Let me take you behind the numbers and show you the real picture of these numbers.

The GDP figures that were out this quarter were after the revised IIP and WPI figures after the base year of WPI was changed from 2004-05 to 2010-11. That led to upward revision of IIP that will lead to upward revision of GDP. Accordingly, the GDP figures were revised and the 2015-16 GDP was revised upward from 7.9% to 8.0%. The three quarters GDP declared before was also revised as follows

Q1 GDP was revised from 7.2% to 7.9%

Q2 GDP was revised from 7.4% to 7.5%

Q3 GDP remained constant at 7%

Q4 GDP came at 6.1%.

So, the average GDP for 4 quarters comes at 7.1% and if we take the old unrevised GDP’s the growth is just 6.9%. The second factor I want to talk about is the concept of GVA. Many countries have now switched over to measuring GVA instead of GDP. GVA is when you minus taxes from GDP. Since taxes are not an asset to be added, many countries subtract taxes from GDP and give GVA. Since for many countries the tax rates are low there won’t be much difference between GVA and GDP. But India is different story!

Picture this:

When GDP for FY’17 came at 7.1% the GVA was actually 6.6%.

The Q4 GDP for FY’17 was 6.1% but the GVA is actually just 5.6%.

That means in real terms we just grew at 5.6% in terms of value of goods and services but every newspaper and TV channel will show 7.1% growth which is the revised annual GDP growth. This 7.1% itself is lesser than 7.5% predicted by rating agency Moody’s. There is a huge gap in GVA and GDP because of the higher taxes paid during demonetization period. That says it all.

Another reason why I call this GDP a joke because!

Look at the three components of GVA, i.e. PFCE, GFCE and GFCF. PFCE is Private Final Consumption expenditure which is the money spent by you and me for various activities of ours like buying a phone, going for a salon or spa or dining at a restaurant. That was 55.8% of the total GDP compared to 55.0% seen a year ago. This is just about okay. But look at GFCE, that is Govt. Final consumption Expenditure. This is the money spent by Govt on various activities of its. That has gone up to 11.0% from 9.8%.

This huge increase in Govt spending led to artificial growth in GDP. You can see this clearly when you see GFCF that is Gross Fixed Capital Formation. This is the amount of new factories, machinery and other fixed capital we have created. It has actually dropped to 29.5% from 30.9% seen the previous year. So, the Fixed capital formation percentage has actually come down when the Govt expenditure percentage has gone up. Thus, the picture is clear in front of you.

Fourth reason for my disappointment is the growth in the different sectors. Public Administration and defence which is Govt spending has grown at 11.3% the highest growth. Last year same quarter it was just 6.9%. Another factor that saved us was Agriculture which grew at 4.9% vs 0.7% last year. This is because of good rains and bumper crops. Worst hit is construction which slowed down to 1.7% from 5% and Finance and real estate which halved to 5.7% from 10.8%. These are worrying signs and Govt needs to address them on an urgent basis. In spite of all this India has not kept its Number one position. In fact last quarter it lost its first position to Bangladesh and now from 2nd it dropped to 5th position.

Yes, India is now the 5th fastest growing economy in the World, not first.

Who are the other four then? Take a look

  1. Ireland 7.2%

  2. Bangladesh 7.1%

  3. China 6.9%

  4. Philippines 6.4%

  5. India 6.1%

Govt. window dresses the figures and present a rosy picture, will the reality change? Answer is No. Banks are bleeding, Manufacturing has slowed down and services sector is in serious problems. Nobody can challenge these figures but these figures were carefully planned and achieved. It’s like that student who scored 70% not by studying and attending college but just reading a guide. We all know how precarious the future of that student is. India is also in a similar state. We need to show some real growth and that will come when private consumption increases, Fixed capital formation grows and Govt spending stabilizes.

How to do that?

Golden opportunity is the monetary policy coming on 7th June. Create an environment for growth by cutting the rates and making the loans cheaper. That will help banks. Make RBI more powerful so that they can tackle the NPA problems of banks directly. Have the GST rolled out and stick to the tax rates fixed. Then results will follow soon. India is sitting on a bubble of Modi and his salesmanship. When the product is not delivering even the best salesman fails. Hope Modi realises this and stop making a joke of the numbers!!

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Q4 Results/Rankings for Indian Companies

Annual Examination Results of Companies.

Like Students have an academic year which starts from June and ends in April, companies also have financial year that starts from April and ends in March. Like students write their exams at the end of academic year and the results of which helps them in promotion, companies also have their annual results that helps their progress. The way an academic year has two semesters, financial year has four quarterly results that are very crucial for companies.

Like the way, you are worried about your semester results companies are also worried about their quarterly results. Recently last quarter results of all the companies have been announced and their full results are out.

Like the student’s results are published in notice board. I am today publishing the ranks of the best performing sectors in India and ten best performing companies in that sector.

Table 1 has the list of Top Ten Sectors.

Pharma and Automobile are the best performing sector and expectedly IT and Telecom are two worst performing sectors.

Sector Net Sales % Ranking PAT % Ranking Avg Ranking of Net Sales and PAT Ranking
Pharma 13.1 2 29.30 3 2.5 1
Banking & Finance 20.5 1 27.80 5 3 2
Automobiles 8.85 4 27.20 2 3 3
Steel, Cement and Real Estate 6.9 6 34.93 1 3.5 4
Engineering 12.5 3 23.90 4 3.5 5
FMCG 7 5 -52.40 8 6.5 6
Agro Based -8.5 9 20.45 6 7.5 7
Software -1 7 -84.70 10 8.5 8
Power -2.4 8 -58.50 9 8.5 9
Telecom -15.7 10 -54.30 7 8.5 10

Table 2 has the list of Top Ten Companies which are ranked according to the Net Sales.

Sector Company Net Sales PAT Ranking
Steel, Cement and Real Estate Dalmia Bharat 27.2 60.20 1
Banking & Finance Yes Bank 23.3 30.20 2
Automobiles Maruti Suzuki 19.8 50.80 3
Software Hexaware technologies 17.1 35.30 4
Pharma GSK Pharma 13.1 6.40 5
Agro Based Grasim Industries 11.4 53.00 6
FMCG Bata India 9.8 29.00 7
Engineering Greaves Cotton 7.4 22.50 8
Power CESC LTD 6.3 19.00 9
Telecom Airtel -12 -70.40 10


Like the way, we have the pass percentage declared for students. I am declaring the pass Percentage of the companies that have reported Quarter 4 results. All those companies that have bettered the last year results were taken as pass. Rest of them were deemed to have failed.

So, the final result is 48% pass and 52% fail. Hope the next quarter would be better.

Choose wise, Happy Investing!