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IPL – 15th Edition of the World’s grand cricket tournament kicks off with many surprises…

The 15th Edition of the World’s grand cricket tournament kicks off with many surprises… Disclaimer: IPL is not just cricket. It is business. It is for entertainment. Entertainment with wholesome money to all. That’s why it makes sense to start with valuations. As per various marketing and brand valuation agencies, the IPL Brand Valuation is […]

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Bonalu – The most grandly celebrated festival by the people of Telangana!

Bonalu is a famous festival celebrated in the state of Telangana, especially in the twin cities Hyderabad & Secunderabad. The history of the festival dates back to the pre-independence period. Also, before the bifurcation Bonalu was seen in the Telangana region only. The festival ‘Bonalu’ falls in the ‘Ashada’ or ‘Ashadam’ month as per the […]

Nifty Trading Ideas

Corona hits India, Markets crashed, Dow gains 1200 points! 3rd March 2020 #Nifty

Finally the inevitable happened. India now has fresh Corona Virus cases reported from Delhi and Hyderabad and the press note was put up at 2 PM and from then on Nifty fell 400 points in 60 minutes. From 11430 Nifty fell almost to 11000 mark before recovering 100 points in the last 10 minutes. There […]


Higher Education in India and a Student’s expectations!

What does a Student expect from his Higher Education (Post Graduation) or rather an Education Institute? A student pursuing MBA or any other post-graduation course in this modern era from top B Schools will be at an average of 25 years. Otherwise, any other PG course student will be aged around 21-22. This 2 years […]


Top 10 Cities in India as per GDP and its Richest Person #India

Right now, for today let’s learn and know a bit more about the cities of India. Hmm!! Not interesting? Okay, what if I say that today’s post is all about the Top 10 Indian Cities on the basis of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and as well tell you, who is the Richest Person in each […]


Why Summers are Hotter and What are the reasons for Heat?

Summer is right round the corner and we are all feeling the heat. Today in my Tuesday post I will talk about some interesting things about Summer. Summer as we all know is the hot season where the temperatures soar to the highest levels and our food habits suddenly change with juices and ice creams […]