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Bhagavadgita Chapter 17 Shraddha Traya Vibhaga Yoga Verse 6

Chapter 17 Shraddha Traya Vibhaga Yoga Verse 6
Karshayantah shareerastham bhootagraamamachetasah;
Maam chaivaantahshareerastham taanviddhyaasuranishchayaan.
Senseless, torturing all the elements in the body and Me also, 
who dwells in the body,—know thou these to be of demoniacal resolves.

This is the continuation of the previous shloka where Lord talks about how a person who for the sake of his own benefits turns the scriptures to his favour and does things so that they can work for him. Lord Krishna in this shloka is calling them senseless, as He feels that a person who has a sense of what God is and what God desires would never do such things. In the entire process he tortures all the elements of his body and also the God who is dwelling in that body as paramatma. Lord concludes the shloka by saying that these actions have a demonical resolves to them and can never bring the right kind of result to the person. 

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Here Lord is talking about a person who does things in the scriptures to suit to his own benefits and how it affects the body of the person as well as Him, who lives in that body. Let us take an example of a lady who for the sake of the benefit for the family or for bearing children decides to go on a fast 3 days in a week. Fasting is a ritual that was prescribed in Upanishads as a prayaschitta or penance for something wrong a person has committed. This lady who has no understanding of this and listening to a priest or a swamiji she decides to do this. Just for a second think about what she is doing and what is the purpose it is going to serve?

Prayaschitta is letting your body suffer for any mistake that you have done so that the senses and the body remembers them and will not allow the person to commit the same mistake again. Just see what happens if you take the same to fulfil your wishes. There are things that are not in our hands like success in a venture or bearing a male child only etc and when you do commit these things, thinking that they are prescribed in scriptures, will God be pleased? How can you force God to give you something by going on a fast or making your body suffer? It is equivalent to a type of black mailing, which is a sin that too when you are committing in the name of God.
Lord Krishna is calling those people senseless and He is very correct in doing so. These people cannot think anything beyond their own benefit. These rituals also include going to temples, giving offering to God, giving offering to poor etc. These are also prescribed in scriptures as things to be followed on routine basis and not expecting anything in return for God. But demonical people never think in those lines and that is what Lord Krishna is cautioning us against. 

Who is Ram!

Who is Ram?

To know who is Ram take out the evil from you, to bring out Ram in you.
Sounds very simple yet very powerful!


Ram is not just a three-letter word it’s much beyond that but still he is just a Human like all of us. Yet he is the most eligible person on this planet not because he is God’s avatar but because of the person, he is by nature.

Ram is stronger than anyone in the world yet he is very patient. Ram is the supreme yet simple, Ram is the remover of evil and restorer of Good. Ram is in every heartbeat of us and he is the one who drives the life of people. Ram is not special he is a normal human being. Ram is the one who makes our every wish come true, Ram is Peace, Harmony, Compassion, Truth & Progress. Ram lives in every household.

When Ram is present everywhere why is so much of ignorance and darkness around?

Life is a battle between Ram vs Ravana. These are the two forces that pull us towards and away from our goals.

Ram and Ravana are not two oppositions fighting to win but they are two feelings and two forces that drive every human being in his life towards his success or failure. Like Ravana has ten heads every good activity to happen needs to pass through 10 evils.
Enlightening one’s inner self is the most difficult task one has to do and it’s never too late for anyone.

Follow your Dharma you’ll find Ram there! Be patient to see through these changes. Life is the journey of transformation from bad to good to better to best. Let the Ram in you bring out the best!