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IPL 2022 Midseason review – 20th April 2022

The first half of IPL 2020, the 15th edition of India‚Äôs grand T20 tournament is approaching. It has been a supercharged, enthralling and outstanding action in the city of Mumbai and Pune. Multiple records were broken in the ongoing edition. Two records were made in the last match itself. Yuzvinder Chahal took 5 wickets and […]

Bhagavadgita - A Guide to Life

Bhagavadgita Chapter 14 Guna Triya Vibhaga Yoga Verse 8

Chapter 14 Guna Triya Vibhaga Yoga Verse 8 Tamastwajnaanajam viddhi mohanam sarvadehinaam;Pramaadaalasyanidraabhis tannibadhnaati bhaarata. But know thou Tamas to be born of ignorance, deluding all embodied beings; it binds fast, O Arjuna, by heedlessness, sleep and indolence! Interpretation After talking about Sattva and Rajasik guna that comes with attachment to knowledge and action respectively, Lord […]