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A picture speaks a thousand words… Changing is not Evolution!

A picture speaks a thousand words… here it speaks about the ‘change, character and catastrophic future of our culture’ “What does this picture mean to you”? The picture as you see is the cover photo of one of the most popular magazines in the country. For a few of us, something doesn’t seem good. For […]

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India After 70 Years Of Freedom

Independence Day 2017! Let me start off with voice of Mahatma Gandhi: He said “From tomorrow [15th August] we shall be delivered from the bondage of the British rule. But from midnight today, India will be partitioned too. While, therefore, tomorrow will be a day of rejoicing, it will be a day of sorrow as […]


Real Freedom vs Actual Freedom

Gandhi ji said that the real freedom is seeing the women walking bravely and peacefully on the roads in midnight. But on the big new year day with 1500 policemen in action, you get to see more than 30 women molested in public. What’s happening to this country and you get to see this in […]