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A picture speaks a thousand words… Changing is not Evolution!

A picture speaks a thousand words… here it speaks about the ‘change, character and catastrophic future of our culture’ “What does this picture mean to you”? The picture as you see is the cover photo of one of the most popular magazines in the country. For a few of us, something doesn’t seem good. For […]

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Vishwamitra’s deep meditation results in the most powerful ‘Gayatri Mantra’, a Maharishi is born!

Jumping straight into the story…. Vishwamitra has gone back to meditation… at the same time Shakuntala is growing up in the Kanva Maharshi ashram. His greatest discovery is all set to come out in few days… Firstly, Let’s look at the process of meditation and how it was done in the ancient days. In the […]


Kids of 1970’s vs Kids of 21st Century! Are the Kids evolving or diminishing?

This post is for all those parents who have children under the age of 10 years! For you all a word of caution. Look at the kids of 14-18 years today and compare them with the kids of same age group 30 years ago. You can see that more than 50% of them are either […]