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2.0 Robot – Movie Review

2.0 and The Super Combination of Thalaiva Rajinikanth, Akshay and Shankar hit Bull’s eye!

Cast: Rajinikanth as Dr. Vaseegaran & Chitti (2.0) and Chota Chitti (3.0), Akshay Kumar as Pakshirajan, Amy Jackson as Neela and Shankar the Director.

A sensational movie that will be an eye-opener for sure, not because it’s the first ever Indian Movie to be shot with the 3D camera, but because of the subject of the movie. Robot – part one was well accepted by people because it was a new concept and to the people, it was easy to take it. The star actors Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai were a big bonus as well. But for the sequel to turn into something like what it is now, the story needed something really different and that’s where I think Shankar hit the bullseye. The script was excellently designed with subplots coming in at the right moment. The story goes smoothly towards upwards direction keeping the audience glued to the seats. That’s one big factor for the success of the movie apart from the Rajinikanth’s style and Akshay unbeatable adaptability of the role of Birdman. The failure of Thugs of Hindostan raised the bars on this movie even more and a lot of critics even doubted the movie’s run at Box office. But, the Movie’s Business, as well as the message, are being delivered fantastically as of now.

Story: (Next day) Students walk into the Robotics lab of Dr. Vaseegaran to have the view of the New Robot ‘Neela’ and Dr. Vaseegaran introduces the Robot to the students. When asked, he tells the students that it’s not as same as ‘Chitti’ but if required ‘Chitti’ has to come back. That’s one checkpoint in the movie right at the beginning of the movie. (Previous Day) Akshay Kumar playing the role of Birdman is shown walking towards the mobile tower and commits suicide. Akshay Kumar is the Birdman in this movie who by passion is an ornithologist (one who studies Birds). Pakshirajan has got the deep connection for Birds which starts from his birth, interestingly a bird saves him from death when he was born prematurely. Slowly incidents in life make him to accept that he is born only for Birds and his duty is to take care of the Birds. But, because of the high radiation created by mobile towers, Birds struggle to breathe and lose their memory power leading to their death. Birdman tries all his bit to save the helpless birds from the Tower Radiation. But he fails in doing so which makes him to feel very depressed and takes an ultimate step of suicide. The main subplot is this, where Birdman, an ornithologist who suicides returns to the world as the fifth force of all the dead bird’s power. Filled with anger, anguish, violence & revenge, Pakshirajan starts to steal the mobile phones of every individual and killing the associated authority personnel for their ugly behaviour towards him when he was alive.

This is how the story is built up and is extremely well scripted by Shankar. The time you think that movie is getting predictable you would be welcomed with something really surprising. The entry of Chitti and the defeat of Pakshirajan, the egoistic nature of a human leading to the rebirth of Pakshirajan with much more power and then the demolition of Chitti. This leads to re-entry of Chitti in the completely new avatar is something to watch out. Finally, the audience will be up for a major surprise in the last 30 mins of the Movie where you will meet the Chota Chitti. The fierce battle between the Robot and Pakshirajan and the message of Rajinikanth to the audience in the climax is really to be thought out.

My takeaways from the Movie: Definitely the applause must go for the 3D and the VFX effects used in the Movie. As promised the technology used in the movie takes this movie to the level of Hollywood. As an Indian, we must feel proud to be part of this movie. Rajinikanth who looked to be losing his charismatic style jumps out and proved himself yet again. Akshay Kumar as always was outstanding with dialogue delivery and played the villain role absolutely brilliant. Actually, even Rajinikanth plays a Villain role in the Movie. That said, the story was nicely built and concluded by the director Shankar. Surely a worth watch movie.

This movie also pops out some thoughts for an individual to think, are we (humans) the only living beings on this earth who needs to be given freedom, rights, life etc;. What’s with the other living beings who can’t speak, yet when domesticated they take care of their own better than anyone else. We raise voices when asked not to burst crackers, we raise a voice when asked not to cut down the forests and many more things which affect the environment. Because we can speak we are heard, what about those animals which can’t speak? Nobody can hear them. But we should understand that we need to use our heart and brain and think of those animals which are getting extinct. Unfortunately, our childhood has been a lot different from what our kids are going to have. Never I think technology is bad, but anything in excess is always bad. Every individual has to understand this point and stay in limits. That’s when we will be able to respect everything in the world and unknowingly we would be adding a lot of good deeds to our life!

Baazaar Movie Review #SaifAliKhan #BollyWood

Bazaar Movie Review – Saif Ali Khan aka Shakun Kothari says crossing the Line isn’t bad always!

Cast: Saif Ali Khan as Shakun Kothari, Radhika Apte as Priya Rai & Rohan Mehra as Rizwan Ahmed. Production by Viacom 18 and Directed by Gauravv Chawla.

This was the second movie I watched on my Birthday on Sunday and it was something I couldn’t miss. After all, it is related to ‘Stock Market’, the subject I teach. Baazaar was a much-awaited movie for many. Firstly for Saif Ali Khan who has been waiting for a good movie, Chitrangada Singh was making come back to the Movies and importantly for the debutant Rohan Mehra who played a crucial role in the movie. Finally for all those people who are waiting to watch a movie with a very different storyline. Baazaar had that different story which caught the attention of people and that’s the set of Stock Market fans. Maybe that’s a disadvantage, as many Stock Market jargons would’ve become tough for all those who don’t have an idea of Stock Markets.

Story: Rizwan Ahmed (Rohan Mehra) is a Stock Market broker who is born and working in Allahabad for a small trading firm, but he is always aiming for big things in life. Thus he leaves Allahabad and moves to Mumbai. Rizwan starts dreaming big in the city of Business & Finance. All through, his one wish was to work with his idol Shakun Kothari (Saif Ali Khan), but the greed of Shakun and his manipulative ideology, power, and the stock market draws Rizwan towards him, a little too fast. Rizwan idolizes shakun and wants to be as popular as him. It was a known fact that Shakun Kothari was a fraud businessman, but Rizwan always defends the business sense of Shakun and felt that nothing was wrong. Shakun only believed in the business where the money gets doubled in quick time and for that, he is ready to do anything. His powerful team helps him in manipulating the system perfectly without allowing the law to catch up.

Shakun Kothari is that kind of a person who believes in a 100-meter sprint whereas Rizwan Ahmed believes that life is like a Marathon. Movie Story completely revolves around the thought process of these two men. Rizwan falls into the trap of shakun only to realize with at the nick of the time, and life gives him the chance to correct them. His small-town mentality allows him to go to the terrace only to fly but not to die, and with that smartness, he traps shakun and beats him in his own game. and disturbs his life. Baazaar a movie based on Share Market is made to explain us the importance of values, morals and money etc.. This is for sure a very different and not an easy topic to choose but the response as of now has been good. In the movie world of Love, Romance, Horror etc this is definitely one of the few movies, which will be liked for its novel treatment and innovative approach.

My takeaways from the Movie: Firstly it was nice to watch a Movie which had shown the Stock Market as the main subject. The general public will be able to understand a few finance jargons if they watch this movie with some concentration. Apart from that, Baazaar is a movie which keenly talks about the right morals required for any person or an organization. The Movie hits at several issues and one of them is how one should live the life? Should it be a Marathon or like a 100-meter Sprint? The answer is a simple one, that always treat your life as Marathon and move forward. Because Life puts you through many surprises if you treat it as a Sprint you won’t be able to face them and a small error could cost you everything. When you treat life as marathon your energies are channelized and used properly and you will be able to see your destination clearly.

Not just this always one has to stick to the core values and believe in the right way of doing things, only then one can survive and last long! Else, you end up losing everything with the same speed with which you built them! Now the choice is yours, 100 meters or marathon!

102-Not Out #AmitabhBachchan #RishiKapoor  

102-Not Out #AmitabhBachchan #RishiKapoor

In today’s Tuesday post, I will in my own style I will be taking you through a very different movie that is made this year.

Lead Characters:
  1. Dattatreya Vakharia – Amitabh Bachchan
  2. Babulal – Rishi Kapoor
  3. Dhiru – Jimit Trivedi

Amitabh Bachchan plays the role of Dattatreya a 102-year-old father of 75-year-old Babulal. Dattatreya wants to send his son Babulal to an old age home because he wants to become the longest living human being on the earth and wants to break the world record of 118 years held by a Chinese man. He feels that his son’s seriousness and over disciplined nature will be of no help. He thus wants his son to leave him alone and let him enjoy life. This is not the story but it’s the story that Dattatreya creates to teach a lesson to his Son. Why that story gets created is what I leave it to ‘Theatres’ to answer. But that reason for which Dattatreya takes a drastic step is only to make his son stronger and keep him away from his son ‘Amol’. Amol is Babulal’s son who works in America and rarely writes letters to Babulal ending it with ‘I hope you Understand Papa’. This is the point on which Directory wanted to stress on.


This Story that is chosen by the director is definitely a unique one. The title of the movie itself has added lot of weight to the movie. Adding more weight is the terrific combination of Amitabh and Rishi Kapoor. Like any other film this film is also riding on the relationships, but in much different way. It’s not any other Love story. This movie moves around the bond between two people who are 102 and 75. It’s a very hard-hitting movie that speaks and deliver messages to those who outrightly disrespect parents. The points raised in the movie aren’t so easily taken. If it was any other actor, may be movie would’ve not had this great run on Box Office. This Movie is minus songs, romance and action sequences and is only based on pure chemistry. The chemistry between Amitabh and Rishi Kapoor is outstanding and everlasting.

Learnings from the Movie:

Every movie teaches us something and what we only lack is the approach. Approach becomes important because that is what feeds the message to out brain.

It is amazing to see that parents love their kids and kids love their parents. But only for certain period of time. This movie talks about how a kid’s love decreases and the parents love increases over the time.  We get blinded in the Love that we don’t listen to anyone’s words and we become emotionally attached to that person. May it be father and Son or Mother and Son. Relationships are emotional but they shouldn’t be so much that you get blinded in them. Through this movie director asks us to open eyes and look at the world.  If your Son is so busy that he doesn’t have time for your needs then you need to stay strong and as well teach him/her lesson rather than “beg things” from him.

October Movie Review – Varun Dhawan

Life in its colors of October….foggy, misty and filled with melancholy. That sums up October for you. All is well when the film opens. Its a story of Dan played by Varun and Shiuli played by new comer Banita Sandhu. You might have found the name shiuli strange, but its a flower’s name. Shiuli is a flower that blossoms only in October, when winters are about to set it. Its a flower belonging to Jasmine family, that has an amazing aroma and which blossoms at the desk and falls off by dawn.

Dan is a brat and Shiuli responsible, they have no connection whatsoever until something strange and unexpected happens. What happens throws both their lives completely out of gear and as the story unfolds you will feel as if you are watching some real life characters around you. October is not for those who want to go out and enjoy a sunday afternoon movie. It is for those who wants to contemplate life and understand its truest colors through the eyes of Shoojit Sircar who gave us Vicky Donor and Piku. Both the movies had a comic touch in circumstances which are comical, but October has a comic touch to Dan’s character in a melancholy.
Love is not about running around trees and holding hands. Its not about taking selfies are gifting things, its all about just about being there. The entire movie runs on the dialogue “where is dan” that Shiuli asks and Dan taking it as the expression of love from her side. Circumstances build up in such a way that during the entire movie he tries to find out why she asked the question and by the time he gets the answer, life shows an altogether different color. Love and life play hide and seek with you while you are watching the movie, and when you discover that love is moving towards its destination, life reveals its own plans. What does a human do when life has things that he doesn’t want to take? Dan faces this question in each and every scene and the final answer he gives is, he embraces life! When you embrace life, you wont complain what it gives you.
Performances wise Varun Dhawan is superlative and delivers his role to perfection. Banita Sandhu delivers her portions extremely well. All the other characters fit in perfectly and under less than 2 hours without any songs to disturb you, this movie is an absolute delight to watch. At the end of the movie you would shed a tear or two for the protagonists. You would surely want to be left alone after the movie to look at life and the uncertainties associated with it. I would rate it 4 on 5 for the sincerity surrounding it. Go watch if you want to see “Life” in action!

Ittefaq Movie Review

‘Ittefaq’ – Movie which doesn’t let you to rest even for a second.

What are the chances of you watching a Bollywood movie without songs and comedy? Very less or rather I can even say very rare. Ittefaq is one such movie which keeps you glued to the seat and staring at the screen for almost every second even without a song and comedy. Perfect movie to watch on Sunday if you have moved away from baseline Bollywood movies. Ittefaq as a movie is a brilliant piece of cinema making by Abhay Chopra. Kudos to the Director on this amazing movie. Though it was a remake it never looked like old one in fact was a different story.

Story is the most important aspect for any movie and then comes the way actors take it to next level.

Ittefaq is undoubtedly the best thriller that I have seen in Bollywood. Many twists with lot of drama and storytelling will be seen in most of the movie. When story is great, actors should be able to do justice to it and that’s what both Dev and Vikram Sethi have done. Siddharth Malhotra acting as Vikram is the famous novelist and is in huge pressure to give a hit after doing well with his first book but failing in his second book. With pressure mounting from many places and his career at stake Vikram decides to take a different route and win the fame back again. This ugly thought of his is what the movie is all about.

Characters and Drama!

The best character of this movie for his fantastic late comeback to the movies is the Dev played by Akshaye Khanna. Dev is the police officer and his role is filled with Dynamism, Humor and finally sharp Sensible feeling towards others. Adding to it we have the Sonakshi Sinha playing her role equally well and the police department officials also bringing in some amount of humor. It’s not the same Chor-Police story that we are bored of seeing. It’s a suspense thriller which shows how a police officer tries to solve a double murder where both suspects look innocent. Movie will surely be success thanks to heavy dialogues and superb screenplay.

To me this movie is must watch because it deals with problems of the success hungry people who choose wrong path. Keeping everything apart, this movie shows how beautiful media as a profession is and how much can a creative mind can bring out. You will love the movie most when the climax takes you to new climax.

Thanks to Yash Chopra sir for doing such a wonderful movie and Abhay Chopra for re introducing ‘Ittefaq’ to the media professionals and aspirants of this generation.

Half Girlfriend Movie Review

I haven’t read the book, the reviews that were out on first 2 days were not good. I was in a dilemma. I had my tickets for Sunday morning 11am show. I was in two minds, whether to go or give it a miss. Finally I decided to go. The trigger was the good 1st day collection that the film made inspire of Bahubali taking away a lot of screen space! It released in 2500 screens and collected 10 Crore on Day 1! That’s for a film which doesn’t have Khans or Akshays is no mean achievement. This year Akshay kumar’s Jolly LLB2 released in 3600 screens to collect 13.5 Cr and the great Shah Rukh Khan’s much awaited Raees released in 2800 screens collected 20 Cr. So, for a Arjun Kapoor starrer 10 Cr from 2500 screens is very very decent. Why then the reviews were bad? If the reviews were bad why people went to watch it? To find out I decided not to skip it!!
Glad I didn’t. It starts off on a very slow pace for a modern day Hindi film but gradually picks up pace. Entry of Vikrant Massey who plays the role of Arjun kapoor’s friend of all seasons. What starts as a typical college love story moves beyond college and starts following the life. Life does take you to different places. From St. Stephen’s college in Delhi to Patna in Bihar, we travel all the way to New York and UN headquarters and Bill gates foundation. Love teaches Madhav (Arjun Kapoor) to reject a placement and go back to his village to help his mother run the school. Ria (Shraddha Kapoor) dumps him, just because he forces her to bed on the advice of his friend Shailesh (Vikranth Massey). Ria’s marriage doesn’t last and she is back in Patna where Madhav comes to meet the representatives of Bill gates foundation. His aim is to build toilets for children in the school so that girls can come to school and get educated. Ria and Madhav’s love start blossoming again and Ria again leaves him when Madhav’s mother pleads her to leave her son alone. She leaves a letter saying she has cancer and she has 3 months of life left! Madhav goes to New york for an internship at UN and he is madly in hunt for Ria, who he believes is still alive! For those who read the novel, know what happens in the end and for those who didn’t, watch the movie to find out!
What is that one lesson that makes this worth a watch!
Its a very simple message. When you have problems, face them, don’t run away. If you run away the problem will again present itself there also, and how many places you can run and where all you can hide? More than Madhav taking her to bed, its the way he reacted to her avoidance by hurting her, when he pushes  her physically that made Ria to run away and get married. When her husband does the same, she divorces him, runs away and comes to Madhav. When Madhav’s mother hurts her by reminding her that she has the habit of leaving everything midway like basketball, studies, marriage and even the food in her plate, she run away from that situation also. Life doesn’t give that many chances but Ria is lucky to have a guy like Madhav who runs behind her every time she runs away from him! I was wondering what would happen if she stays there to fight on! She wouldn’t be losing so many things in life. There is no escape route or short cuts to problems. One needs to accept the reality and face them rather than running away from them! These were the thoughts when I was walking my way back to parking lot after watching the movie!
Final Verdict: Arjun Kapoor is a miscast as he doesn’t look like a typical bihari from any angle. I felt a chichora Ranveer singh would have electrified the screen playing a typical bihari boy. The energy difference is clearly visible between Arjun kapoor and Vikrant Massey. Shraddha carries her role very well but I thought Parineeti would have done more justice to this multi layered nuanced role. Other cast are just fine. But I love Vikrant Massey for his clarity and his finesse. This movie is really watchable if you think like a common man and his mindset. Dont judge it from the eye of a English novel reader. Judge it like a common man who thinks like how Madhav thinks. That is why people started going to theatres and watching the movie despite the bad reviews. Its important to keep the target for whom the film is made. This is for an average Indian and he will like it. I am giving 3.5 stars for this. It will be a HIT movie for sure and could go on to make 70-75 Crore at the box office!!