Summer is right round the corner and we are all feeling the heat.

Today in my Tuesday post I will talk about some interesting things about Summer. Summer as we all know is the hot season where the temperatures soar to the highest levels and our food habits suddenly change with juices and ice creams becoming our favorites. Summer always reminds and takes back to the good old school days where we have all had good vacation memories or schools closing down early from their usual timings. All because of the Heat!

Why is the Summer so Hot and what are the reasons for it?

If you say it is because of the Sun then you are half right. It is majorly because of Sun’s Movement. As Sun moves closer to one particular place the Sun Rays directly fall on that place and it results in high temperatures.

For example: Hyderabad is located at 17 degrees and 38 minutes North latitude and Sun as of now is located at 8 degrees and 11 minutes South latitude. That means Sun is located almost 17 degrees+8 degrees that is 25 degrees 49 minutes away from Hyderabad. The distance here I am taking

as comparison is the straight-line difference from one place to another. For better understanding you can check the image attached.

So how far is Sun from Hyderabad and when is it going to reach Hyderabad?

To know let us take two cities which are almost vertical to its placement for calculation. As I told you Hyderabad is located at 17*38’ North Latitude and other city that I am taking for calculation is Kalwakurthy which is located at 16*66’. Difference between two places is 0.72 degrees and in distance it is 90 kms. So, if 0.72 degree is 90 kms then 1 degree is equal to 125 kms and 1 minute (in terms of distance not time) is 2.08 km. Then if we multiply 125 kms to the distance between Sun and Hyderabad which is 25 degrees and 49 minutes it comes to 3125(25 degrees) + 102.83(49 minutes) totaling to 3227.83 kilometers. Thus, Sun is almost 3230 km away from Hyderabad and each day Sun is moving on an average 23 minutes which is 48 kilometers.

So, each day Sun moves 48 km closer to Hyderabad and after a study I found out that on May 9th at 12:12 PM Sun will be exactly on Hyderabad. That means on may 9th every year we will see the hottest day in Hyderabad.

On contrary when is coolest day in Hyderabad?

The coolest day is when Sun has to move farthest from Hyderabad. That means Sun will have to go the Southern most part and that is to the Tropic of Capricorn. When Sun moves to Tropic of Capricorn it will be located at 23.5 degrees South which is 40 degrees away from Hyderabad and in kilometers it is 5000 kms. So, on December 21st we will see the coolest day in Hyderabad. Cities which are farther than that will be more cooler than Hyderabad. For example lets take Delhi which is cooler than Hyderabad in winter. Its because Delhi is located at 28 degrees 35 minutes which is 6525 kms from Sun and that is why we see Delhi cooler than Hyderabad.

But that’s not the end.

Though it is the Sun’s movement which brings the heat to the land. It is not always the same and it’s also dependent on other factor which is wind flow direction. Generally, there are three directions from where wind blows in summer in Hyderabad. One is from Bay of Bengal, other from Arabian sea and the 3rd from the desert of Rajasthan in North. All the winds coming from Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal carry moisture and those are little less warm when compared to the winds travelling from northern part of India like Rajasthan. As they come through land they are much warmer. This wind patterns are the other reason to have Hot climate. So we normally see that due to the wind directions May 9th isn’t the hottest day but it will be in between May 15th to May 20th.

Conclusion to the Summer

To end this as Sun moves away from the Place the climate gets cooler. Starting from January if we see always January is the less-warmer month compared to February and February is less-warmer month compared to March, March is less hotter than April and April is less hotter than May and May is the hottest month when sun is right on top of Hyderabad and rest of India. This trend continues till the time it the rainy season in India. So, the warmest or hottest month in India will be May. Enter September the warmness slowly reduces and it gets cooler. That’s how we see September more-warmer than October and October more-warmer than November and November more-warmer than December. So, December will be coolest month in India.

So, as the March is approaching day of tomorrow, get ready to switch of you’re a/c, take out cotton clothes and get ready for lot of water melons, ice creams, juices and not to forget the Yummy Mangoes that appear right in the middle of the Summer!

Welcome to Summer!