Shubh Mangal Saavdhan: The cookie that actually doesn’t crumble!

Nobody can claim the success for this movie, other than you two ‘Bhumi’ and ‘Ayushmann’. Catching up with a movie on a Eid holiday was always fun. For me the choice between Baadshaho and Shubh mangal saavdhan was a very easy to make. I can’t watch movies of heroes in their 50s putting heavy make up with head to toe hair dyeing. They look as artificial as the colour on their hair.
Yeah, Akshay kumar is an exception, for obvious reasons though!
Well, coming back to the movie the first thing I would talk about is the chemistry between the lead pair. Though it starts on a thanda note, by interval you can see sparks flying. I mean, that’s the way chemistry develops. A reluctant Ayushmann and the curious Bhoomi meet, talk and explore the possibility of a marriage. Ayushmann is clear but Bhoomi wants to live through it. She wants to fall in love, experience the feeling of it before actually saying yes. Aayushman also plays ball and both make their marriage a love-cum-arranged-cum-love marriage.
Things are fine till it all comes to one night when Aayushman and Bhoomi find themselves alone at home and want to “try” making love!

“Gents problem”

Here we come across the “Gents problem” aptly exemplified with the biscuit piece dipped in tea crumbling in the hand. Bhoomi relates to it when her mother gives her sex education where she compares a woman to a den and a man to Alibaba who will find his way to the den. But what happens if the cookie crumbles before reaching the den?
That is where her love is tested and she stands firm. Every minute she stands by him as he goes in his own way of solving the cookie crumbling problem. He discusses with his friends who take him to babas and when his father in law comes to know he takes him to a veterinary doctor for a desi medicine. Psychologically torn apart and unable to come to terms, Aayushman fights with himself as well as with the society in tackling his “gents problem” while Bhoomi silently stands by him. At times even suggesting that they can live without sex, and can substitute it with yoga and travel. But Aayushman is clear that till the issue is resolved he wouldn’t marry her.

“The Solution”

What happens after that I leave it to you to watch because the movie is a laugh riot and you wouldn’t want to miss it. Though there are many double meaning dialogues nowhere you will feel awkward or vulgar. The film is handled very sensitively and all the supporting actors put up a great show. But the bottom line is what is this “gents problem”? In medical terms they are referring to something called Erectile Dysfunction or ED. ED is something which is very common amongst the young adults of 21st century and one need not worry about it too much unless it develops through excessive stress, obesity or high blood pressure. Otherwise ED is easily curable without medication and what is required for this is something called “Talk therapy”.
ED conditions develop due to tension and excitement of doing it the first time and once you develop it it’s difficult to overcome as it puts you under lot of unnecessary psychological pressure. Doing it the 2nd time adds that much pressure which makes the cookie crumble in double quick time and so does your esteem and self confidence. What is required is an ample support from your partner and a need for a counsellor who can get you out of it. Support is what that helps, and that is what Aayushman gets in this movie.

“Box Office”

Made at a budget of 18 Cr and another 6 Cr on advertising, the total cost of Shubh mangal saavdhan is around 24 Cr. So it’s a low budget movie but it started off on a right note. Releasing in around 1400 screens across the country, the first day saw it collecting 2.5 Cr. But yesterday has seen a phenomenal growth. It more than doubled its collections of the 1st day and collected close to 6 Cr. Now it stands above 8 Cr. The first weekend might see it around 13-14 Cr which means we are on our way for another silent HIT.
It’s good that movies like these are being appreciated in India because issues like this needs to be addressed. After Toilet Ek Prem Katha, Shubh Mangal Saavdhan is a right film to hit bollywood. 2017 is giving people a lot of things to think about. Go watch it, and “talk about it” whether you have or don’t have the “gents problem”, because your talk will surely help someone to overcome the problem!