I welcome myself back to the Indian History that’s untold. It’s been a long that I have written on ancient India, the Bharat and its magnificent and untold history. Today on the day of Ugadi, I resume telling the stories of Bharat.

Shakuntala is devasted at King Dushyant’s Behavior. The king of Hastinapur doesn’t want to remember marrying Shakuntala. Not just that, King Dushyant orders to throw Shakuntala out of the court. After humiliation, Shakuntala decides to approach Parashuram and take revenge on her husband. Before I introduce Parashuram, let us understand the connection between Parshuram and Shakuntala.

शकुंतला को भूले नहीं थे दुष्यंत, जानबूझ कर दुत्कारा था ताकि...

We will straight do a mental journey to Kanyakubj, today’s Kannauj. Kanyakubj at that time was ruled by King Gaadi. The strange name of the place also has got a story. Kanya refers to an unmarried lady and Kubj means a bent spine. Due to a curse given by wind God who was refused the sister of Gaadhi, the ladies of that place would turn into Kubj after their teenage. It was a big problem leaving girls unmarried and King was very worried. His sisters too were affected by this curse. Not knowing what to do, King Gaddi approaches Rishi Chyavan. Rishi Chyavan was a great sage specialising in medicine. Using his powers and knowledge, Rishi Chyavan prepared a medicine. That medicine was named Chyavanprash. Not the one Dabur prepares in the modern-day.

Chyavanprash works out superbly and his sisters get back to normal shape. The curse of ‘Kubj’ i.e., bent back was eliminated by the use of this Chyavanprash. King Gaadhi was immensely happy and gave a promise to Rishi Chyavan that he would give him whatever he wants and whenever he wants. Rishi Chyavan left the place and life in Kanyakubj was normal. Gaadhi is married to Ratna and soon they have a daughter named Satyavati. Worried about the curse, King Gaadhi sends Satyavati away from the kingdom for learning. She returns after teenage and she is perfectly fine.

King Gaadhi plans to make Satyavati the ruler of Kanyakubj – but!

King Gaadhi had no male child. So, he thinks of marrying Satyavati to a prince who will be willing to stay in his kingdom and assist his daughter in ruling Kanyakubj. In short, he wanted Satyavati to be the future ruler of Kanyakubj. Once Satyavati returns after her education, he starts making preparations for her wedding and then coronation to the throne of Kanyakubj. Right when the preparations were full-on, Rishi Chyavan sends his son

‘Ruchik’ to Kanyakubj. Ruchik was a very powerful, yogic, spiritual sage who was interested in meditation and acquiring yogic powers. Rishi Chyavan wasn’t happy with this lifestyle of his son and wanted him to marry. He remembers the word given by King Gaadhi and wanted his son to get married to Satyavati.

Ruchik obeys the decision made by Rishi Chavan and proceeds to Kanyakubj. Internally though, Ruchik did not want to marry and he can see his future using his yogic powers. He reaches the king’s place and King Gaadhi is surprised and anticipative. King felicitates the 50+-year-old Ruchik. After all the formalities are over, King asks what Ruchik wants. Ruchik tells ‘I want to marry your daughter Satyavati, it’s my father’s decision and you had promised him to fulfil his wishes’.

King Gaadhi is stunned. He had major plans for his daughter and suddenly everything looked gloomy. He is stunned and speechless. Gaadhi seeks permission for a day from Ruchik to decide on this. Gaadhi thinks ‘the time has come for me to return the favour of Rishi Chyavan’ ‘Satyavati has to marry Ruchik and live her rest of the life in the forest.

100 horses challenge for Ruchik to win Satyavati and marry her…

Going back to his room, he starts thinking deep and keeps discussing with his wife Ratna. That’s when the rule of Chandravanshi’s strikes him. Gaadhi is the descendants of Pururava, a Chandravanshi. The rule says ‘A person who’s not a prince or Kshatriya has to get 100 horses which are milky white but one of their ears should be dark’. This rule was to make it difficult for anyone else to marry Chandravanshi Princess. He thinks he is saved, but he forgets that Rishi Ruchik is spiritual and can foresee the future…

The next day, Gaadhi explains the same rule to Ruchik. He says he is happy to give his daughter but only after receiving 100 milky white horses with one dark ear. King gives Ruchik a month time to complete this task. He says, ‘I’ll wait for one month and later I’ll get my daughter married to someone else if you fail to fulfil the norm’.

Ruchik listens to it and knows that he can achieve it.

He goes to the banks of the river and starts meditating. Using his yogic power through meditation, he makes a unicorn with desired features. Don’t be astonished, the technology was much better than what we have today. What Ruchik did then was similar to what the scientists do in the labs.

So, he continues to use yogic power and produces 99 more horses. After few days, much before the stipulated time, Ruchik arrives with 100 horses at King’s palace. Listening to this news, King Gaadhi is shocked and he gives up internally.

Gaadhi gets Satyavati married to Ruchik. After the rituals, Ruchik and Satyavati leave to the forest. For Satyavati, this marriage has shattered all her dreams of ruling Kanyakubj and made her to retire to forests and live a life of an ascetic. This makes her very sad and unhappy but she accepts her fate but still, she was not able to be herself in Ruchik’s ashram. Ruchik observes that and asks her to tell what is in her heart.  She explains her pain. She says I am worried about my father; he doesn’t have an heir and I don’t know who will take care of my parents and the Kingdom. Ruchik promises to find a solution for this problem and goes into meditation…