As promised, Ruchik comes back with the solution. Excited Satyavati turns to Ruchik and with compelling eyes, she asks him for the solution.

Ruchik explains ‘I am a Rishi, I have acquired high amounts of yogic power during my journey. I know what you want and I have made the arrangements for that. ‘I will be creating a potion that will be made out of natural herbs but has tremendous power. Both you and your mother will have to drink it. After which your parents will spend a night here. That way we both will be blessed with babies. Your father will get an heir, I will be able to fulfil my father’s wish of continuing his clan. So, I think this will be enough to solve your problem’.

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He also tells Satyavati to invite parents to the forest in 7 days as there is a good muhurta. Listening to this Satyavati is very happy and she jumps with joy. She is relieved and she informs the same to parents. King Gaadhi is elated and he is keener to see his child Satyavati. Everything goes as planned, King Gaadhi and Queen Ratna arrive in the forest. What happens next is astonishing. Sit back, read it with concentration and thorough openness. You will learn the biggest lesson of your life…

Ruchik tells this and leaves the place. What Ruchik doesn’t tell her is the bigger secret. Ruchik decides to make two different potions. One that has great amounts of ‘Rajasic’ energy which is paramount for people who want to be Kings. Another one is filled with ‘Satvik’ energy, something that’s a basic requirement for spiritual life.

Hidden information, deep contemplation and a wrong decision… Satyavati what have you done?!

Ruchik prepares the potion as per his plan and keeps them in the designated place. He tells Satyavati which is her potion and her mother’s potion. He coaches her that Milky white is for you and the Red colour one is for her mother. Satyavati nods her head and accepts the instructions given by husband Ruchik. He tells her to take the potion right during the sunset.

King Gaadhi and Rishi Ruchik leave the place and go for walk as it is about to get dark. Satyavati and Queen Ratna take a dip in the river and come to the room. Both of them see the vessels right in front of them. Satyavati tells her mother to pick up the Red one and drink. Mother Ratna observes both the vessels and she questions Satyavati ‘why are they different in colour’?. Satyavati tells because they shouldn’t mix, that’s why!

Mother doubts the intentions of Ruchik, she says ‘If the energies in the vessels are same and for powerful baby, then why he doesn’t want it to get mixed’? With her doubts and curious nature, Queen Ratna tells Satyavati that we need to exchange the vessels. Ratna says Ruchik has deliberately prepared a different potion for both of us, he has made a powerful one for you and a less powerful one for me. Because being the father he wants to have the best son… A powerful son is born to rule Kingdom not live in the forest. So let’s exchange the vessels…

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Satyavati goes into contemplation and she sees a point in mother’s view. As per the directions and logic have given by mother Ratna, Satyavati decides to exchange the vessels. Both of them decide not to tell to anyone and they drink the potions. Foolishness was full on display in this act. Otherwise, why would a Rishi want a powerful son? Has Satyavati forgotten that Ruchik has gone above all this materialistic and worldly life? A mistake was committed, reaction was just a matter of time…

After exchanging the vessels, Ratna goes to King Gaadhi and Satyavati goes to Ruchik. Both the couples make love and within few days, both the queen and daughter get pregnant. As the time for delivery comes near, Ruchik takes his wife Satyavati to King’s place. This is when the truth comes out. Both mother and daughter deliver babies on the same day. Both the babies were boys. But the only difference was the time of birth. As per the plan made by Ruchik Satyavati should deliver second and Queen Ratna should deliver first. But, it’s the opposite. Queen Ratna delivers first and Satyavati delivers next. Hearing to this news and seeing things unfolded against his plan, Ruchik gets doubt. He waits patiently and in the evening he makes the astrological charts of both of them.

Ruchik is furious as soon as he sees the astrological charts. The astrological charts he visualised for the kids are different and mismatched. Like a raging fire, he runs to Satyavati.  Ruchik yells at Satyavati ‘What have you done?

Satyavati understands that the truth has come out. She tries to explain to Ruchik about the situation. But Ruchik is in uncontrollable anger. He is devastated and continues to express his despair about her behaviour. Ruchik screams ‘YOU FOOLISH LADY! YOU COULDN’T EVEN TRUST ME’. ‘I wanted to end your misery and suffering. I prepared a potion that will make our son a strong Brahmin and the potion for mother was to give a powerful Kshatriya’. He says, you have exchanged it without believing in me and trusting me.

Satyavati pleads and asks for forgiveness. Ruchik cools down a bit and says to Satyavati that with my yogic power I can push the Kshatriya qualities of our son by one generation. I will change my kid from Kshatriya to Brahmin for this life. But your mother’s son will be Brahmin forever and I cannot do anything about this. Also, our association is still here and your punishment for doubting me is to live without me for the rest of your life. Saying all this, furious Ruchik leaves to the Himalayas to embrace the life of spirituality.


So… the kid born to King Gaadhi and Queen Ratna with Brahmin qualities is named Kaushik who in course of time gets the title “Vishwamitra”. The kid born to Rishi Ruchik and Satyavati is named Jamadagni who turns out to be a great Brahmin, but the Kshatriya qualities that were pushed by one generation with Ruchik’s Yogic power comes out in the form of Jamadagni’s son who is called “Parashu Raam”, the 6th avatar of Sri Maha Vishnu…