Ruchik’s homecoming as Karkotak plans to bring down the King Kirtivirya!

Finally, Ruchik is back in Kanyakubj but not as a father to Jamadagni…

The grand wedding of Arjun, son of Kirtivirya with the daughter of Karkotak, Manorama is successfully over. After a month time, Jamadagni, Satyavati and others come back to Kanyakubj. Life goes as usual for the next few months. During this time, Ruchik is spending a bit more time in meditation to see what exactly is the plan of Shukracharya.

At the same time in the Avanti Kingdom, Arjun and Manorama are happily living together. Even though she is from the Naga Kingdom, she is well received by people in the family and kingdom. There’s a doubt rising in Arjun’s mind and he tells the same to Manorama. Just like we have intelligence teams now, those days also they have people who work on the security issues of the Kingdom. Basing on the report which suggested an attack on the Avanti Kingdom, Arjun tells Manorama to stay away from her father as much as possible.

Shukracharya’s lays a perfect plan to get Karkotak on his side

Karkotak is a loving father and very close to his daughter. Since she leaves the kingdom, he misses her and doesn’t get to speak. He thought she’ll keep the communication going, but he doesn’t any information from her for months. He is literally disappointed with this action of Daughter. In the meantime, Shukracharya understands the situation of Karkotak, he sees this as a perfect platform to pull Karkotak to his side. Karkotak is invited to visit the Asura Kingdom where Shukracharya is acting as their Guru. Karkotak is a little hesitant but somewhere he does want to know what is the Asuras point.

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Accepting the invitation, Karkotak crosses the river Godavari and meets Shukracharya. Shukracharya being a sage himself understands what’s going on in the mind of Karkotak. On probing, again and again, Karkotak opens up about his daughter. While Karkotak explains his story, he does cover her daughter’s situation by telling her she might be busy. Shukracharya has caught the point ‘Oh! Karkotak, don’t ever believe in Manavas. Your daughter is now in the hands of Manavas. She has changed completely, to be correct she is forced to change. Always, Manavas have been ill-treating everyone, be it Nagas, Asuras or Rakshasas’. Karkotak is defensive but slowly he starts relating to all that Shukracharya was saying…

‘Revenge time is up dear Karkotak’ says Shukracharya. Karkotak gets frightened and says how can I take revenge on Manavas. I have given my daughter to them; how can I kill them? ‘Revenge doesn’t always mean you kill someone. It is all about gaining influence over others. Right now, you are being influenced, just think what if you are the point of power? When you gain that power, you can never allow injustice for your Naga tribe. Moreover, you can talk to your daughter without any restrictions.

Think over it Karkotak, do you want to save your Kingdom and daughter or become a slave to the Manavas…

Initially, Karkotak doesn’t believe in what Shukracharya said. As soon as he reaches the Kingdom, he asks if there was any message from the daughter. But there was nothing. This is when he starts believing in Shukracharya’s version. Karkotak then talks to Shukracharya. Shukracharya tells Karkotak what he needs to do. He says you need to plant your men in the royal kitchen and add a tiny amount of poison into the food taken by the king.

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Shukracharya says ‘the little poison will get accumulated and the person becomes sick, that time no medicine will work for him. That is when you should go and treat him. Once you do that you will win his confidence and that will bring the power into your hands indirectly’.

Shukracharya is more desperate than anybody for this because he wants to raise a new leader. He raised Bali, Hiranya Kashyap and failed. So, he is currently the leader of Rakshasas because nobody is else much wiser and knowledgeable than him. Shukracharya is in search of the leader so that he can guide him and that leader will take control of things.

As discussed, Karkotak sends his men to the royal kitchen and they get employed as cooks. They slowly start mixing poison in the food of Kirtivirya. Mahishmati is witnessing all this but none of them is aware of what’s coming in their way… The one who knows everything is ‘Ruchik’, but where is he?

Ruchik reaches Kanyakubj wanting the King’s approval to enter Kingdom…

Ruchik reaches the borders of Kanyakubj and sends a message to King because he doesn’t know how his son Jamadagni and wife Satyavati will take it. King Deval, Son of Vishwamitra gets the message and rushes to Satyavati. Satyavati is shaken listening to the news and she gets into thoughts. ‘It is been more than 40 years, why is he coming back now? We are all leading happy life. Why is he now entering and creating disturbances’ Deval waits for her but looking at her condition he decides to reach Jamadagni. Jamadagni has a different reaction to this news. He is furious and irritated. He rushes to Satyavati and discusses this issue. Somehow both of them decide to welcome him…

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After discussions the daughter in law, Renuka is asked to receive her father-in-law. Renuka obliges and brings Ruchik to the court of King Deval. King and others receive Ruchik in a formal ceremony. After all, this is over, Ruchik goes to meet Satyavati.

She asks why have you come back. ‘I have come back to fulfil the responsibilities of my marriage. The Kind of love that a son deserves, I haven’t been able to give him that. I want to complete them now’. Listening to this, Satyavati says you can go directly go to your son and talk about this. Because I am very comfortable living alone.

Ruchik knows how this is turning out and he goes to meet Jamadagni. The moment both meet, it leads to a lot of arguments. An argument where Ruchik was silently listening to Jamadagni who was using strong words on his father. Ruchik never mentions the mistake of Satyavati, because he doesn’t want any more past.

Jamadagni finally agrees to live in the palace and kingdom but not a father but like a Rishi. Jamadagni says ‘I will treat you like a Rishi Ruchik, a learned person but not as father’ Ruchik is happy and thinks this is completely fine for now. Because for him living in Kanyakubj is much more important…

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