Ruchik the rishi with yogic power can see everything around him including ‘Dandakaranya’…

Ruchik enjoyed the power of seeing things that happen at a far distance. This is termed a ‘Divya Drishti’. This was acquired by Rishi Ruchik after years of Yoga and Meditation. He was exercising this power regularly while he was meditating, which means he knew everything. Starting from Vishwamitra’s rise to Maharshi, Shakuntala’s life, Jamadagni’s movement in life and more… his biggest worry was not even from his family relations. It was coming from ‘Dandakaranya’ a forest known for ‘Black Magic’.

Each avatar comes to bring about significant change in the Bhu Loka… What about Parashuram?

All the avatars have a strong reason to be born. Sri Maha Vishnu takes a reincarnation to restore the lost values and bring peace. Similarly, the story from Dandakaranya holds importance in the birth of Parashuram. This is all at the time of the end of Satyayug.

In those days a lot of races were living together. It’s not human beings, it’s the people from different species. We call other people Nagas, Asuras, Yakshas, Kinneras and more. Suddenly disturbances were starting to increase in and around. It all started to take place from Dandakaranya. This is one of the largest forest areas occupying parts of Orissa, Visakhapatnam, Telangana and major parts of Chhattisgarh. The forest stills hold a lot of historical evidence about ancient India and its stories.

The story of Dandakaranya…

The word Dandakaranya came from the word ‘Dandak’. Dandak was one of the sons of Manu, the greatest King of Bhu Loka. Though Manu was greatest, his son Dandak was not. Dandak was showing a lot of interest in Black Magic since his younger days. Manu had seen this and warned Dandak, he counselled him and asked him to not in involved in such activities. Manu told Dandak to concentrate on spiritual activities and Vedic ways of living life. But Dandak wanted things quickly so he chose to continue learning Black magic.

Reminder, Vishwamitra was never interested in Black magic even though he was humiliated, defeated and disappointed. With help of deep meditation, he was gifted powers by Devatas.

Manu was not liking the actions of Dandak. Angered by his behaviour, Manu throws Dandak in the borders of Sapt Sindhu. Sapt Sindhu was until the river Narmada and after that, it was all a dark jungle. Dandak stayed there and instead of feeling bad for being thrown away from Kingdom, he fully utilised this opportunity. He made friends with Asuras from that area and improved his Black magic powers. Shukracharya the teacher of Asuras also meets Dandak and trains him in multiple aspects of Black Magic. He becomes so powerful and that’s how a nameless forest, gets the name ‘Dandakaranya’.

Dandak was now smelling revenge, revenge of Manu’s son Ikshvaku…

Dandak’s whole problem was now with Ikshvaku. He badly wanted to defeat Ikshvaku who is the son of Manu and King of Ayodhya. Dandak is army less so he can’t defeat through normal warfare. Thus, he teaches all the Asuras the art of Black magic. Whatever black magic we see in India, especially South India is because ‘Dandak’ and Asuras are responsible for all this so south India has most of it.

After attaining power, Dandak wages a war on Manu & Ikshvaku. Manu knew the danger and he sought help from the Sun God. Sun god obliges and starts to fully radiate in Dandakaranya. The amount of heat was unbearable. Along with that Trees, some of the asuras get brutally killed. Dandak is clueless, he then decides to fight the Sun god. Using his powers, Dandak creates a reflection and wants to kill the Sun God by His radiation. But he forgets that Sun can never get annihilated by ‘Fire’. So, radiation doubles and in that ball of fire Dandak gets burnt and turns into ash.

The Revenge is still pending. Asuras along with Rakshasas are now hungry for it…

Along with Manavas, other people like Yakshas, Kinaras, Nagas, Rakshasas and Asuras were all living on Bhu Loka. Even after failing multiple times, Asuras wanted to take revenge on ‘Aryavarta’ for what they did to their guru Dandak centuries ago. Now a new plan is getting scripted. Because they cannot do it all alone, Rakshasas decided to take the help of Nagas.

Devas vs. Asuras : hinduism

The Asuras targeted to hit the Avanti Kingdom which is the first kingdom at the border of Aryavrat located on the banks of Narmada. To do this they planned to seek help from Nishada Kingdom ruler Karkotak who is a Naga. The Avanti Kingdom King Kritivirya was clever and he was also having his plans. To bring Nagas onto his side and save Manavas, Kritivirya talks to Karkotak and wants to marry Karkotak’s daughter to his son.  Karkotak is happy with this proposal. He was happy to see a Manava King accepting a Naga daughter. To tell you, Nagas were not complete humans. They were deformed and had issues with their body appearance. The alliance gets fixed and Arjun, son of Kritivirya gets married to Karkotak’s daughter Manorama.

This is the marriage Satyavati, Jamadagni and others took part in. Ruchik is very happy to see that somehow Nagas were coming into the hold of humans and he is hoping things will improve.

Shukracharya is now planning to decimate Manavas and then hit Devathas…

A month goes by and Asuras were deeply hurt and devastated. Shukracharya keeps reminding himself of how Devathas ganged up to defeat ‘Bali’, his favourite student.

Asura Guru Shukracharya

Shukracharya was furious with things around. But he can’t anything so easily and directly. So, he designs a picture-perfect plan.

Shukracharya wanted to occupy every Kingdom in Bhuloka. First, occupy Bhu Loka and then attack Devathas. For which he was planning to use the asuric magic (black magic) and create a suspicion in the mind of Karkotak. After this, the Asuras plan was to attack Avanti and its capital Mahismati.  Ruchik sees all this and it is now clear the time has come for him to go back and save the Manavas. But will the people of Aryavarta and Jamadagni believe what Ruchik says?

We will all see what happens when he comes back…

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