Renewed egos result in stronger fights between Brahmins and Kshatriyas in Satya Yuga

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But the entire state of Nepalaksha is asking only one question, which is…


Parashuram is the talk of the town. Someone who came from nowhere becomes the famous personality among the Brahmins. Though the Brahmins started feeling better and a bit safe, it isn’t the end of the story, it’s just the beginning. The news of soldiers getting killed by a Brahmin Boy reaches Kartivirya Arjun. Arjun is completely distraught with the news but is not in a position to take any action. He had planned a World tour along with his Children. So, he felt this can be dealt with later. The king of Sapt Sindhu Kartavirya Arjun takes his three children and wife for a World Tour. After about 6 months he returns to the kingdom.

As soon as he comes back, he prepares to visit Nepalaksha. Arjun sends the family to Mahishmati and he sets out to Nepalaksha. In the meantime, Parashuram had already gone deep into the Himalayan mountains and he is strictly meditating. All through, Ram was able to acquire a bundle of knowledge. With brilliant determination and grit, Ram integrated all his knowledge into one. After a long time, Lord Shiva was impressed with Ram’s meditation. Lord Shiva appears and he gifts him the ‘Axe’. Shiva says ‘Dear Ram, what I am given you is the most powerful weapon on this planet. You are the only one who deserves it and you have to use it for eradicating the evil energies in society. Let me tell you, very shortly you have to use it. Vijayaibhava….’ Lord Shiva disappears…

Arjun’s visit to Nepal makes things worse for the Devas and Manavas… but asuras rejoice…

On his way to Nepalaksha, Arjun is deeply thinking. As a King, he is worried about the recent developments in the Sapt Sindhu and he wanted to directly look into the issues. Arjun was concerned and couldn’t understand the plans of the asuric forces. Thus, to get first-hand information he visits Nepalaksha.

Arjun is now in Nepalaskha and the people are extremely happy to welcome their emperor. Arjun was equally happy to wave at people and thank them. He enquires about the place of battle and goes to that place. Arjun also enquires about the events before the killings. He feels sad and in an empathetic way, he apologises to the Hotel owner. But the moment the Shop owner says ‘That brahmin boy saved me’ King gets furious inside. He doesn’t like it at all. As a King, he expected people to reach out to him before all this chaos. King is fully against taking the law into someone’s hands.

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King doesn’t react and asks how the Boy looks like. The hotel Owner and others describe the features of Ram. Arjun listens to a lot of positive things about Ram and he gets curious. He now wants to meet badly meet Parshuram. The ego levels have reached to its highest and king Arjun has become too self-centred. Rather than trying to correct the differences between Brahmins and Kshatriyas, Arjun gets into searching mode…

Arjun disturbs great sage Vasistha during his meditation and pays a heavy price for it…

All that Arjun wants now is to find out the location of the boy that is Parashuram and force him to apologise. After walking for a few miles, on a hilltop, Arjun finds a small ashram and he can sense spiritual energies emitting from that place. Arjun cannot see who’s sitting in there. But he fixes that it is the Boy and he wants him to come out immediately.

Arjun says ‘Hey! I am The Kartivirya Arjun, the King of Sapt Sindhu. Whoever is inside, I want you to come out right away.’ Even after multiple announcements, nobody comes out. Arjun then starts giving warnings. Still, nobody comes out. A frustrated and arrogant King starts shooting arrows. The force of arrows destroys the ashram. Still, nobody comes out. Arjun now goes for extra power and throws a heavy weapon. The moment the weapon lands, it makes huge sounds. Right after the sound goes down, a huge roar shakes Arjun…

‘YOU FOOL’ ‘What are you doing Arjun, have you lost your mind’? The great sage Vasishta comes out of the ashram. Seeing the Brahmarishi Vasistha, Arjun is shell shocked and is regretting his action. He expresses sorry and seeks forgiveness. He says ‘Guruji, I am sorry. I was never intending to disturb you. I thought it is that Brahmin Boy. He killed my soldiers and I wanted to show him his place.’

On the spot, the red hot Vasistha curses Kartivirya Arjun…

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Vasishtha is burning with anger. It is unusual to see Vasishta angry. He says ‘Shame to see you as a King of Sapt Sindhu, you have completely turned into a puppet of Asuric forces. You are ruling this Kingdom with no vision and optimism. You have failed as a king the moment you decided to take revenge on Ram. Do you even know who that Boy is? Do you know what is he born for? The boy comes from the family of Ruchik. His father is Rishi Jamadagni….’

In full high pitch but very patiently Vasishta explains the entire story to Arjun. Vasistha was hoping that Arjun will regret his actions and change. But destiny has different plans.

Arjun thinks ‘Oh! So I should believe in this Brahmin who is vouching for another Brahmin?’

Vasistha is a powerful Rishi and he mastered the art of reading the mind. Vasistha knew what Arjun was thinking and he says ‘You are now uncontrollable and your foolishness will consume everyone. You have become a poisonous ruler. I am now using all the yogic power and I am going to curse you. Oh! Arjun, the Chakravarthy of Sapt Sindhu… I curse you to lose your entire Kingdom. The same boy you are searching for desperately will see your end.’

Just when Arjun wanted to fall on the feet of Vasistha and ask him to take back the curse a dirty thought catches him, ‘Is it a plan against me? Why should Rishi Vishwamitra end up in Ayodhya? Why did Jamadagni and Renuka settle in Kanyakubja? I see problems coming only from the independent Kingdoms. Have these Independent Kingdoms framed a plan to eliminate me? No. I am not going to get trapped into this net and I will save my empire’

Vasishta once again is reading all that Arjun is thinking and he laughs out loud…

Arjun didn’t want to invite further damage. He greatly remembers the condition of Vishwamitra when he fought Vasistha. So Arjun decides to get going and restarts his search for Parashuram!

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