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Story of Lord Ram in my words….

Honestly, every one of us in India has an idea of who Lord Rama is. Most of us know him as an epitome of truthfulness and loyalty. There are some unenlightened who use his name for ill reasons. Simply to tell, people in the modern days use his name mostly for chanting and showing machoism and in politics. The least percentage of people use his name for realising the art of life and reaching him through spirituality. The percentage is decreasing and that’s because of the Yuga we are in – Kaliyugam. Time is near where people seeking Lord Ram for spiritual growth will rise soon and this is the Srushti Dharma.

Though many of us lived through, reading Ram and watching Ramayan on TV or Movies, very little we know about him. Frankly, in my own belief knowing Lord Rama is not remembering his date of birth, age, clan or everything else, but having an idea of principles and ideals he has taught us. Those who believe in them and apply them to their lives are the real Ram Bhakts and no anybody else is. So in very little we know about Lord Rama, we have heaps of praises for him and we are worshipping him for so many years.

Now, I will be writing an unknown chapter in his life picked from Bala Kanda. Bala Kanda describes the life of Lord Rama’s childhood days. As we all know was born on Navami day of Chaitra masa. This year Ram Navami will be celebrated on 2nd of April.

Unlike what is shown in movies and serials, all the four kids of King Dasharatha were not born on the same day. Lord Ram is the eldest born to queen Kausalya, Bharath is born to queen Kaikeyi after 7 months. Twin brothers Lakshman and Shatrughna were born to Sumitra after 3 years from the birth of Lord Rama. It means there is a 3-year age gap between Lord Ram and Lakshman. During those days, every prince is sent to an ashram which lasts close to 11 years. Vidyabhasam as they call it would last till student attains 16 years. By the time he finishes education, he would have mastered many skills both physical and mental.

In Ramayan, all the four brothers are made to join Gurukul on the same day. This means Lakshman and Shatrughna were only 3-4 years old when they joined gurukul. It’s a painful thing for any mother to live without kids when they are very young. But all the Kshatriya mothers had to do that for the Kingdom. In this case, Sumitra was very brave to send her sons at a delicate age of 3-4 years. Under the enlightened Vashsitha Maharshi, learning starts for all the four Suryavanshi princes. Navratri is the only time when the princes come home and stay with parents.

We know that Lord Rama is known for his truthfulness, he was the same since his childhood days. One day, Lord Rama and Lakshman go to the field to ride horses. Lakshman is very passionate about riding the horse and he loves that. Navrati days and celebrations are going on in Ayodhya and night riding is not allowed. Lakshman, desperately wanting to ride horse climbs on it falls down thus hurting himself. He breaks his chin and blood starts oozing. Even in the pain, he is more worried about Lord Rama telling the truth to Parents, as Rama is always known to speak the truth.

Listening to the sound, King and queens rush to spot and check on Lakshman. Sumitra is badly in tears and asks Rama how did this happen. Lord Rama then says, ‘It is my mistake, I was supposed to hold horse but I didn’t and Horse kicked Lakshman’. He takes the blame on himself and Lakshman goes into shock. Lakshman realizes the love for him since then Ram and Lakshman become much closer. We all know how Lakshman was all along with their Lord Rama during his fight with Rakshasas, His exile and even in the war with Raavan.

Hope you guys liked this. Follow Lord Rama’s ideals, his philosophy of life for me is the best. Let’s stay true to ourselves, that will do wonders for you and the country too. Believe in Lord Rama and have a peaceful life.

Finally, Stay Home and Stay Safe!

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