April is here and it’s summer time. We live in a city that’s a concrete jungle with temperature and radiation rising with every passing year. I had a different topic for my Tuesday post but last minute I changed my mind when I looked at the way temperatures have been rising. Let me tell you some statistics and talk few precautions that one should take.

  1. Do you know that last year April month was hotter than May? Yes, April was the hottest month with the average temperature of41.5 degrees compared to May which had 39.5 as the average temperature. The highest temperature of 43.3 degrees was recorded on 13th April last year which was the highest April temperature in last 40 plus years. It was also the highest temperature for last summer. May month had a highest of only 42 degrees.
  2. 2 years out of 5 years, April had an average temperature of 41. The average temperature for April is 38 degrees only. In 2013 it was 41.3 and in 2016 it was 41.5 making it the hottest ever April. Temperatures have been rising in the last 15 years continuously. Last 5 years averaged 39 degrees compared to 38 degrees in 2007-2011 and 37.5 degrees the 5 years before that. Hyderabad is slowly becoming a concrete jungle.
  3. This year April is having an average of 39.8 degrees for 11 days with the highest of 40.8 degrees. The feel like the temperature is 2 to 3 degrees higher than actual high draining all the fluids from your body. Adding to that is the dust and pollution. Humidity is also one of the lowest ever averaging around 36. Such low humidity means dry air that further absorbs all the vital fluids.

How to prevent yourself from getting a heat stroke?

  1. Drink plenty of fluids. Maintain adequate glucose and salt content in your body by taking fruit juices and non-aerated drinks plenty of times in a day.
    2. Wear lighter shades of clothes and avoid going out in the sun especially on two wheelers.
    3. Avoid too much exercising or gymming as it can have an adverse impact on the balance of your body fluids.
    4. Avoid direct exposure to the sun after spending long hours in Air conditioned rooms. Sudden change in the temperature will be harmful.

How to identify symptoms of heat stroke?
1. You feel too thirsty and too weak. Muscle cramps are also common.
2. Dizziness and mild fever with nauseating sensation
3. Lack of sweating followed by cold chilling feeling.

Many bodies are not adaptable to summers and it takes time. Give it time and go slow. Keep yourself protected and wait for the monsoons, which is just 2 months away now! And monsoon is my favorite season!