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Political correctness has become/been/will be the most difficult thing in India! #Politics #Elections

Politics as a subject is an exceptional thing in India. Many of us are extremely active in reading the stories and staying up to date. There is equally enough number of least bothered people. We have grown in many streams. Population, Investments, Stock market capitalisation, Billionaires, Roads, Institutes and what not. But still, we as a country are not where we should have been.

For me, the night of freedom is not important. For me the day after the night of freedom is important. 

I am even daring to take away the unbelievable efforts by freedom fighters and not at all demeaning their struggle for freedom. But what have we done to fulfil their dreams, except for setting up statues and scripting their life stories? Again, are these not required? Required. But also required is developing our nation which is and will be the dream of every nationalistic Indian.

Last week I had discussed how the media has been doing nothing apart from providing platforms for ideology(s) to propagate and run as PR agents. The worry is real and the media has forever lost its credibility except for those rural and low IQ Indians who have nothing other than watching low-class news channels and believe in them blindly. Taking advantage of these situations are the idiotic and cunning creatures. They are in the form of politicians, journalists and even officers.

What can you do with a politics degree? | Times Higher Education (THE)

My question is not just to the present government, but it’s to every politician. Those who took the oath to develop the country and stand by Indians. I wonder if these politicians really took the oath or just the seat. The latter looks more appropriate for me. It’s been 70+ years and we haven’t been able to develop. Whereas there are a handful of countries which were beyond us and gone far ahead of us. The best example is Chinese. Why? It’s not Socialism if you conclude it that way.  It’s the passion in the people to work and develop the nation. Some stringent actions by the govt acted as a pushing factor.

Similarly, Singapore has seen a surge like no other country in just a few years. Various counters can be given, the best one in Singapore is a small country. So why didn’t India create a Singapore like Mumbai or Delhi? It’s because and this is where I think I want to concentrate.  

‘The Politicians’ Yes those sitting in your capital cities assembly and those sitting in Delhi are the biggest culprits in not letting the country grow. For their benefits and for the sake of coming back to power, what the politician does is tricking the people. The voters. The masses of India fall for these gimmicks and vote for their favourite gimmick. After all, these are poor and low IQ, no I think the best word is ‘emotional’ & ‘help-seeking’ individuals.

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My point is why is that the governments take years to bring up a new law or make decisions. For example, today the centre has given nod to an AIIMS Hospital in Bihar. The irony is the decision or says the proposal was given in the year 2015-16 budget speech and today with elections due in a few months the decision to built a hospital is granted.

If you felt happy reading the last paragraph then you are in an illusion. Because you are either the hater of the present govt or you are a leftist. But the point is you are not ready to accept the similar decisions taken by other governments in the past. I don’t have any problem in blaming any governments and praise any governments immaterial of my ideology.

Frankly, I have been into observing political life only for the last 5-6 years and have a good list of things to praise and blame the present BJP government. I wonder if the same can be done by opposition libtards.

Having said that, like I have a dream of seeing Media becoming the true 4th estate. I also have a dream of seeing Indian politicians taking decisions and standing on their promises.

Let’s not be ‘election agaye tho subsidy dedo wala nation’.

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