Parashuram, the ‘Vishnu’ avatar is forced to leave the Earth even after great deeds!

Parashuram victory and a successful Ashvamedha Yajna bring a sea of change in society. The ritual of Bali gets completely abolished and it is attributed to the bravery of Parashuram. The practise of sacrificing animals and offering to the gods and goddesses was eliminated. When this was stopped, everyone was very happy because everyone wanted it but nobody could dare to go against the centuries-old practice.

Seeing whatever is happening in the Sapt Sindhu, the greatest of sages Rishi Kashyap, Rishi  Vasishta and Rishi Vishwamitra is all happy. Ruchik and Satyavati are also watching everything with a lot of happiness and a sense of accomplishment. The Yajna is successfully over and the concentration now shifts to the announcement of the new King.

Kashyap says ‘Parashuram, you have done an unthinkable job and brought everything under control. My time at this place is now over and I will have to head back to my place. It is your duty now to take care of the Kingdom and rule with purity and that’s your Dharma’. Sapt Sindhu was so confident to see Parashuram ruling the Kingdom. Not just the Sapt Sindhu but the entire human civilization encompassing rulers of Europe, Africa, China and everyone else were looking forward to Parashuram leading the World. In a way, Sapt Sindhu was truly the rich and most powerful Kingdom in the World.

Parashuram decides not to be the King, Kashyap is the new king of Sapt Sindhu…

Parashuram goes into deep thinking mode and comes with a reply that stuns everyone. He says ‘I am very happy with the present state of the Kingdom. I was unhappy with the arrogant and ignorant behaviour of the Kshatriyas, but now things have changed for good. Because I killed thousands of people to bring this change. I have removed greedy Kshatriyas and now there is order in society. But, I cannot and don’t want to be the King. It is because I never intended to be one. I prefer living a life like a Dharmic Brahmin just like my great grandfather Chavan and other Brahmins. So, this Kingdom is not mine, I request you to take over as the king and rule this land of Dharma’.

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He continues by saying ‘You are the best at this because you are the one who’s responsible for Human Civilization. You are the reason behind the birth of Suryavanshis and Chandravanshis. So, you should be able to bring order to society.’

Everyone is aghast with this decision taken by Parashuram. Whereas Kashyap humbly accepts it but not before dropping the most unexpected bombshell.

Kashyap, the new King orders the expelling of Parashuram…

Kashyap says ‘Parashuram, I am going to take up this role of King and I will rule happily and keep it safe from any evil energies. But listen to me I have a condition before I take this responsibility. Parashuram says ‘Please tell me what it is…’.

Kashyap says ‘Oh Parashuram! You have seen injustice and you decided to remove it. Remember one thing, the world is made up of a mixed set of people. There will be creatures that are good and bad. Society is made up of positives and negatives. Just because you believe in a particular lifestyle, you just cannot change it your way. If people are greedy, let them be. You have to leave them to fate and their Karma. Always there is a reason behind every activity that a man does. Not everyone is supposed to be the torchbearers of Dharma’

‘Also, Parashuram you need to understand that punishing is only and only the duty of the King. No individual is bigger than the rule of law and the King’s orders. Because of your past actions and all that you have done, I order you to be expelled out of my land. You will only step in when I want you to come.’

Listening to this, everyone is puzzled and shocked.

Puzzled because nobody knows where Parashuram can go if the entire world itself is in the rule of Kashyap. That’s when Vishwamitra comes ahead and tells Parashuram, ‘You don’t have to worry about your stay. There is a place that is not under the rule of Kashyap and I will take you to that place.’

All of them start their journey and reach Kolhapur. This is the end of the Sahyadri mountains and the starting point of Western Ghats. Vishwamitra takes Parashuram to the top of the mountain and orders him to use his Pashupathi Astra for one last time with full force. Parashuram listens to the instruction of Vishwamitra and throws the Astra with full force. The Astra is thrown into the Ocean and a piece of land gets opened under the water. This place in the modern days is called Gokarna.

Parashuram makes his way into that open land under the water and stays there forever. He does come back but that’s for a different purpose and in a different yuga.

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