Renewed egos result in stronger fights between Brahmins and Kshatriyas in Satya Yuga

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But the entire state of Nepalaksha is asking only one question, which is…


Parashuram is the talk of the town. Someone who came from nowhere becomes the famous personality among the Brahmins. Though the Brahmins started feeling better and a bit safe, it isn’t the end of the story, it’s just the beginning. The news of soldiers getting killed by a Brahmin Boy reaches Kartivirya Arjun. Arjun is completely distraught with the news but is not in a position to take any action. He had planned a World tour along with his Children. So, he felt this can be dealt with later. The king of Sapt Sindhu Kartavirya Arjun takes his three children and wife for a World Tour. After about 6 months he returns to the kingdom.

As soon as he comes back, he prepares to visit Nepalaksha. Arjun sends the family to Mahishmati and he sets out to Nepalaksha. In the meantime, Parashuram had already gone deep into the Himalayan mountains and he is strictly meditating. All through, Ram was able to acquire a bundle of knowledge. With brilliant determination and grit, Ram integrated all his knowledge into one. After a long time, Lord Shiva was impressed with Ram’s meditation. Lord Shiva appears and he gifts him the ‘Axe’. Shiva says ‘Dear Ram, what I am given you is the most powerful weapon on this planet. You are the only one who deserves it and you have to use it for eradicating the evil energies in society. Let me tell you, very shortly you have to use it. Vijayaibhava….’ Lord Shiva disappears…

Arjun’s visit to Nepal makes things worse for the Devas and Manavas… but asuras rejoice…

On his way to Nepalaksha, Arjun is deeply thinking. As a King, he is worried about the recent developments in the Sapt Sindhu and he wanted to directly look into the issues. Arjun was concerned and couldn’t understand the plans of the asuric forces. Thus, to get first-hand information he visits Nepalaksha.

Arjun is now in Nepalaskha and the people are extremely happy to welcome their emperor. Arjun was equally happy to wave at people and thank them. He enquires about the place of battle and goes to that place. Arjun also enquires about the events before the killings. He feels sad and in an empathetic way, he apologises to the Hotel owner. But the moment the Shop owner says ‘That brahmin boy saved me’ King gets furious inside. He doesn’t like it at all. As a King, he expected people to reach out to him before all this chaos. King is fully against taking the law into someone’s hands.

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King doesn’t react and asks how the Boy looks like. The hotel Owner and others describe the features of Ram. Arjun listens to a lot of positive things about Ram and he gets curious. He now wants to meet badly meet Parshuram. The ego levels have reached to its highest and king Arjun has become too self-centred. Rather than trying to correct the differences between Brahmins and Kshatriyas, Arjun gets into searching mode…

Arjun disturbs great sage Vasistha during his meditation and pays a heavy price for it…

All that Arjun wants now is to find out the location of the boy that is Parashuram and force him to apologise. After walking for a few miles, on a hilltop, Arjun finds a small ashram and he can sense spiritual energies emitting from that place. Arjun cannot see who’s sitting in there. But he fixes that it is the Boy and he wants him to come out immediately.

Arjun says ‘Hey! I am The Kartivirya Arjun, the King of Sapt Sindhu. Whoever is inside, I want you to come out right away.’ Even after multiple announcements, nobody comes out. Arjun then starts giving warnings. Still, nobody comes out. A frustrated and arrogant King starts shooting arrows. The force of arrows destroys the ashram. Still, nobody comes out. Arjun now goes for extra power and throws a heavy weapon. The moment the weapon lands, it makes huge sounds. Right after the sound goes down, a huge roar shakes Arjun…

‘YOU FOOL’ ‘What are you doing Arjun, have you lost your mind’? The great sage Vasishta comes out of the ashram. Seeing the Brahmarishi Vasistha, Arjun is shell shocked and is regretting his action. He expresses sorry and seeks forgiveness. He says ‘Guruji, I am sorry. I was never intending to disturb you. I thought it is that Brahmin Boy. He killed my soldiers and I wanted to show him his place.’

On the spot, the red hot Vasistha curses Kartivirya Arjun…

Kartavirya Arjuna - Glorious Hinduism

Vasishtha is burning with anger. It is unusual to see Vasishta angry. He says ‘Shame to see you as a King of Sapt Sindhu, you have completely turned into a puppet of Asuric forces. You are ruling this Kingdom with no vision and optimism. You have failed as a king the moment you decided to take revenge on Ram. Do you even know who that Boy is? Do you know what is he born for? The boy comes from the family of Ruchik. His father is Rishi Jamadagni….’

In full high pitch but very patiently Vasishta explains the entire story to Arjun. Vasistha was hoping that Arjun will regret his actions and change. But destiny has different plans.

Arjun thinks ‘Oh! So I should believe in this Brahmin who is vouching for another Brahmin?’

Vasistha is a powerful Rishi and he mastered the art of reading the mind. Vasistha knew what Arjun was thinking and he says ‘You are now uncontrollable and your foolishness will consume everyone. You have become a poisonous ruler. I am now using all the yogic power and I am going to curse you. Oh! Arjun, the Chakravarthy of Sapt Sindhu… I curse you to lose your entire Kingdom. The same boy you are searching for desperately will see your end.’

Just when Arjun wanted to fall on the feet of Vasistha and ask him to take back the curse a dirty thought catches him, ‘Is it a plan against me? Why should Rishi Vishwamitra end up in Ayodhya? Why did Jamadagni and Renuka settle in Kanyakubja? I see problems coming only from the independent Kingdoms. Have these Independent Kingdoms framed a plan to eliminate me? No. I am not going to get trapped into this net and I will save my empire’

Vasishta once again is reading all that Arjun is thinking and he laughs out loud…

Arjun didn’t want to invite further damage. He greatly remembers the condition of Vishwamitra when he fought Vasistha. So Arjun decides to get going and restarts his search for Parashuram!

Vishwamitra explains the art of meditation to his new student Parashuram…

Vishwamitra explains the art of meditation to his new student Parashuram…

Vishwamitra had mastered the art of meditation with the discovery of ‘Gayatri Mantra’. Since then his way of looking at meditation and the kind of learning he derives out of it was at the next level. Thus he wanted Parashuram also to acquire & specialise in the art of meditation. As per Vishwamitra, meditation is not just closing eyes but is also joining the unconnected threads of information.

Vishwamitra says ‘Meditation will help the person in deeper learning of any subject. But that’s possible only with meditation with no disturbances. Once you revisit the same topics, same subject and the same thoughts, your viewpoints changes and your perspective develops. Such kind of learning is possible only with meditation. Such kind of learning is called Brahma Gyanam’. Even the greatest of sages in the most recent history has also acquired depth in knowledge only with Meditation. One famous example is Gouthama Buddha. He sat down under a Bodhi tree and meditated for a long which led him to renunciation and serve the purpose of his life.

In our real lives too, few people can answer and solve any kind of question. For example, Physics and Derivatives are two different domains and subjects. But if you go deeper, you realise that Physics deals with motions and Derivatives deal with underlying value. While both are two different subjects, they can be connected at a particular level. Now the comprehension of such learning is possible only after meditation and acquiring wisdom. This is exactly what Vishwamitra wanted Parashuram to get.

Two margas for salvation and margas of meditation…

The two margas for attaining salvation are the ‘Gyana marga’ and ‘Bhakti marga’. In the Bhakti Marga, you are sitting in a still position and praying to your favourite god. You slowly start linking all the thoughts towards him and see everything in him. During this process, the entire body should be occupied by God and nothing else. When that happens, the god will appear in front of you. Impressed with your abilities to meditate upon him, he would gift them something. It could be anything…

But the movies have made a mockery of meditation. Movies have time and again shown how a person just taking the name of God or by chanting mantras will be able to on Namo Shivaya and he’ll appear and give you something. This is not true, because Meditating in the name of God is highly Sattvik in nature.

The need for acquiring a weapon which is the need of the hour…

Vishwamitra now tells Parashuram ‘You have a bow given by Ruchik. Which was given by Sri Maha Vishnu and it changed hands to finally reach you. But that is not going to help you son. Because the Asuric forces are upon the Daivik forces and you need to acquire something hugely powerful’.

Vishwamitra: Part-6 Menaka, Rambha and being Brahmarishi - Tale Guru

Vishwamitra says ‘Dear Ram, without wasting any more time. You have to start moving towards the northern direction. Once you reach the Himalayas, you have to meditate on lord shiva’.

Parshuram obeys the words of Guru Vishwamitra and starts his journey towards the Northern direction. In a few days, he reaches Nepalaksha which is today’s Nepal. Kartivirya Arjun the Chakravarthy of Sapt Sindhu had full control of Nepal. Only two Kingdoms Ayodhya and Kanyakubja were independent nations that had a separate King. Whereas Nepalaksha was in Arjun’s control.

Parashuram is now moving into Nepalaksha. On his way, he encounters differences in Towns and Villages. Much different from whatever he had seen in Kanyakubj and Ayodhya. He was witnessing differences in mindsets and behaviour of people in both Ayodhya and Kanyakubja. But, the level of anger and discrimination in Nepalaskha was too much to take. There were lot more fights, behavioural issues, misunderstandings and misconceptions.

Last days of Satya Yuga and the behavioural changes in people…

The entire story we are reading now is all part of the Satya Yuga. To be precise it is towards the end of Satya Yuga. Satya Yuga is famous for righteous people, emotionally balanced citizens and peaceful civilization. But, thanks to Karkotak, the atmosphere changed which was ringing at the end of Satya Yuga. Kshatriyas who had tremendous respect for the Brahmins started misbehaving with them. Slowly their anger turned on Vaishyas also. They would walk into the store, pick up items and leave the place without making payments.

Vaishyas were surprised and did raise the question. It was the asuric forces that were acting on Kshatriyas and they were powerful. Kshatriyas used ugly words and used their power to shut the mouths of Brahmins and Vaishyas.

Parashurama Bow - Story Of Bow And Arrow Of Parshuram | Hindu Blog

Parashuram is seeing all this but he isn’t interested in doing anything now, as his goal is to acquire a new weapon and meditate on Lord Shiva. While on his walk to the Himalayas, he stops for having food. Knowing that he is a Brahmin, the hotel people gave him a separate place and plate.

Right in the opposite direction Kartivirya Arjun’s soldiers were sitting and having food. The soldiers were in a playful mood. After eating, none of them makes the payment and walks out.  The hotel owner hurriedly runs to them and ask for money. Soldiers get angry and start shouting badly at the owner. Seeing her father struggling with the soldiers, the daughter of the owner comes to rescue him. Unfortunately, the asuric energies got too deep into the soldiers. As soon as the daughter comes near, the soldiers start abusing her, misbehave with her and throw her onto the road.

Parashuram was a Brahmin till then. The moment he sees the girl on the road, the Kshatriya in him wakes up and he uses the bow gifted by Vishnu to eliminate all the soldiers. The hotel owner, daughter, people around are all shocked. Ram tells everyone not to worry and leaves the place…

But the entire state of Nepalaksha is asking only one question, which is…

‘How did a Brahmin boy kill so many Soldiers?’

A picture speaks a thousand words… Changing is not Evolution!

A picture speaks a thousand words… here it speaks about the ‘change, character and catastrophic future of our culture’

“What does this picture mean to you”?

The picture as you see is the cover photo of one of the most popular magazines in the country. For a few of us, something doesn’t seem good. For some of us, everything looks nonsensical. Whereas for a few, everything seems to be brilliant. That’s because it’s just not another picture, but it is conveying a strong message. A society is an aggregate of multiple thoughts. I may not be in a position to endorse those multiple thoughts, but I stand by what I believe in. So here are my thoughts and they may coincide with a few others.

Before that, I would want to explain the two sides of this photo.

First, let’s understand those who feel this is a courageous move and will praise this picture. It is a man and not a woman. He is seen wearing the dress that is usually worn by a female. Why would he do that? Because according to him and the magazine, there is no gender-specific clothing. The picture is also bringing out the point where a female is questioned for wearing western clothes.

With an intent to stop such behaviour, the man here is seen dressed in woman’s clothes. Not just the dress even the facial grooming is that of ladies. The bottom-line picture conveys is the need for equality between genders. Thus, a person who believes in equality, which sounds morally right will feel good seeing this photo and sharing it with his or her friends. This coincides with the thoughts or beliefs of a free person who falls into the left-wing ideology.

The other view is very negative. It sounds negative because the opinion of these people is not liked by the majority. According to them, there is no need for a man to dress up like a woman. Such action is derogatory and brings more harm than good to society. Now it is not just against a Man wearing Woman’s clothing, it is vice versa too. The belief system here is closer to restricted and authoritative.

According to them, equality for anything is more suicidal than the development of human beings. This belief system expects differentiation between genders or for that matter everything. Those who feel they fall under this thought process; are right-wing ideologists and that number is very less. That’s because society has long turned fallen into freedom…

Does equality mean exchanging clothes between two different genders?

No! Not at all. We are currently in the stage where we have half accepted it. We see women wearing clothes which are made for Men. Slowly the trend is moving towards full acceptance where the Men are starting to wear Women’s clothes. This is the kind of thought process that we are developing in the kids of this generation.

The moment you expect the opposite gender to dress up the traditional and the Indian way, you are hit by an argument. ‘When you can wear jeans, Why Can’t I?’ ‘You wear kurtas, pyjamas, dhotis etc, I will also stick to Indian attire’. No, it does not have to do with the clothing at all. What is cloth? Just a thread weaving into various forms to cover our body. So, are we fighting on those threads? Once again, No. The issue is much bigger here. I am not against women empowerment, women upliftment or their rights. But to say that women empowerment is wearing wears Jeans, skirts, etc is looking at women empowerment in a myopic way.

The society which enjoyed the highest levels of respect has completely gone down in the modern days. There are multiple reasons for this change. The most important one of all is the availability of the information. There is an abundance of information available in the system. The entire credit for it is to be given to the internet. The kind of attitude the younger generation carries is remarkably dissatisfying. If a person who’s aged says this then one can say I am too old. But being someone who’s in my late 20s, I feel equality and freedom is not in dressing alone.

The times have changed and so have the parents.

Parents today are least bothered about their children. Understand joining your kids in the best of the college and giving all the possible facilities doesn’t make the individual perfect. What shapes the career and personality of the Kid is the way parents treat them.

For a long time, we have been brainwashed to believe that the best way to deal with kids is by giving them freedom. Parents feel they doing everything that a kid wants. Authority gives you the responsibility. Instead of fulfilling one’s responsibilities, the parents are pushed into distractions and aren’t able to concentrate on kids.

But they fail to understand the consequences of their actions. Due to their failure and falling from liberalistic views, the kid’s career and life will be spoilt. Added to that is the blame that parents have to take in the end. The level of respect for elders has completely gone down. This is surely not in the case of everyone, but the majority. If there’s anything that can change all this is the need to use your authority and take responsibility.

Here comes Vishwamitra, the man who saved the life of Poor Brahmin boy!

Onto the stage walks the great Vishwamitra. He says ‘Dear people of Ayodhya and Sapt Sindhu, I am happy to save the boy. But I am also here to say a few things. The asuric forces are working with full force to defeat Emperor Kartivirya Arjun and bring downfall to the Sapt Sindhu Kingdom. Even after knowing all this, the highly knowledgeable people with powers are unable to do anything about it. Guru of Asuras, Shukracharya is becoming very dangerous. Even though we have the greatest of Rishis and Brahmarishis, Shukracharya has moved ahead of Manavas and Devas’.

He glances at Vasishtha and then says ‘Shukracharya is crossing the intellectual abilities of Brihaspathi and this is the most dangerous to our society.

The fear of Asuras and Shukracharya is not new to the people. Because there have been multiple wars between Asuras and Devas. The issue was with the magnitude and timing. Apart from this, the people of Sapt Sindhu are also not aware of the situation. Whereas Ruchik, Jamadagni, Vasishtha and Vishwamitra are fully aware of it. But none of them could do anything to counter Shukracharya.

What made Shukracharya attain strong powers. Was it the will or the revenge on Devas?

Shukracharya had both the will to attain the highest level of powers and take revenge on Devas. More importantly, Shukracharya was given free will to do whatever he wants to. The four key characters were busy with other things. Ruchik moved to the Himalayas and is meditating. Jamadagni is more into training Parashuram. Vasishtha is in pursuit of creating a successor for himself after the death of his son and Vishwamitra was busy in his pursuit of becoming Brahmarshi.

The asuric forces were making sure there is a rift between Kshatriyas and Brahmins. This is why the parents accepted sacrificing the kid. Because the parents were not having enough money to feed the family. Only if the family was abundant enough, this wouldn’t have been the situation. This was not the case some years ago. Brahmins had enough food and money to survive because the Kshatriyas would donate. But after the Asuric forces were released into the Sapt Sindhu, Kshatriyas have neglected the brahmins.

This isn’t the way how Sapt Sindhu works. Sapt Sindhu is all about the security, safety, respect and welfare of every individual. This was true before Shukracharya drafted a plan of vengeance. The moment Karkotak was killed, the hunger for revenge multiplied. That’s the result of all that happening in Sapt Sindhu.

Back to the people assembled at Rohit Ashwa’s birthday celebrations!

Vishwamitra is continuing his speech. In one corner, Vasishtha is sitting with his head bent with embarrassment and helplessness. Vishwamitra says ‘I had to use special powers. I didn’t want to send a message of victory for Shukracharya. Thus, I invoked the God of Wind and God of Fire, Vayu and Agni. After my request, they helped the boy is coming out even after death. The gods have blessed him with new life and I am grateful to them. Now that everything is over, Rohitashwa will live for a long time. After this statement, everybody starts clapping.

Parashuram is impressed with the actions of Vishwamitra. Then on Ram sees Vishwamitra as the real hero. Harishchandra feels bad for whatever has transpired and he falls on the feet of both the gurus.  Vasishtha now opens up. He says ‘I made a big mistake. I should have been more active and careful. This is my failure and I have decided to resign as the ‘Kul Guru’ of Suryavansh’. Harishchandra with clear sadness says ‘Please don’t do that Guruji. You have made no mistake’.

Vasishtha continues ‘I now request Vishwamitra to take over as the ‘Kul Guru’ of Suryavansh’ till I do penance for my mistakes in the Himalayas and return.

A new Guru and a new era in the Life of Suryavansh!

Vishwamitra accepts the new role and says ‘The Suryavanshis need some more hard lessons and I will teach all that is needed. Everyone in the audience is praising Vishwamitra and falling on his feet.

Harishchandra - Wikipedia

From the crowd appears Parashuram. He comes forward and as soon as he comes, Vishwamitra recognises him and hugs him. He says ‘Oh dear Ram. I know who you are. You are the son of my dearest Jamadagni. We both have studied together. I know what all has happened with father and mother. I wanted to meet them, but I just couldn’t. Parashuram replies ‘Pranam Pitamah. I am happy that you know many things about me. I am a bit worried about mother and father’

Vishwamitra says, ‘Son, I have used my yogic power and I can tell you both are happy. It took them time to get habituated, but now they are having a peaceful life together. Understand that, you are an important person. Your life and your work are crucial to society. You are the chosen one and you have to accomplish whatever I was not able to achieve’.

Vishwamitra is now explaining to Parashuram the background to the battle of Asuras and Devas. He continues ‘Dear Ram… For you to achieve what I haven’t, you need to acquire weapons. The situation right now is very tough and there will be an intense battle soon’ Parashuram then asks Vishwamithra the reason behind the war.

Vishwamitra tells him ‘Son, Nature is the most powerful. It keeps balancing things. When you look at 24 hours, the balance for the day is night. Balance for good is bad. Balance for kindness is cruelty and that way balance for Devathas are Asuras’

Asuras vs the Devas –nature’s way of balancing things…

Vishwamitra continues ‘The balance is always handled by mother nature. Not always the Devathas will rule the Humans. There are times when Asuras will have to rule the Humans. That’s the way of balancing. Similarly, there is a balance between rich and poor countries. No rich country remains rich forever and no poor country remains poor forever’

Parashuram asks ‘Why is that Pitamah, how can a country become poor after becoming rich?’

Vishwamithra says ‘Dear Ram! Listen carefully. A poor country is one with no resources. Then comes a good king or good leader. He will create opportunities to build wealth. This will be a slow process and it will become make the country wealthier. The king will become popular. With the help of increased wealth, he shall occupy other Kingdoms and will become Chakravarthy. Kartivirya Arjuna is the Chakravarthy of today. But because Kartivirya Arjun has made things easy and people richer there won’t be anyone to do menial jobs and the rich themselves have to do their work. That creates strife and struggles This is nature’s way of correction.  Presently, Sapt Sindhu is going through the stage of moving from Devathas rule to Asuras rule. You are the one who is chosen to stop it from going into Asuras’

‘So, Son, apart from my blessings, you need Lord Shiva’s blessing. You will have to now rush to the Himalayas and acquire the powers with Meditation. Do not worry about your parents. I will inform them physically. May mother nature be always with you on this journey…

Building a relationship between Bhu Loka and Deva Loka using Vedic Hindu Calendar and Vedic Festivals…

Building a relationship between Bhu Loka and Deva Loka using Vedic Hindu Calendar and Vedic Festivals…

As per the Indian Vedas and their ancient history, there are about 14 Lokas. Loka is nothing but the world. The world is a place to live in. We the humans are living in a place called ‘Earth’, which we also call one of the ‘Planets’ in the Solar System. Other than the Bhu Loka, the most quoted Loka in the Vedic texts and our history is ‘Deva Loka’ or ‘Swarga Loka’. Just like Humans live in Bhu Loka, it is believed that Devas (gods) live and are still living in the Deva Loka.

Em religiões indianas, Devaloka é um plano de existência, onde deuses e  devas existem. Descritos como locais de l… | Lord ganesha paintings,  Hinduism art, Hindu art

Following are the fourteen Lokas as per the Hindu beliefs and Vedic system.
  1. Satya-Lokaor Brahma-Loka
  2. Tapa-Loka
  3. Jana-Loka
  4. Mahar-Loka
  5. Swarga-Loka
  6. Bhuvar-Loka
  7. Bhu-Loka
  8. Atala-Loka
  9. Vitala-Loka
  10. Sutala-Loka
  11. Talatala-Loka
  12. Mahatala-Loka
  13. Rasatala-Loka
  14. Patala-Loka

The system of 14 Lokas is not seen in any other belief system other than Hinduism. One finds it difficult to accept when a God or a character from history is living for more than 100+ years. But some have not just lived for 100+ which is possible in Bhu Loka, but also for thousands of years. Though living 100 years is possible in Bhu Loka, living for thousand years is surely ruled out. But there were instances where Rishis like Vashishta, Veda Vyasa, Parashara etc lived for 1000 years. The reason is very logical and nothing magical. If you understand it carefully there’s a lot more science in this than any emotional literature.

As per the Bhu Loka timing system, each day is for 24 hours. Each hour is for 60 minutes. The same timing system changes drastically when it comes to Swarga Loka, the home for Devas. Unlike Bhu Loka, each month of bhu loka Loka is equal to 2 hours in dev loka. That way 12 months in bhu loka is equal to 24 hours or 1 day at Deva loka. Thus, a human living in Bhu Loka for one year is equal to a Deva living for 1 day. So, living for 1000 years in bhu loka is like loving for 1000 days in deva loka.

Bhu Loka timings to Deva Loka Timings
  • 1 day of Bhu Loka is equal to 4 mins in Deva Loka
  • 1 month of Bhu Loka is equal to 2 hours in Deva Loka
  • 2 months of Bhu Loka is equal to 4 hours in Deva Loka
  • 6 months of Bhu Loka is equal to 12 hours in Deva Loka
  • 1 year of Bhu Loka is equal to 24 hours (or) 1 day in Deva Loka
Now the point is what exactly is the time in Deva Loka now?

This is an interesting calculation we are about to do and discover the exact time of the day as per Deva Loka. Currently, it is 10:15 pm in Bhu Loka, by the time I post and you guys read, it will be 11:30 pm or so. But what’s the time in Deva Loka? We need a reference point for the day and the reference point is Uttarayan or Makar Sankranthi which is the sunrise time at Deva loka.

I will give you other examples also. As per the Hindu Calendar, the last Sunday 14th November was Prabodhini Ekadashi. Ekadashi is the 11th day of the Lunar month. Off the many Ekadashi’s in the Lunar Calendar, the Prabodhini Ekadashi and Vaikunta Ekadashi hold the highest importance. These two days are celebrated widely like no other Ekadashi.

Ashadhi Ekadashi: The day when divine Vishnu goes to sleep

Prabodhini Ekadashi is celebrated on the 11th day of Shukla Pasha in the month of Kartika. It is celebrated to mark the end of the Chatur-maas. Chatur-Maas is the time where Lord Vishnu and the other Devas are believed to be asleep. Only on the Prabodhini Ekadashi, Vishnu’s sleep time is over and he prepares to wake up. Chatur-Maas is the four-month period that starts in the month of Ashada. Ashada month generally falls in June or July or English Calendar.

When you take this as a reference and calculate the timing, the current time in Deva Loka is somewhere between 2:45 am to 3:00 am. This is the time when Lord Vishnu is ready to get awake. Another important day is the 19th of November 2021 which is Kartika Pournami. Kartika Pournami is also celebrated as Dev Deepawali. This is a Vedic festival that marks the welcoming of Devas to the Bhu Loka. Dev Deepavali on Earth coincides with 3 am in Dev loka when all devatas wake up. We welcome it by lighting diyas.

Reference to the Vaikunta Ekadashi

Taking it a bit forward from here, the most celebrated festival and the most auspicious Ekadashi is Vaikunta Ekadashi. Vaikunta Ekadashi is celebrated on the 11th day of the Dhanur month of the Solar Calendar or also called as Maragashira month of the Lunar Calendar.

On Vaikunta Ekadashi day on bhu loka, the first ray of light or pre-dawn sets in swarga loka. In the famous temples, the celebrations and rituals are on from early in the morning. People pray to the Lord Vishnu or visit the Sri Balaji temple early in the morning and pray. The inner sanctum of Sri Maha Vishnu or door gates gets opened today. Thus, making it the most auspicious time of the year for the devotees to pray for Maha Vishnu.

On Vaikunta Ekadashi day, it is early morning 5:00 am in the Deva Loka. Ugadi coincides with the mid-day or noon at Dev loka. The beginning of Dakshinayan on 14th July marks the sunset at Dev loka. When we look at this, it serves as undeniable evidence of the connection that existed between Bhu loka and deva loka centuries ago. The festivals celebrated here is proof of that. What else, otherwise explains festivals like Uttaryan, Sayani Ekadashi, Probhodini Ekadashi and Dev Deepavali signify? It signifies the undeniable connection between the two lokas.

Parashuram kills his own mother ‘Renuka’ because he was left with no other choice…

Parashuram is ordered by his father Jamadagni to kill mother Renuka. Even though he is not willing to do it, he is forced into performing the action which he would’ve never imagined. While all of this looks very dangerous, it is all because of the evil powers of Shukracharya.

Parashuram did understand what’s going around but is just helpless. He tries hard to think of a way out and he gets an idea.  In the ancient days, whenever you fulfil the wish of your near and dear, you are entitled to a wish. We call it a ‘boon’. Jamadagni is in no mood to listen to anyone. All he wants is to see the end of ‘Renuka’. Thinking of the future, Parashuram says ‘Father, I will do what you want me, but in return I want you to give me a boon’. Jamadagni nodded his head accepting his wish. Parashuram then moves towards Renuka, and seeking her forgiveness for the crime he is about to commit, he chops off her head. All through this, Renuka was clueless and completely numb.

It’s an end to Renuka’s life. Jamadagni then regains consciousness and he is shocked. He says ‘Oh no! what have I done?’. Parashuram says ‘Father, you have to give what you promised’. Jamadagni says ‘Go ahead. Ask whatever you want. I have anyways lost everything now. I have nothing other than my life!’. Ram says ‘I don’t want your life. I want you to use your yogic powers and bring back the life of my mother Renuka’. Jamadagni gets into meditation and using yogic powers, he brings back Renuka to life.

A new birth to Renuka, but she’s not the same as before!

Renuka has new birth but she hasn’t forgotten the past. She has all the death memories fresh in her mind. Parashuram falls on her feet and says ‘oh mother, I will be known as a person who will be called a murderer of his mother, please forgive me. Renuka is stiff and doesn’t answer. Mind is doing all the work. All the incidents push her into shock. She felt devasted and didn’t want to live in that place anymore. That way they decide to leave the place and they go back to Kanyakubj. Deval, the king is so happy to receive them back but Renuka is not in the right frame of mind.

Did Parashurama killed his mother Renuka & his brothers?

She tells Parashuram, ‘I will never feel the same love and affection as before. Parashuram listens to her but he has nothing to say.  Renuka says ‘your father doubted me, killed me and now I am back into life but what is the use of this life’. Ram says ‘all I can tell you is to start feeling comfortable in this life. Jamadagni goes into meditation and learns everything about the plot by Shukracharya and he is disturbed. All the ongoing situations made Jamadagni realise the importance of Parashuram finishing his education. Jamadagni is hurrying up and wants to send Parashuram for his further education.

After some months of fear and guilt, both Renuka and Jamadagni start to communicate with each other. Parents inform the same Parashuram and propose new learning. As part of it, Ram is expected to travel, meet new people, learn new things. There is caution too. Renuka also says ‘Don’t move very far. Be around the Sapta Sindhu and continue your learning so that in an emergency you can be called back. Parashuram says ‘I will follow your words and I want to start my journey with Ayodhya’.

The story now moves from Kanyakubj to Ayodhya… 

At the time, Harishchandra the King of the ruling is ruling the city with utmost care. He has a son named Rohit Ashwa. Exactly on the 16th birthday of Rohit Ashwa, Parashuram reaches Ayodhya. Once he goes there, he sees the city decorated. After enquiry, he gets to know it’s the birthday of prince Rohit ashwa. That’s when the city people say ‘Son, you also can go to the palace; you will get a lot of gifts.

While the entire city is in a celebratory mood there’s a sense of unhappiness and fear inside the palace. It is because Harishchandra doesn’t have kids for a long time, he was asked to perform Tapasya to Indra for good energies who I’ll bring Kid to family. During the Tapasya, Harishchandra commuted a mistake and the result of that mistake is the sadness in the palace.

There was a punishment attached to the mistake made by Harishchandra, which says ‘if the boy is brought up in the ashram, he will have a very long life but if he is brought up in the palace, he will die after his 16th birthday. Even after knowing all this, their parents didn’t send Rohit to the ashram after his 5th birthday. Today is their 16th birthday and as per punishment, it’s their last day. This is the story only king, queen and Vasishta are aware of. Vasishtha is the one who’s organizing everything for this grand celebration.

What plan does Vasishtha have for his king Harishchandra?

Vasishtha himself is in pain after the death of his son and other family members. He then comes up with a solution. ‘King, there is a way out, if a brahmin boy is sacrificed, then we can save Rohit Ashwa. But it has to be willful’. After searching, they get a poor family and the family gives their 2nd son for sacrifice for a return of 1 lakh gold coins.

After the consent of both mother and father, the boy was handed over to the palace. Once the kid got to know, he was shaken and tried to run away. But the guards catch hold of him. Remember, there’s was a hatred between the Brahmins and Kshatriyas that was created by Shukracharya. The same was running high in the people. Even Parashuram who is in the audience is waiting to attack the Kings army.

Parashuram is believing that Kshatriyas are dominating the Sapt Sindhu. Finally, the time for Bali comes. Then the Vasishtha orders that the brahmin boy be killed. On Vasishtha’s order, the boys head is chopped off. The body of the boy collapses in the fire. Within a few minutes, the fire goes off and it turns blue. Out of everyone’s disbelief and shock, the brahmin boy is back to life. Everyone is shells shocked and confused. Parashuram who was ready to attack stops midway.

Vasishta says ‘I knew this miracle can happen and there’s only one person on this planet who can do this. I present to you all the great Rishi Vishwamitra’. Vishwamitra makes his way to the stage…

Visited a Veda Patashala, not once but twice… soon it’s gonna be thrice…

Visited a Veda Patashala, not once but twice… soon it’s gonna be thrice…

Veda Patashala, a place of real learning. Everything that a student needs to live life is found here. The level of knowledge & wisdom acquirable for those who study in a Veda Patashala is unmatched in any kind of education system. The Vedic education system is such that, it concentrates a lot on celebrating nature and connecting mankind with nature. The four Vedas, thousands of sutras, 18 Puranas have all echoed the need for mankind to worship nature and seek life in her. Rishis and Munis meditated for years and have created a treasure for the people like us. It is a different story that not even 1% of the entire population is inclined towards the ultimate truths. Of every type of people, brahmins hold the highest percentage of Vedic teachers, Pandits, Acharyas and then the students.


I am not a brahmin by birth. But somehow, I have a lot of inclination towards Vedas. The Vedas themselves preach to us that a ‘Brahmin’ is not someone who is born but it is his or her actions that decide the Guna. Thus, my attempt to study Vedas as much as I can continue. Even though there is a small break due to other commitments, the commitment to learn Vedas will not stop. As part of this process, I had paid a visit to Veda Patashala.

The moment I stepped into the Veda Patashala;

I could listen to the Vedas being chanted by the young students. It was amazing to see a place right in the city to accommodate close to 50 students and teach the Vedas. Though the place is located in 70% of the city, the vibes I received in the school were outstanding and only positive. To see the young kids and the teenagers reciting Vedas and learning them gave me a special feeling. The Veda Patashala had a serene environment with saplings, cows and a lot of free space. Students were seen around only chanting Vedas and learning them. I learnt the course at Veda Patashala goes for 1-year minimum and goes on till 9 years. The 6-year course in Veda Patashala is the most chosen one by the students. That six long years with full concentration will make a person wise and intellectual.

As I said, I had visited twice to the Veda Patashala in the last two days. The most important one which will be my third visit is due in the coming few days. On which, I will write in the coming days once the day goes as planned…

An unlikely moment changes the life of Renuka, Jamadagni and Parashuram forever…

Renuka for some time was deeply thinking of Shukracharya’s words and Chitrarath. Unknowingly she develops a connection with Chitrarath. But she was very clear not to have any physical relation with him. She kept the relationship like that of best friends. She used this relation to rub off her loneliness. Just to draw your attention, this entire episode is happening at the end of Satya Yuga. The values and morals of humans have started to reduce. All thanks to the Shukracharya’s evil energies. The yuga of abundance is now turning into a fight for identity.

The emotional connection with Chitrarath was going happily for Renuka, she was content with everything. The mistake she committed is hiding this with her close people. Unlike the Kaliyuga, where the relationships and secrets are normal the Satya Yuga was always a yuga of sharing and living. But as this is the end of the yuga, it has led to a lot of confusion. Renuka was of a mindset that her husband gave her all the freedom and she doesn’t have to tell anyone.

That one day at the pond which changed the life of Renuka…

Using his evil power, Shukracharya is closely watching both Renuka and Chitrarath talking to each other, sharing things and living happily. What he wants is still missing in their relationship. He wants to create disturbances. Shukracharya continues to send his evil energies and thoughts to Chitrarath. That makes Chitrarath feel for the physical element in the relationship. Shukracharya is playing the waiting game, at the same time he wants to speed up everything.

Finally, Shukracharya decided to visit Jamadagni. But he is scared because Jamadagni is powerful and a single mistake can spoil his plan. A cautious Shukracharya doesn’t want to take any chance. Incidentally, one day Jamadagni goes to the pond. Shukracharya got an opportunity and thinks it’s the right time to meet. He goes into the different avatars of a sage. As soon as he sees Jamadagni, he bends and touches the feet of Jamadagni. Shukracharya introduces himself as a student of Dattatreya and he opens his speech with a shower of praises for Jamadagni. Jamadagni feels the pride in him and tells Shukracharya, we both are equal as we learnt from the same Guru.

Both start talking and having a light conversation. Then, Jamadagni asks ‘Are you married?’. Shukracharya says ‘No I am not; I want to dedicate my life to God and Search for the truth’. Jamadagni says I am impressed, even I do regular meditation and am in search of spirituality. But I am married’.

Chitrarath – Pond – Renuka and then comes Jamadagni…

अष्ट चिरंजीवियों कीअमरगाथा में आज पढ़िए भगवान #परशुराम की कथा - KULDEV  MAHIMA

Chitrarath and Renuka were also present at the pond. It was mid-day, Chitrarath is feeling hot and he says ‘Renuka, it is very hot come let us take bath’. Renuka disagrees and says no, I don’t want to come in the water. Chitrarath walks away, removes his angavastra and goes into the water. Seeing him Renuka gets different thoughts. Chitrarath observes this and comes out of the water. He then pulls her to join him, but Renuka gets scared and she runs away. The moment she turns aside, she sees Jamadagni.

Shukracharya achieved the first step. He quickly runs to Chitrarath and asks him to go away. Hiding in the bushes, Shukracharya is keenly observing both Renuka and Jamadagni. Using his evil power, Jamadagni is made to hug Renuka. Renuka doesn’t hug him back because she never experienced such behaviour from her husband.

Jamadagni as he hugs his wife smells Chitrarath’s aroma. He asks her ‘Why do I smell an aroma of a man from you? Renuka is silent and then they go back to the ashram. Renuka asks him to get inside to the room because she wanted to share everything about Chitrarath. Jamadagni asks for some time and goes into meditation. Using his newly acquired yogic powers, he focuses on what all happened before he could reach the pond. Jamadagni sees everything through meditation. The moment he reads the mind of Renuka, he is fuming with anger.

Angry Jamadagni is planning to punish helpless Renuka…

Jamadagni comes out of meditation and walks straight to Renuka with loads of anger. He says ‘How could you do whatever I have seen? If you had someone, you could’ve always told me. Renuka says ‘I was to tell you but you were busy’ Jamadagni gets even more furious with her statements. Just then Parashuram comes home.

The argument between the parents is different this time. Parashuram has seen parents arguing before, but that would be more of a satirical or a jovial one. This time though it is very different and an unhealthy one. Parents see Parashuram coming in but they don’t stop. Again, because this is Satya Yuga and there was no need to hide anything from anyone in the family.

Renuka then says ‘I was feeling very lonely, you don’t know anything what all I have gone through. Jamadagni loses his temper, ‘Could you have not shared your feelings with me? Renuka also loses her temper. She says ‘If you think I had an evil intention, I would’ve done something but I didn’t’.

Jamadagni in a very anger tone ‘Renuka!!! How can you get such thoughts’ Renuka in a similar tone says ‘What I can’t? When he touched my hand, I walked away showing my disinterest. Does that not make it clear about my intentions?’. Jamadagni says ‘No, you just got confused and you were unclear. If you were clear from day one, you could’ve treated him like a brother.

Renuka can’t take it anymore. ‘If you deeply feel that I have committed all these crimes, why don’t you kill me?’. Jamadagni says ‘fine then, be it that way, if you cannot be loyal, you better go and die’. Hearing the conversation going out of hands, Parashuram jumps in. He says ‘What are you talking father? Where has your wisdom gone?’

Standing outside the ashram, Shukracharya is sending all the negative energies to Jamadagni. He is controlling the mind of Jamadagni. The yogic powers are non-functional because the Rishi Jamadagni is pushed into a web of Evil Magic of Shukracharya.

The moment son defends mother Renuka, ‘I am the decision-maker in this house and I am your father. So, I give an order. I command you. Not me, but you will kill your mother’….. To be continued

Parashuram and Renuka are pushed into confusion and are being tested by Shukracharya

Multiple stories leading to the birth of the sixth avatar of Vishnu… ‘Parashuram’

On one side, Mahishmati is in danger of being captured by Rakshasas. Shukracharya was able to invite all the Sapt Sindhu Kings to Kuber’s place in Lanka. During that, he had mixed a potion which developed hatred among different Varnas. Brahmins were seen as a threat by Kshatriyas, Vaishyas were ill-treated by Kshatriyas. Complete chaos was the gift of Kuber’s visit for the Sapt Sindhu Kings…

Parashuram is being nurtured and educated by none other than father Jamadagni. He is growing well and learning things fast. Parashuram is now in his teenage. A crucial junction for his studies, he has to decide his specialisation for further education…

Also, we saw the death of Vasistha’s son Shakthi in the hands of Kalmashapada. Shakthi was a brahmin and Kalmashapada was a Kshatriya King. Shukracharya used his evil power and brought death to Shakthi. Vasishtha suffered but eventually, he found a new disciple in his grandson ‘Parashar’…

Moving forward in the story of Parshuram…

After the successful infusion of anger and hatred between the people of Sapt Sindhu, Shukracharya is making his entry into Jamadagni Ashram. Because Shukracharya is aware of Parashuram and his potential powers. If Jamadagni is successful, then Sapt Sindhu will never break. With these thoughts, he comes in the form of a ‘Sadhu’ to Jamadagni’s Ashram.

The scenario in the Ashram is as follows:

Teenager Parashuram is hungry for learning more but is confused in choosing his specialisation. Shukracharya comes into the nearby ashram of Jamadagni. Jamadagni is now a well-respected and learned Rishi. But he wants to become just like his father Ruchik. Ruchik had acquired most of the powers through meditation. Thus, Jamadagni also gets into meditation. His interest currently is only meditation and his son’s education.

But mother Renuka has different feelings. She is 12-15 years younger than Jamadagni. She would be in her late 30s and Jamadagni is in his early 50s. She needs love and care. But Jamadagni is not aware of it. Due to this, Renuka is lonely. To overcome this, she developed a habit of talking and teaching the villagers. One day she was returning from a nearby village after teaching the students there.

Shukracharya comes as a ‘Sadhu’ and while she is going to the ashram, he sees her. He asks, ‘Who are you? Why you are moving all alone in the deep jungle? You look so Beautiful!’.

Renuka for a moment was taken aback by someone stranger praising her beauty. She then talks about her and asks Shukracharya about him. says Shukracharya scripts a story. He says ‘My guru is Dattatreya and I am here for a usual visit’. That Dattatreya connection makes her feel impressed. She invites him to Ashram and meet her husband. But he says he would come later and then poses a question at her. ‘Why are you in hurry? Is everything alright?’

Renuka says ‘My son, Parashuram is not able to decide on his further education and I am worried about it. Shukracharya willingly says ‘You are a beautiful person, and you will find the right decision for him soon’. Confused and uncomfortable Renuka decides to take leave and goes to Ashram. Reaching the ashram, she is driven by thoughts on how a stranger can admire her…

Renuka thinks ‘maybe freshwater bath in the pond will make me feel normal…

Renuka starts her journey towards a pond. After meeting Renuka, Shukracharya directly goes to the pond. He finds ‘Gandharvas’ sitting near the pond. Gandharvas are good looking and youthful people who come from Swarga Loka. For them, Bhu Loka is a tourist spot. Shukracharya sees a sad Gandharva and goes to him. Looking at him he asks ‘What happened to you? Why do you look so sad and lost?’ Gandharva says ‘I lost my love; she went away with someone else and I just can’t take the pain’.

Shukracharya says ‘That shouldn’t be worry thing, because someone is waiting for you at the other side of the pond. You should go and find her’. On the other side, Renuka just finished her bath and she is carrying water in the pot. Gandharva sees her, accidentally collides her breaking the pot she was carrying. He apologizes to her and Using his power, he joins the pot and gives back the pot full of water.

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That’s when he introduces himself. He says ‘I am Chitrarath, I am a Gandharva and I was moving around and I saw you. This is a beautiful pond and a beautiful forest. Whose place is this?’ Renuka says ‘This place is managed by my husband ‘Jamadagni’ and he is a rishi. Along with him, I take care of this place’ The Gandharva then starts flirting with Renuka. He says ‘You are beautiful and you are making this place even more beautiful, can you please permit me to bath in this pond?’.

Yet another uncomfortable situation for Renuka, she rushes to Ashram… Shukracharya goes to Parashuram

Renuka says yes you can, please get comfortable. Right after that statement, she rushes to the ashram. Whatever she is going through is a never before situation for her and she can’t take it.

Shukracharya then goes to Parashuram. Parashuram is enjoying his friendly wrestling session with his friends. Shukracharya then interferes and says ‘Oh wow! You are a great Wrestler, you should join the army of King Kartivirya Arjun’ Parashuram respectfully joins his hands, greets Shukracharya who in the form of a ‘Sadhu’. Parashuram says ‘I am a Brahmin; I cannot join Army’.

‘Okay! Then why are you even learning the Kshatriya stuff? Don’t you know the King doesn’t like all this? According to King, changing one’s varna is going against nature’ Says Shukracharya.

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Parashuram is deeply hurt and disappointed with those statements. Upset Parashuram goes back to Ashram and starts discussing the same issue with father Jamadagni. Parashuram says ‘Father, I want to be a Kshatriya, but I heard King doesn’t like it. Jamadagni says ‘Yes, my son. King is a bit conservative but don’t worry. We can always change his mind’. On being asked who gave this information, Parashuram explains his conversation with Sadhu. Renuka was closely listening to the conversation between father and son. She then quickly connects to it and starts thinking, ‘Why this rishi is coming very close to my family’…