Monsoon Update as on 11th June

As on 11th June morning 8.30am monsoon covered parts of coastal Maharashtra. Now the northern limit of the monsoon passes through Kohlapur and Ratnagiri in Maharashtra but there after its very weak. In Karnataka it covered  60% of the area and its confined to only southern Karnataka and parts of north eastern Karnataka. It covers the entire Kerala and Tamilnadu and in Andhra it covers only Anantapur, Kadapa, Chittoor and Nellore districts. Conditions look favourable for the onset of monsoon in Mumbai by tomorrow. In  Mumbai its supposed to reach by 9th June and already its 2 days late.
Monsoon is also expected to hit Telangana by tomorrow. Already its 4 days late in Hyderabad but a plenty of pre monsoon showers are keeping the city cool and rain fall total in excess.

Following is the amount of rain received from June 1st to 10th June in different places in Telangana.


1st June to 10th June
Place Actual Rainfall Normal Rainfall
Adilabad 141mm 37mm
Hakimpet 120mm 35mm
Hyderabad 110mm 22mm
Khammam 75mm 28mm
Mahboobnagar 32mm 34mm
Medak 5mm 32mm
Nalgonda 75mm 32mm
Nizamabad 51mm 28mm
Ramagundam 28mm 23mm
Warangal 6mm 28mm
From the data it is clearly visible that except Warangal and Medak every other place has received excess rainfall. This is because of the plenty of pre monsoon showers. Latest trends show that Monsoon has reached Kurnool and is at the border of Kurnool. Expecting the Monsoon to reach Hyderabad tomorrow midnight!
The next 10 days update on rain will be on 21st June with the details of the next 10 days rainfall.

UK Election 2017 – Result and Review

UK election result and the musical chairs of power and Brexit

When the UK election results started trickling in early morning, I had a roller coaster ride watching them. Labour party started with a lead. Exit polls before that predicted a hung parliament with conservatives emerging as the single largest party. As the polls closed by mid morning the picture is clear. As predicted in exit polls the Conservatives emerged as single largest party in a hung parliament. UK has 650 seats and 326 is the majority figure. Conservatives ended 8 short of it at 318 followed by Labour party with 261. Scottish nationalist party came 3rd with 35 seats. Liberal democrats came 4th with 12 seats and DUP a friendly party of conservatives came 5th with 10 seats. Others have got 13. So conservatives will hold power with the support of 10 seats from DUP the total goes upto 328 which is just 2 seats more than the required majority. Its wafer thin.

Why did Theresa May order polls when she still had 3 years time?

Parliamentary elections happen once every 5 years in UK but the party in power has the liberty to dissolve the house whenever it feels so. In many instances in the past when things were favourable ruling party called for elections in 4 years but never after just 2 years. What is the reason? Conservatives are centre-right in their political ideology. As a right leaning centrist party Conservatives opposed the continuance of UK in European Union. Party called for a referendum and people voted for Brexit were 52% and against 48%. So Brexit went through and it was a victory for the conservatives. But not all Tories were supporting Brexit. Prime minister of the day David Cameroon was against Brexit. So after Brexit happened, he took up the moral responsibility and resigned. He was replaced by Theresa May, who always supported Brexit. But the process was not that easy. Step by step she faced lot of difficulties and doubts on the brexit. So, she decided to plunge in and dissolve the parliament and went for fresh polls. When she dissolved the parliament Tories had 330 seats and she expected that the brexit wave will take her beyond 350. Such a overwhelming majority will make it easier for her to push through brexit.

But what went wrong?

Citizens of UK are a divided lot. For years together UK and EU are stuck and the growth is suffering. They are in a dilemma. There is a section of UK citizens who feel that being with EU would help UK. Most of them live in cities and are youngsters below 40 years. But there is a large section of British population that believes that the growth of UK is when Britain will look inward and develop its economy rather than depend on the collective power of EU. That percentage is more as the average age of UK is 43 years and many of them have seen the prosperity of UK in their early days. Added to them are the citizens living in interiors who were traditional Tory voters. Theresa May calculated all these and expected 350. But terrorist attacks in the last few days and the fear of isolation at the time of crisis has pushed many working class Britons to vote for Labour party. Labour party follows democratic socialism that appeals to many urban Britons. So last minute scales tilted and many voters in Urban UK switched over to Labour party. Result is Labour increased their tally by 30 plus seats and stood at 261. But this might not be enough. Conservatives have enough in them to form the next govt with the support of friendly parties like DUP.

What will happen to Brexit and Theresa May?

Theresa May has considerably weakened as she couldn’t increase the tally of Tories. She staked a claim to form the govt again but faces opposition from within. UK is not like India where leader is supreme. In UK every MP has equal power and the one who can command the majority of the MPs can become the Prime Minister. The defeat of Tories has weakened May and might face challenge from many. That would put Brexit in the back seat. Even if she becomes PM she will not have the free hand to push through things as she would have hoped for. What this result has done is it made UK even more divided and indecisive. This is not what it needs. It needs a strong and powerful leader who can take decisions and create jobs and provide financial stability to its citizens. But as of now, this scenario looks pretty bleak. Lets hope for the best, and see what this weekend unfolds!!

Investments for 2017

11th January 2017 – Day I gave 17 stock ideas that would give 17% returns in a period of one year. That was for one year but in just 5 months almost all stocks reached its target and the average returns stand at 35% which is double of what I gave. Am sure you would be enjoying the profits.

Out of the given 17 stocks, 15 stocks have already reached their targets of 17% and have surpassed to stand at 50% returns as well.

Top five stocks that have given highest returns from the 17

  1. India Bulls Real Estate – 105%
  2. JM Financial – 79.29%
  3. India cements – 60.77%
  4. Godrej Properties – 60%
  5. RBL Bank – 50.50%

The average portfolio returns stand right now at 35.28%!!!

For all those who have missed the chance to make money in the market, never worry. Market is in great position and currently Nifty is trading at all time high of 9670 and expected to reach 10000 very soon.

I am now going to give you all the next 17 stocks that will give you minimum of 17% for a period of year. You already have the 35.28% in the kitty from the last investments. This 17% target is given with the deadline as June 2018.  But most probable time for all these stocks to reach its targets are in the later part of the year that is by December end.

List of 17 stocks are

Sl. NO Company Price Target
1 Ashok Leyland 92.85 108.00
2 Indiabulls Real-estate 166.4 180.00
3 NTPC 162.6 185.00
4 GMR Infra 16.9 19.00
5 REC 189.95 225.00
6 IRB Infra 231.8 270.00
7 IFCI 25.6 30.00
8 Adani Power 27.2 33.00
9 SBI 287.05 330.00
10 ITC 319.2 350.00
11 Marico 321.9 360.00
12 TV 18 Broadcast 35.85 41.00
13 Tata Steel 491.95 575.00
14 Titan 471.75 587.00
15 TVS Motors 540 600.00
16 Gitanjali gems 67.1 77.00
17 Pidilite 791.55 886.00


So you can end this year with total returns of close to 50% which no Bank can give!

Happy Investing People 🙂

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Champions Trophy 2017

Champions Trophy


8th edition of Champions Trophy has just started in England. 3rd time its happening in England. Started in 1998, Champions Trophy was conceived as a knock out even happening once every 2 years. Bangladesh hosted the first edition and quickly it captured the mind space of cricket lovers. But the first major hurdle occurred in 2002. India was supposed to host the 3rd edition of the tournament in 2002 after Kenya hosted the 2nd. But just months before the tournament BCCI has given up saying the tournament is too expensive to host as Govt hasn’t given tax exemption. The tax rates on entertainment were very high during those days and substantial amount of BCCI revenue would go to Govt as tax. Hosting a tournament with 12 nations with just few matches would not bring revenue as most of the Non-Indian matches hardly bring viewership or ad revenue. And since its not a World Cup the excitement factor will also be very less. The tournament however was shifted to Sri Lanka BCCI hosted Champions Trophy only in 2006 when the then Govt. decided to make it tax free.

 India and Champions Trophy

But the 2006 ICC Champions Trophy in India has its own share of controversies. It was a 10 nation tournament held in 4 cities of Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Mohali in October-November. Just few months before in July there were blasts in Mumbai that killed many people. Some South African players were scared to travel to India as the match fixing probe was going on against them. People like Herschelle Gibbs feared arrest if they come to India. Anyways, the tournament started and the crowds were very less and there was no interest at all. India lost 2 out of 3 matches it played and couldn’t make it to semis. Final was between Australia and West Indies which Australia won through D/L method. Even in Trophy presentation there were controversies. Final was in Mumbai and then then Agriculture minister and big leader from Maharashtra Sharad Pawar was on the stage to present the trophy. Ricky Ponting, who was the captain then walked upto the stage, said “Hola buddy” to Pawar and patted his shoulder and asked him to give the trophy fast. Once the trophy in hand, another team member Damien Martyn pushed Pawar from the stage and Australians started celebrating. Everyone including Sachin Tendulkar reacted very harshly at the unprofessional behavior of Aussies.

 Controversies in Team India

After this, Champions Trophy was made once in 4 years instead of 2, and now the 8th edition is happening in England. It is also not without any controversies. The event is dominated by Kumble vs Kohli spat. Dressing room politics and differences of opinions was never new to India. The infamous Gavaskar vs Kapil spat was the story of 80’s and from then on there was always politics in Indian dressing room. In-fact Politics and Cricket in India go hand in hand. Its the politicians who head every state Cricket board in India and selection of players in every cricket board involves politics. So players who come up from this environment will play politics at any level. Everyone, be in Sachin or Saurav or Dhoni or Kohli everyone plays their round of politics. But the coach vs Captain saga was started with Greg Chappel and Saurav Ganguly. That really brought out many ugly things and had gone really sour. After that BCCI took extra care in appointing coaches. Kumble was appointed the coach after Ravi Shastri was eased out as interim coach. Shastri sulked but took it in his stride. Kohli and Shastri have a great equation and somewhere Shastri not being the coach affected Kohli indirectly. In putting Kumble as coach Dhoni extracted his piece of revenge on Shastri who conspired against Dhoni.

The Double K’s Saga

So what went wrong between Kohli and Kumble? Its like Discipline vs Free will battle. Kumble belongs to that school of thought where for a good performance you need to be disciplined. That includes cutting down on parties and staring practice sessions early morning. Kohli belongs to the school of thought that believes in Play hard and Party hard. He believes in giving it all on the ground and the same give it all on the dance floor. That would mean practice sessions will start late and that wouldn’t be taken very seriously. Maximum role of coach comes in practice sessions and with Kohli not taking them seriously has hurt the ego of Kumble. One thing led to another and finally it snowballed into a big ego clash between the two. Both are very strong willed individuals who stuck to their stand. Kumble’s contract ends with Champions Trophy and Kohli insists on not giving an extension to Kumble. Captain has no role to play in selecting the coach but in a politically surcharged environment everyone interferes in others jobs. Sehwag applied for the job and Shastri is keen on it. Now if Sehwag becomes the coach then he will be tougher than Kumble. That is something Kohli has to take note of. The only solution I can see is everyone keeping their egos and interference under check. Mind your business and give your best. That’s all Indian team needs right now.

The Big Match – India Vs Pakistan

On the Indo-Pak match, thankfully dressing room issues didn’t come onto the field. India started off brilliantly with a 100 run partnership and the match interrupted by rain multiple times went on to make 300 plus. Captain Kohli played a brilliant innings scoring a 80 and he was aptly supported by Yuvi. As Shastri put it in post match analysis, right from 2003 Natwest trophy in tournament after tournament in England, Yuvi has been delivering consistently. If he continues then India might go all the way and could even win for the 2nd time. India went on to make 319 in their 48 overs and Pakistan were set 324 run target. That target also was revised to 289 in 41 overs when rain interrupted the match again. Pakistan started off decently but lost the way once Shoaib Malik got out and were bowled out for 164. India win comprehensively by 124 runs. That takes India’s score in ICC tournaments against Pakistan to 13-2. A win against Pakistan is always something to relish but this one came very easily. It was always looking one sided. India will face Sri Lanka next on Thursday and then South Africa on next Sunday. One out of these two will take India into semi finals. Let’s wish the team all the best and relish the big win against Pakistan!
Happy Week Everyone!!

India Q4 & Annual GDP 2016-17

GDP – Gross Domestic Product India Q4 and 2016-17

GDP or a Joke?

Today evening the GDP figures for the 4th quarter between Jan’17 and March’17 and the Annual GDP for 2016-17 fiscal were released. The annual GDP grew by 7.1% and the Q4 GDP grew by 6.1%. Let me take you behind the numbers and show you the real picture of these numbers.

The GDP figures that were out this quarter were after the revised IIP and WPI figures after the base year of WPI was changed from 2004-05 to 2010-11. That led to upward revision of IIP that will lead to upward revision of GDP. Accordingly, the GDP figures were revised and the 2015-16 GDP was revised upward from 7.9% to 8.0%. The three quarters GDP declared before was also revised as follows

Q1 GDP was revised from 7.2% to 7.9%

Q2 GDP was revised from 7.4% to 7.5%

Q3 GDP remained constant at 7%

Q4 GDP came at 6.1%.

So, the average GDP for 4 quarters comes at 7.1% and if we take the old unrevised GDP’s the growth is just 6.9%. The second factor I want to talk about is the concept of GVA. Many countries have now switched over to measuring GVA instead of GDP. GVA is when you minus taxes from GDP. Since taxes are not an asset to be added, many countries subtract taxes from GDP and give GVA. Since for many countries the tax rates are low there won’t be much difference between GVA and GDP. But India is different story!

Picture this:

When GDP for FY’17 came at 7.1% the GVA was actually 6.6%.

The Q4 GDP for FY’17 was 6.1% but the GVA is actually just 5.6%.

That means in real terms we just grew at 5.6% in terms of value of goods and services but every newspaper and TV channel will show 7.1% growth which is the revised annual GDP growth. This 7.1% itself is lesser than 7.5% predicted by rating agency Moody’s. There is a huge gap in GVA and GDP because of the higher taxes paid during demonetization period. That says it all.

Another reason why I call this GDP a joke because!

Look at the three components of GVA, i.e. PFCE, GFCE and GFCF. PFCE is Private Final Consumption expenditure which is the money spent by you and me for various activities of ours like buying a phone, going for a salon or spa or dining at a restaurant. That was 55.8% of the total GDP compared to 55.0% seen a year ago. This is just about okay. But look at GFCE, that is Govt. Final consumption Expenditure. This is the money spent by Govt on various activities of its. That has gone up to 11.0% from 9.8%.

This huge increase in Govt spending led to artificial growth in GDP. You can see this clearly when you see GFCF that is Gross Fixed Capital Formation. This is the amount of new factories, machinery and other fixed capital we have created. It has actually dropped to 29.5% from 30.9% seen the previous year. So, the Fixed capital formation percentage has actually come down when the Govt expenditure percentage has gone up. Thus, the picture is clear in front of you.

Fourth reason for my disappointment is the growth in the different sectors. Public Administration and defence which is Govt spending has grown at 11.3% the highest growth. Last year same quarter it was just 6.9%. Another factor that saved us was Agriculture which grew at 4.9% vs 0.7% last year. This is because of good rains and bumper crops. Worst hit is construction which slowed down to 1.7% from 5% and Finance and real estate which halved to 5.7% from 10.8%. These are worrying signs and Govt needs to address them on an urgent basis. In spite of all this India has not kept its Number one position. In fact last quarter it lost its first position to Bangladesh and now from 2nd it dropped to 5th position.

Yes, India is now the 5th fastest growing economy in the World, not first.

Who are the other four then? Take a look

  1. Ireland 7.2%

  2. Bangladesh 7.1%

  3. China 6.9%

  4. Philippines 6.4%

  5. India 6.1%

Govt. window dresses the figures and present a rosy picture, will the reality change? Answer is No. Banks are bleeding, Manufacturing has slowed down and services sector is in serious problems. Nobody can challenge these figures but these figures were carefully planned and achieved. It’s like that student who scored 70% not by studying and attending college but just reading a guide. We all know how precarious the future of that student is. India is also in a similar state. We need to show some real growth and that will come when private consumption increases, Fixed capital formation grows and Govt spending stabilizes.

How to do that?

Golden opportunity is the monetary policy coming on 7th June. Create an environment for growth by cutting the rates and making the loans cheaper. That will help banks. Make RBI more powerful so that they can tackle the NPA problems of banks directly. Have the GST rolled out and stick to the tax rates fixed. Then results will follow soon. India is sitting on a bubble of Modi and his salesmanship. When the product is not delivering even the best salesman fails. Hope Modi realises this and stop making a joke of the numbers!!

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Fifith factor affecting Indian Monsoon

In my previous posts on monsoon I have introduced the four factors that affect the Indian monsoon. Once again, the list of the factors that affect Indian Monsoon are
1. ENSO – EL Nino southern oscillator
2. Mascarene High
3. Indian Ocean Dipole
4. Heating up of Indian mainland

There is a fifth and final factor that affects the monsoon and it happens in two phases. First phase in the last week of May and 2nd phase in mid of July. Today I will talk about the first phase of the fifth factor. That is the confirmation that we get by looking at the rainfall in 14 observational centers located in Lakshadweep, Kerala and coastal Karnataka. Minimum of 8 out of these 14 observational centers should record more than 2.5mm rain for 2 consecutive days for the declaration of the onset of monsoon.

Which are these 14 observational centers?

Here is the list with the rains recorded in last 2 days.

Lakshadweep 28th 29th
1. Aminidivi 0mm 2mm
2. Minicoy 11mm 4mm

3. Trivandrum 12mm 33mm
4. Punalur 6mm 56mm
5. Kollam 5mm 60mm
6. Allaphy 7mm 95mm
7. Kottayam 5mm 48mm
8. Kochi 51mm 47mm
9. Trissur 6mm 0mm
10. Kozikode 8mm 19mm
11. Talaserry 1.6mm 4.6mm
12. Kannur 4mm 1mm
13. Kasargode 11.4mm 0mm

14. Mangalore 0mm 10mm

11 out of 14 observational stations and 10 out of 14 observational stations have recorded more than 2.5mm rain. Minimum required is 8. So since the criterion was fulfilled they waited for south westerly directional winds to bring rain today. This happened between 1PM and 2PM in Southern Kerala in Trivandrum, Kollam and Kochi districts. So monsoon arrival has been declared by IMD. Monsoon came 2 days before scheduled date of 1st June.

So, what next?

Yes, monsoon has hit Indian southern coast Kerala. Which is a very good news for India as whole. Farmers are the happiest right now as the monsoon hits India bringing cheer in their hearts. Not just the farmers, Stock Market will also celebrate this news.

Does that mean that its going to be a good monsoon?

Does that mean that monsoon will arrive before time in the whole of country. The answer is yes and no. It may it may not. There should not be a El nino, Mascere high pressure should be maintained and IOD temperature gradient should be maintained. Then only monsoon will be excess or normal. So we will have to wait and watch.

Meanwhile here are the normal dates of arrival of monsoon in different cities in India.
Trivandrum 1st June
Chennai 1st June
Coimbatore 1st June
Kochi 2nd June
Bangalore 3rd June
Vijayawada 3rd June
Mangalore 4th June
Hyderabad 6th June
Goa 6th June
Visakhapatnam 7th June
Kolkata 7th June
Pune 9th June
Mumbai 10th June
Patna 12th June
Nagpur 12th June
Ahmedabad 14th June
Bhopal 14th June
Lucknow 19th June
Kanpur 21st June
Agra 25th June
Delhi 29th June
Shimla 30th June
Srinagar 1st July
Chandigarh 1st July
Jaipur 5th July
Amritsar 10th July
Jaisalmer 15th July

India has weighted rainfall of 887.5mm for every monsoon. India in last monsoon (2016) had rainfall of 862.0mm which is 3% lesser than the standard requirement. Likewise, every place in India has standard normal rainfall that has to be met to be called as good monsoon for that state.

For example: Telangana has normal rainfall of 755.2 mm and in last year monsoon it has received 889.8mm which is 19% more than the required making it excellent monsoon.

Next up is the arrival and withdrawal of the Monsoon. Monsoon covers the entire India by 15th July and starts withdrawing from 5th September. This withdrawal process goes on till 15th October which is the last day and that’s when monsoon exists India through Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

In the pictures added you can see the standard rainfall for each state and the actual performance of Monsoon 2016 and in the second picture you can look at the arrival dates of Rainfall in India across the states.

Wishing that the Monsoon stays long and give plenty of rain which will help farmers prosper and in turn help in India economic growth and also serve to the world by improving Agro-based exports!

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Nifty’s Bahubali ‘Bull Run’ will Continue!

After the Annual Examination results for Indian companies that gave 48:52 Success Failure ratio. Time for half yearly exams for present govt.

For a Party which started as favorite and had huge expectations it is very difficult to sustain the same even after three years. The present govt is doing well major factors like inflation, GDP & Exchange rate has improved very well.

It is Known fact that Stock Market is a leading indicator of country’s economic growth and it reacts to any Govt policies.  The big reaction Friday taking the Nifty, Sensex and Bank Nifty to all-time highs is a proof of Govt Success. Reforms like GST, Bankruptcy act have been a big booster to Indian economy. Many schemes and liberal policies have led to stunning 17% returns in just one year on Nifty.

Now Let’s look at the Top 10 performers and worst 10 companies in this year when nifty grew 17% in just 5 months

TOP 10 Performers

Company Name 1-Jan-2017 26-May-17 YTD %
Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd. 650.45 1086 66.96
HDFC Bank Ltd. 1192 1626 36.41
IndusInd Bank Ltd. 1087 1477.7 35.94
Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. 714.05 965.05 35.15
Larsen & Toubro Ltd. 1360.8 1787 31.32
Yes Bank Ltd. 1144.05 1493.6 30.55
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. 327 426 30.28
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. 5466.1 7064.8 29.25
I T C Ltd. 241.2 308 27.69
ICICI Bank Ltd. 251.8 321 27.48


The above table shows the list of companies which have seen the highest growth rate in 5 months and are the highest contributors for nifty.  Banks are the major companies which have seen outstanding growth.

In the top ten, 5 are banking companies, proving how important Banks are for an economy to grow.

Schemes started by Govt with respect to banks have created a very positive outlook in people’s mind thus there is lot of investment pumped into banks. Both Foreign and Domestic.  Adding to Banks are NBFCS. Indiabulls Housing Finance which is a NBFC is the highest grown company with lot of potential still left in it and can be looked as stock for long term investment.

Next are the manufacturing companies from different areas. From Automobile company ‘Maruti’ to FMCG company ‘ITC’.  All these four companies have seen more than 25% returns. Demonetization effect was completely played out in this last 5 months. Policies have clearly helped these manufacturing companies to do well in the secondary market.

Finally, it is not the end for these stocks, there is still lot of potential left in these companies which will be a great buy for a period of 2-3 years. Forecast is that all these top ten 10 stocks will drive the Indian economy for next few years and analysts have already come out stating the target of 8,000 for Maruti!

10 Worst Performers

Company Name 1-Jan-2017 26-May-17 YTD %
NTPC Ltd. 164.7 156 -5.28
Tata Motors Ltd DVR 307.95 286 -7.13
Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. 192.08 175 -8.89
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. 634.8 567.65 -10.58
Coal India Ltd. 300.7 268 -10.87
Tech Mahindra Ltd. 487.75 430 -11.84
Cipla Ltd. 565.9 488.9 -13.61
Aurobindo Pharma Ltd. 674.8 532.5 -21.09
Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. 3087.45 2414 -21.81
Lupin Ltd. 1504.35 1112 -26.08


Now coming to the worst performers in the Indian Stock Exchange.

Pharma sector and PSU’s are still the laggards. Govt has to do much more for the upliftment of these companies. Coal India is now tagged as a corrupt company. NTPC fall is short fall but expecting that stock should come back to bull run very soon.  Pharma companies have all seen a huge fall and are still suffering from that fall. Emphasis has to be given on the PSU companies because they have enormous potential to grow. Whereas Pharma is going through very rough cycle and it will take its own time for it to get out of it and grow well again.

To conclude, off the 50 companies in Nifty 38 have seen the uptrend and only 12 are not going well. It means 75% companies are doing great and 25% companies are in red. Which shows that there is still a lot of scope for growth in the stock market and market is on a mega bull run for years to come.

Choose Wisely, Happy Investing!

Q4 Results/Rankings for Indian Companies

Annual Examination Results of Companies.

Like Students have an academic year which starts from June and ends in April, companies also have financial year that starts from April and ends in March. Like students write their exams at the end of academic year and the results of which helps them in promotion, companies also have their annual results that helps their progress. The way an academic year has two semesters, financial year has four quarterly results that are very crucial for companies.

Like the way, you are worried about your semester results companies are also worried about their quarterly results. Recently last quarter results of all the companies have been announced and their full results are out.

Like the student’s results are published in notice board. I am today publishing the ranks of the best performing sectors in India and ten best performing companies in that sector.

Table 1 has the list of Top Ten Sectors.

Pharma and Automobile are the best performing sector and expectedly IT and Telecom are two worst performing sectors.

Sector Net Sales % Ranking PAT % Ranking Avg Ranking of Net Sales and PAT Ranking
Pharma 13.1 2 29.30 3 2.5 1
Banking & Finance 20.5 1 27.80 5 3 2
Automobiles 8.85 4 27.20 2 3 3
Steel, Cement and Real Estate 6.9 6 34.93 1 3.5 4
Engineering 12.5 3 23.90 4 3.5 5
FMCG 7 5 -52.40 8 6.5 6
Agro Based -8.5 9 20.45 6 7.5 7
Software -1 7 -84.70 10 8.5 8
Power -2.4 8 -58.50 9 8.5 9
Telecom -15.7 10 -54.30 7 8.5 10

Table 2 has the list of Top Ten Companies which are ranked according to the Net Sales.

Sector Company Net Sales PAT Ranking
Steel, Cement and Real Estate Dalmia Bharat 27.2 60.20 1
Banking & Finance Yes Bank 23.3 30.20 2
Automobiles Maruti Suzuki 19.8 50.80 3
Software Hexaware technologies 17.1 35.30 4
Pharma GSK Pharma 13.1 6.40 5
Agro Based Grasim Industries 11.4 53.00 6
FMCG Bata India 9.8 29.00 7
Engineering Greaves Cotton 7.4 22.50 8
Power CESC LTD 6.3 19.00 9
Telecom Airtel -12 -70.40 10


Like the way, we have the pass percentage declared for students. I am declaring the pass Percentage of the companies that have reported Quarter 4 results. All those companies that have bettered the last year results were taken as pass. Rest of them were deemed to have failed.

So, the final result is 48% pass and 52% fail. Hope the next quarter would be better.

Choose wise, Happy Investing!

Half Girlfriend Movie Review

I haven’t read the book, the reviews that were out on first 2 days were not good. I was in a dilemma. I had my tickets for Sunday morning 11am show. I was in two minds, whether to go or give it a miss. Finally I decided to go. The trigger was the good 1st day collection that the film made inspire of Bahubali taking away a lot of screen space! It released in 2500 screens and collected 10 Crore on Day 1! That’s for a film which doesn’t have Khans or Akshays is no mean achievement. This year Akshay kumar’s Jolly LLB2 released in 3600 screens to collect 13.5 Cr and the great Shah Rukh Khan’s much awaited Raees released in 2800 screens collected 20 Cr. So, for a Arjun Kapoor starrer 10 Cr from 2500 screens is very very decent. Why then the reviews were bad? If the reviews were bad why people went to watch it? To find out I decided not to skip it!!
Glad I didn’t. It starts off on a very slow pace for a modern day Hindi film but gradually picks up pace. Entry of Vikrant Massey who plays the role of Arjun kapoor’s friend of all seasons. What starts as a typical college love story moves beyond college and starts following the life. Life does take you to different places. From St. Stephen’s college in Delhi to Patna in Bihar, we travel all the way to New York and UN headquarters and Bill gates foundation. Love teaches Madhav (Arjun Kapoor) to reject a placement and go back to his village to help his mother run the school. Ria (Shraddha Kapoor) dumps him, just because he forces her to bed on the advice of his friend Shailesh (Vikranth Massey). Ria’s marriage doesn’t last and she is back in Patna where Madhav comes to meet the representatives of Bill gates foundation. His aim is to build toilets for children in the school so that girls can come to school and get educated. Ria and Madhav’s love start blossoming again and Ria again leaves him when Madhav’s mother pleads her to leave her son alone. She leaves a letter saying she has cancer and she has 3 months of life left! Madhav goes to New york for an internship at UN and he is madly in hunt for Ria, who he believes is still alive! For those who read the novel, know what happens in the end and for those who didn’t, watch the movie to find out!
What is that one lesson that makes this worth a watch!
Its a very simple message. When you have problems, face them, don’t run away. If you run away the problem will again present itself there also, and how many places you can run and where all you can hide? More than Madhav taking her to bed, its the way he reacted to her avoidance by hurting her, when he pushes  her physically that made Ria to run away and get married. When her husband does the same, she divorces him, runs away and comes to Madhav. When Madhav’s mother hurts her by reminding her that she has the habit of leaving everything midway like basketball, studies, marriage and even the food in her plate, she run away from that situation also. Life doesn’t give that many chances but Ria is lucky to have a guy like Madhav who runs behind her every time she runs away from him! I was wondering what would happen if she stays there to fight on! She wouldn’t be losing so many things in life. There is no escape route or short cuts to problems. One needs to accept the reality and face them rather than running away from them! These were the thoughts when I was walking my way back to parking lot after watching the movie!
Final Verdict: Arjun Kapoor is a miscast as he doesn’t look like a typical bihari from any angle. I felt a chichora Ranveer singh would have electrified the screen playing a typical bihari boy. The energy difference is clearly visible between Arjun kapoor and Vikrant Massey. Shraddha carries her role very well but I thought Parineeti would have done more justice to this multi layered nuanced role. Other cast are just fine. But I love Vikrant Massey for his clarity and his finesse. This movie is really watchable if you think like a common man and his mindset. Dont judge it from the eye of a English novel reader. Judge it like a common man who thinks like how Madhav thinks. That is why people started going to theatres and watching the movie despite the bad reviews. Its important to keep the target for whom the film is made. This is for an average Indian and he will like it. I am giving 3.5 stars for this. It will be a HIT movie for sure and could go on to make 70-75 Crore at the box office!!