Padmaavat – Padmavati!

Movie Rating 4.5/5

Perfection, Colossal, Outstanding, Stupendous, Extensive, Attention, Sensible, Rich, Glamorous and lastly Lively.

These are the words that describe the performance of the cast for this humongous movie which will take Indian cinema to newer heights. After Bahubali in the last year another magnum opus has created magic in the minds of people. Not sure about the box office collections but this is a masterful movie without any doubt.

Let me also tell you that this film is not a perfect depiction of history, but the canvas through the eyes of a legend called Sanjay Leela Bansali, who took similar cinematic liberties in his previous from Devdas to Bajirao Mastani.

Talking about the controversy first:

Barring the 5 modifications that have happened not sure what they were, Movie is a representation of rich Rajput culture and their valor. There is absolutely nothing that demeans the Rajput Women’s freedom, culture or respect. It’s the story that will make the land of Rajputs proud. Those who are against the movie for me are the ones who are either less on cash to watch the movie in theatres or doesn’t want the Women to be shown with high esteem.

Otherwise there is no reason why this movie should be banned.

About the cast:

1. Ranveer as Alauddin Khilji is the best of all the three actors arguably because he is the most known character to the people before the movie. Movie shows how Alauddin used to eliminate the history where he is written in bad books. Energy just flows in the body of Ranveer and once again his stunning dance moves, war scenes and dialogue delivery stole the thunder. I might not be wrong if I say that he would be most hated person even though it is just a movie and he played his character.

2. Deepika Padukone as Rani Padmavati of Singhal or Sri Lanka was at her best. Her performance cannot be compared to any other performance of hers or any other actors in recent past. Unbelievable acting and such good chemistry with Shahid Kapoor. Her role was speaking big about the Rajput women culture.

3. Raja Rawal Ratan Singh – The lesser known character of all three to normal public before movie. But in the even with that low attention Shahid Kapoor reached the heights of other two and created a name for himself. In movies to make most of nothing isn’t easy and Shahid did it superbly.

About the talk in the public:

1. Movie is dragging: It cannot be called as dragging or boring movie is because it is a historic movie which must be shown in detail. There should be clear understanding of the events. All I can say is you cannot have a Test Match played for 2 days and in the same way this movie cannot be a movie like any other fast-moving movie.

2. Movie glorifies the Jauhar unwantedly: You are watching a movie of 13th century and that’s how the practices were followed those time. It is not a forceful action, but a willful action committed by Rajput Women.

I would say this is the best movie of 2018 till now, but I doubt you will see any better movie in the coming days. I would urge all the people to respect the Rajput Culture right way which is what the Sanjay Leela Bhansali has done. Do not listen to Gundas and Senas who are only indulging in protest for their benefits. Watch the movie and you will be thrilled.