Life in its colours of October….foggy, misty and filled with melancholy. That sums up October for you. All is well when the film opens. It’s a story of Dan played by Varun and Shiuli played by newcomer Banita Sandhu. You might have found the name shiuli strange, but it’s a flower’s name. Shiuli is a flower that blossoms only in October when winters are about to set it. It’s a flower belonging to the Jasmine family, that has an amazing aroma and which blossoms at the desk and falls off by dawn.
Dan is a brat and Shiuli responsible, they have no connection whatsoever until something strange and unexpected happens. What happens throws both their lives completely out of gear and as the story unfolds you will feel as if you are watching some real-life characters around you. October is not for those who want to go out and enjoy a sunday afternoon movie. It is for those who want to contemplate life and understand its truest colours through the eyes of Shoojit Sircar who gave us Vicky Donor and Piku. Both the movies had a comic touch in circumstances that are comical, but October has a comic touch to Dan’s character in a melancholy.
Love is not about running around trees and holding hands. It’s not about taking selfies are gifting things, it’s is all about just being there. The entire movie runs on the dialogue “where is dan” that Shiuli asks and Dan taking it as the expression of love from her side. Circumstances build up in such a way that during the entire movie he tries to find out why she asked the question and by the time he gets the answer, life shows an altogether different colour. Love and life play hide and seek with you while you are watching the movie, and when you discover that love is moving towards its destination, life reveals its own plans. What does a human do when life has things that he doesn’t want to take? Dan faces this question in each and every scene and the final answer he gives is, he embraces life! When you embrace life, you won’t complain about what it gives you.
Performances wise Varun Dhawan is superlative and delivers his role to perfection. Banita Sandhu delivers her portions extremely well. All the other characters fit in perfectly and under less than 2 hours without any songs to disturb you, this movie is an absolute delight to watch. At the end of the movie, you would shed a tear or two for the protagonists. You would surely want to be left alone after the movie to look at life and the uncertainties associated with it. I would rate it 4 on 5 for the sincerity surrounding it. Go watch if you want to see “Life” in action!