Navasma Chart – It’s Significance and the need to understand the Chart to change your fate. #Navamsa

Last Tuesday, I have talked about the Navamsa chart and Lagna chart and this week are going to give you more insights into the Navamsa chart. Those who don’t understand astrology might find it tough but to simplify it, let me tell you Lagna and Navamsa chart difference in two points.

  1. Lagna chart tells the positioning of the planets in different houses and the results that it will give you because of that.
  2. Navamsa chart will tell you the quality of the strength of the planet and the way a person can improve when he can know some insights about the planet being located in that position.

Suppose, if a bad planet is located in the 6th house, which is a house of health and accidents in Lagna chart, it means that a person will be prone to accidents or will have health problems all through his life. The secret of what should be done to escape this can be known through the Navamsa chart.

Navamsa chart is mainly used in marriages as it gives some interesting and hidden information about your spouse. If you are married and you have an adjustment problem, the Navamsa chart will tell you what should be done to overcome that. If you don’t have children, the Navamsa chart will tell you the reason and probably the solution too.

One has to also understand that we have the will power to do many things if we think that things are going wrong and if you come to know that things are going to go wrong. For example, if you come to know that the company you are working in is shutting in few months, though if you are disappointed in the beginning, you will accept it and slowly start working towards getting a new job and when you are ready you will move. Similarly, getting to know what kind of spouse you get in advance can help you to prevent any disaster that can occur.

The basic thing that you would ask yourself then is, can the fate of a person be changed? The answer is Yes. Only you can change your fate. Performing rituals or going to temples and pilgrimages and giving away wealth as alms is never going to solve your problem. Only you can solve your problem and that is done when you have prior knowledge of what is going to go wrong, and if something does go wrong, what should be done?

I will conclude this by giving the three most important things that the Navamsa chart can reveal about your marriage and the spouse you get.

  1. Look at the ascendant of your Navamsa chart. The lord of the ascendant clearly tells the nature of the person. If the lord of the ascendant is the sun, then your spouse is a born leader and dominating in nature, if its moon then your spouse has a lot of mood swings and will change mind quite often. This applies to all the nine planets.
  2. The second thing you need to look at is the house where the lord of your ascendant is located. This talks about the challenges that you face in the marriage. If it is located in the tenth house then misunderstandings can come because of career, if it is in the 2nd house then finances will create problems, if in the 3rd house then your brothers and sisters can interfere in your married life etc. So, if you know the problem, you can always look at the solution.
  3. The third and final thing is the 9th house and the planets located there. The 9th house will tell you what carries your marriage forward and what you should do to keep it happy.

Now you see, Navamsa chart is like a marriage counsellor. It can tell what is going wrong and it can make you to change, look at yourself and your spouse in a critical way and make amendments to things that go wrong. This is the wealth given us by our ancestors and hopefully, it might have given you many hints on issues running in your mind and how to solve them.

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