Before looking at the continuation of the story, there is an important point to note here. If yogic and a spiritually higher Ruchik wanted, he would’ve stopped everything and had not decided to go to the Himalayas as he did it after he learns the truth. Similarly, people ask why did Lord Krishna not stop the war when he had all the powers to do so. The answer is quite simple, that is the will of ‘Nature’ which is the most superior and ultimate decides the outcomes and actions. Every birth and death are for learning, have bigger motives and happen for a greater cause. We all need to sense nature’s message and follow it because we are all just the ‘doers. With this thought, let us move in to continue the history of ancient India.

Gaadhi, Ratna and Satyavati now have two kids to raise and educate…

Kaushik (Vishwamitra) and Jamadagni are now 5 years old. Boys are ready to start their schooling or Brahmacharya. That’s when Satyavati feels ‘Ruchik would’ve been a great teacher. But things are never going to come back because nature wanted it this way only. All the three are thinking about who can be the best Guru for two young boys. To everyone’s surprise, Nature yet again intervenes and decides the Guru. He is none other than the great ‘Dattatreya’ Swamy.

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Dattatreya is tremendously intellectual. It seems like his birth’s one reason was to teach these two young kids. One of the Saptarishi is Atri mahamuni. His wife is Anasuya. One day, while Atri muni was away from home, the three avatars of Nature, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva visit the ashram to test the chastity of Anasuya. She was seen as the perfect wife with no ill intentions and complete dedication to her husband. Trimurtis arrive and ask her for a ‘Bhiksha’ or donation.

Anasuya turns back to get the biksha. But they make a strange wish. They say that the biksha has to be fed to them and that too by being naked. Sati Savitri Anasuya thinks for a while, understands who they are and using her yogic power, she converts three of them into babies and feeds them. Admired and feeling blessed by her chastity, Trimurtis bless her with the powers of all three to be reflected to the one who is born to her. That power of blessings results in the birth of Dattatreya.

Dattatreya meets the Kids and he instantly decides to be their Guru…

Dattatreya grows up and becomes one of the finest teachers. He knew all the feathers of knowledge like many rishis but he had the special power of the Trimurtis. After spending most of his life teaching young kids, he decides to go to the Himalayas for his final spiritual journey. That’s when on the way, to take rest he stops in King Gaadhi’s place. He then sees both the kids and gets impressed by their radiance and willingness to learn new things. He immediately decides to take the kids to his ashram and train them.

Dattatreya informs King Gaadhi, Ratna and Satyavati about the same. Ratna and Satyavati turn emotional listening to the news. Both say ‘for whatever good we have done in our lives, Dattatreya Swamy will teach our kids. This is so special’. Before sending the kids, Gaadhi says, ‘Guruji, please differentiate between the education to both kids. I want the kids to be trained as per their birth qualities’ Dattatreya says he will ensure that he’ll get all the qualities of Kshatriya for Kaushik. Leaving a hint that ‘I will do my best, but it’s all in the hands of nature.

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Kaushik and Jamadagni remain in the Ashram for 11 years. They are now 16-year-olds. Dattatreya gave all the Kshatriya skills to Kaushik. Kaushik is muscular, tall and fit. Jamadagni takes all the Brahmin qualities and he looks normal but fit without any muscles. Though both are of the same age. In relations, they are uncle and nephew. In reality, they were like brothers and shared everything. After the education, both come back to the palace and the king and queen are very happy to see them. King thinks whatever mistake has happened Dattatreya has corrected it. King sees both the young men and feels very proud. Satyavati looks at Jamadagni and feels like Ruchik had come back to her in the form of a son.

Kaushik becomes the King of Kannauj and Jamadagni the Minister of Kannauj…

Not wasting any time, King Gaadhi decides to call in for Rajyabhishekam and declare Kaushik as the next king. Jamadagni was given the responsibility of supporting Kaushik and take the title of Prime Minister. At just 16 years, Kaushik becomes the king of Kannauj. To expand the kingdom and not to have any shortage of heirs to the kingdom, Kaushik is married to 3 princesses. He has 3 sons from 3 wives. Everything looks fine from the outside, slowly Kaushik desires to become ‘Chakravarthy’.

But… somewhere deep inside he is unhappy with himself. He is behaving normal to the people of the Kingdom but things are not fine in his deep conscious. He even discusses the same with Jamadagni. Also, he would slip into deep contemplations. Something was bothering him but never knew what it was. However, he continues to pursue his ambition of becoming a “Chakravarthy” and continues his expansion plans by waging wars at the neighbouring kingdoms. After one such successful expedition, he decides to send his army back and take a detour. He keeps just 100 soldiers with him and starts to roam around the unexplored places in his kingdom.

That is when his entire life changes. The questions which were left unanswered in his mind get all the answers and clarity. We will see what are those lessons he learns and how he turns from ‘Kaushik’ to ‘Vishwamitra’ in the coming post…