Namaste Trump – A replica of Howdy Modi and a Win-Win for both Right-Wing Leaders! #Trump #Modi

On the 22nd of September 2019, Houston welcomed the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a historic way that Americans had never thought of. 24th February 2020, 5 months later India welcomes President Donald Trump and his family with an extravagant celebration. The welcoming was amazingly planned by Govt authorities. It all started with a 22 km long roadshow from the Ahmedabad Airport. This would be the very first time that Trump was experiencing such a huge crowd welcoming him.

Trump then headed to Sabarmati Ashram with family and participated in the spinning of the wheel. Like any other celebrity or leader, Trump also left a message in the Ashram. As this all went by, more than a lakh people keenly awaited the arrival of the President & First Lady at Motera Stadium. This is the world’s largest stadium which was yet to be inaugurated.

Interestingly Trump’s Namaste Event took the centre stage and turned out to be the first event in the stadium. During the event, both PM Modi and President Trump had given similar speeches. Both reverberated praise for each other. Though PM Modi spoke for a lesser time, he was full of praise for President Trump. The event saw a continuous roar from the crowd chanting Modi and Trump.

Trump started off his speech by calling India it’s best friend and PM Modi as his special friend.

Trump called Modi a tough man and a clever man. His speech also included words like new heights, development, terrorism, spirituality, religious freedom etc. He took names of many Indian specials like movies, players and leaders. He made sure he had great content to connect to Indians. Overall it tuned out to be a mega success for both PM Modi and President Donald Trump. After which he had travelled to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal and the moment when he walked holding hands with Melania Trump was a spectacle to capture.

Understand that President Donald Trump is a Right-Wing person who is also a presidential candidate for Nov 2020 US Presidential Elections. This explains why he chose to visit India and how he made sure he gained the confidence of the right-wing audience. It’s a message sent to US Citizens too. For India, President Trump praising Modi and signing a defence deal worth $3 billion is huge. All this was going fantastic and media houses were busy broadcasting this.

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But, the left-wing led by the vested interest people couldn’t take the praise of Modi and the arrival of President Trump positively. It had a major negative impact on them. A planned attack emerged out of nowhere and Delhi started burning. All that the left-wing wanted was to grab the attention of President Trump to tell him that all is not well. In all this act 10s of vehicles were burnt, roads were full of fire and 7 were killed which includes a head constable from Delhi Police. All this on the name of Anti-CAA Protests.

Media reports showed civilians holding pistols and throwing bottles with fire.

This isn’t the right scene for anyone in the country. Violence wouldn’t help anything. But as I said, people with vested interests wouldn’t stop until their goal is achieved. This is sad to watch and that too in the capital city.

There are pleas wanting to shift Shaheen Bagh protests to an alternate site which Supreme Court is due to hear tomorrow. If the Supreme Court decides to move the protest site that could be a huge loss for the Shaheen Bagh protestors. This all brought panic to protestors and protests turned violent.

Trump will be leaving India in the next few hours after dinner at Rashtrapathi Bhavan. What after that? Will Govt of India take action on the violent protestors or will the protests calm down on their own. We will see what’s there in the store in the next few hours. It’s a challenge mainly for Home Minister Amit Shah as a lot of strong provoking statements are being made against him.

Challenging times for the Govt of India and the people of India.

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