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In just 3-4 days’ time, things have picked up real pace and the political parties are working hard to keep themselves ahead of their competitors. Comments and Critics are coming from every corner of the Country and even from outside the Country. Political parties are given their best at everything.

Latest news for the day is the Congress Party Manifesto for Lok Sabha Elections 2019. Talking from the Stock Market’s point of view, the manifesto didn’t hurt or make the Markets happy. Anyways, just a few more days for Indian Stock Market to give their final view on this Elections. 

Let’s then move on to the post for the day, Eastern Uttar Pradesh and the 40 seats.

Last post we had looked at the Western  Uttar Pradesh and the 40 seats where we saw that BJP is losing it badly by winning only 15 seats at best and SP+BSP is possibly winning 25 seats. Congress unfortunately will be a mere spectator. Coming to the Easter Uttar Pradesh, the 40 seats here are much more important than the 40 of Western UP. There are multiple reasons for this.

  1. Regions like Avadh, Purvanchal, Bundelkhand and Bagelkhand are part of this Eastern Uttar Pradesh.
  2. BJP’s and Congress Top Leaders are fighting the elections from this Region.
  3. Most of the Prime Minister’s of India all hailed from Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Moving ahead and going into the details, the regions Avadh and Purvanchal are the largest regions in Eastern UP. Apart from the above-mentioned points, a crucial point for this being important region is because Eastern UP is diverse yet backward, Agrarian and got many more issues to deal with. The involvement of people into Agri based activities has put this region into the least developed regions of the UP. That’s how Eastern UP is more backward than Western UP.

Avadh has got the development problem which has got Jobs & Education as major problems. Purvanchal is having a problem of farm distress. Any Agri fail in this region pushes people into poverty. Bundelkhand is a tribal region where as Bagelkhand is a Muslim and ST/SC dominated area.

Yet, it is diverse as it has got bigger seats like Lucknow, Raie Bareli, Amethi. Three seats which have got so much of history and have been giving us National Leaders.

Let’s look at the Prime Ministers hailing from Uttar Pradesh
  1. Jawahar Lal Nehru
  2. Lal Bahadur Shastri
  3. Indira Gandhi
  4. Charan Singh
  5. Rajiv Gandhi
  6. VP Singh
  7. Chandrashekar
  8. Atal Bihari Vajpayee
  9. Narendra Modi

Party wise Rajnath Singh from Lucknow, Smriti Irani from Amethi, Yogi Aditya Nath from Gorakhpur and Narendra Modi from Varanasi are the top leaders.

BJP wants to make sure that they will win at least 25 seats. But then they do have hurdles, Dalit and Muslim population in this regions comes to an average of 15 to 25% which will give a positive edge to SP+BSP. Still, the word of mouth seems to be giving BJP a thumbs up and a better performance in Eastern UP when compared to Western UP.

This is majorly because of the works that have been done by BJP party and as well the factor of religion which is higher. These reasons are making BJP hope for 25-30 seats in Eastern UP. If this happens, then BJP would touch 50/80. Adding to their advantage is the Priyanka Gandhi factor which will work against SP+BSP.

So if BJP is expected to win 25-30 seats. Other parties are going to take the rest 40 seats. Congress will be able to take 3-4 seats as their best performance. Worst performance could be winning only 1 seat and that is Raei Bareli. Amethi is slipping out of the hands of Congress, thanks to Rahul Gandhi. His decision of contesting from Wayanad has completely gone against Congress and above that Rahul Gandhi adopted a village in Amethi. Where the people are complaining about no proper roads and no schools. This is how the present scenario of Uttar Pradesh looks like.

Overall we can see that if things go like this BJP is winning 50 seats, SP+BSP will win 25 seats and Congress might win a maximum of 5 seats.