Last week I have written about the Life History of Lord Krishna, in which I had spoken about the early days and childhood of Lord. In this post, I will be continuing the same and will be discussing the Life of Lord Krishna after he moved to Mathura.

Before talking about Krishna’s life in Mathura, let me talk about Balarama who is the elder brother of Krishna. Actually, Balrama is the avatar of Shesh nag on which Lord Vishnu rests along with Goddess Lakshmi. In the previous avatar of Lord Rama, Shesh Nag came as Lakshman. If you see in the entire Ramayana, Lakshman is aggressive while Sri Ram is docile and calm. Shesh nag felt that the reason for all the troubles that Lord Sri Ram faced in Treta Yuga is because of his soft nature. Being younger, Lakshmana couldn’t go against Rama. So, in this avataara, Shesh Nag takes birth earlier than Krishna and is the elder brother to Lord Krishna. Balarama is only 15 days elder to Krishna and he is the Son of Vasudeva & Rohini and not Devaki. While Krishna is the son of Devaki, Rohini who is the other wife of Vasudev is the surrogate mother of Balaram, wherein Devaki’s child is planted in Rohini’s womb to escape from Kansa’s evil eye. Balarama who is elder to Krishna by 15 days is born on 29th of June 3229 BC.

Moving ahead, Kansa comes to know that Krishna is alive and all his plans of killing Lord Krishna gets spoilt and failed. Kansa then calls ‘Akrura’ and asks him to invite Krishna and Balarama for a Wrestling even at Mathura. Akrura invites Lord Krishna for a wrestling match. Krishna with his elder brother Balaram goes to the land of Kansa. As agreed, Lord Krishna enters the battlefield of Wrestling. But for a shocker Kansa makes Krishna fight the elephant instead of a wrestler – Krishna successfully kills it. Then Kansa sends strong wrestler Musthika but he also gets Killed. Irritated and frustrated with the results in the battlefield, Kansa orders to arrest Nandha who raised Krishna and kill him in the jail along with Vasudev. Hearing to this Krishna develops anger and jumps out of the battle ring to pull Kansa out by holding hair. Krishna then punches, tears Kansa and kills him. So that’s how Kansa gets Killed by Krishna. The date was Friday, 9th February 3219 BC.

After this event, Krishna Crowns Ugrasena as king of Mathura.

Right when the things looked better for Mathura, ‘Jarasandha’ who is the brother in law of Kansa gets to know about his killing and feels really bad. Being a very powerful king, Jarasandha plans to attack Mathura. But with both Krishna and Balaram together its always going to be difficult for them. This continues for almost 10.5 years where Jarasandha attacks Mathura for 17 times only to lose each time. Jarasandha is now getting restless and wants to take revenge. To do that he takes help of Kalayavan. Both Kalayavan and Jarasandha plot the way to snatch Mathura from Krishna. Krishna being the Lord understands the game of both and takes the help of ‘Vishwakarma’ the architect. He asks him to create a place where all the people of Mathura can find safety. That’s how the City of Dwarka was born. The place gets created by Vishwakarma in with boundary wall itself measuring 96 miles, making it difficult for enemies to trace it and enter.

Next day morning when Kalayavaan comes to attack the Mathura, Krishna & Balaram fight together. While Krishna is seen fighting Kalayavaan, Balaram is seen fighting Jarasandha and his Army. Krishna now starts his game of deceit. He decides to walk away from Kalayavaan continuously and Kalayavaan also moves at the same speed to catch Krishna. Krishna suddenly enters a cave and that’s noticed by Kalayavaan. Kalayavaan follows Krishna and sees that a person is seen sleeping. Kalayavaan thinks that the sleeping person is Lord Krishna, actually, the sleeping person is a King who was a big support for Devas against Rakshasas and protected them from the onslaught of asuras. After years of protection, with the permission of Indra, he is resting in the cave. Kalayavaan kicks the sleeping King thinking that its Krishna who is resting there. King wakes up with the tremendous amount of anger and stares at Kalayavaan with his blazing eyes. That blaze burns Kalayavan alive and he dies then are there.

Jarasandha watches that Krishna coming back from the cave but not Kalayavaan. He understands that Kalayavaan is now dead and he has to enter into battle with full force. Jarasandha now starts moving towards Krishna, but Krishna and Balarama start to run away from Jarasandha. Lord Krishna using his intellect and Maya, makes Jarasandha believe that he is entering into the tunnel of a big mountain on the other side of which the City of Dwaraka was located. Jarasandha still thinks that Krishna and Balarama are in hiding in the Mountain and asks his soldiers to fire the mountain.

The whole of the Mountain gets burnt in the fire and this gives brings happiness into the life of Jarasandha and he believes that both Krishna & Balaram are dead. Reality though is that both of them will go on top of the mountain and move to their newly prepared city. This point where Krishna and Balarama move to the Dwaraka starts the third part of Krishna’s Life story. This Dwaraka Parv starts exactly on the 9th of Aug 3209 BC.