How good is your connection?

There was a question in my paper today and it was about the merits and demerits of fixed and floating exchange rates. I supported floating exchange rates since that is more in line with today’s economic situation and helps us in better export and import prices. While writing that answer my thought went to the fixed and floating thought process in our lives. Does it also have the same impact. That moment I thought this is going to be my next Tuesday post. The idea came on a Tuesday afternoon while writing the exam, I am giving it a shape on a Tuesday evening which is going to be my Tuesday night post.

Like exchange rates thoughts are also fixed and floating

The outer meaning is deceptive but the inner meaning is inquisitive. How can thoughts be fixed? They are always floating, right? Not necessarily. Any thought process that’s not connecting is always fixed and that thought process which is connecting is floating. To connect you have to float. That is the logic. Let me just explain with an example. Is there any connect between the entrance exam we write and the management course that we do?
Many will say no. Their logic is simple. You are tested on logic, reasoning, numerical ability, language comprehension and general awareness in your aptitude tests and none of them you are going to learn in a business management course. There you will learn organizational behaviour, economics, law, operations, finance, marketing etc. etc.

So, what is the use of writing this management aptitude tests for getting selected into a business management course?

Yes. This is how a person with a fixed mindset will think. He is just not able to connect.

Connect what? Let me explain.

Connect is the word linked to a floating mind. A floating mind will see the connect. Simple logic. Business management is not about subjects. It’s about skill. What you get by reading different subjects like economics, law, marketing, finance is the subject knowledge. You need to take decisions with the knowledge. And to take right business decisions you need logical thinking. You need analytical mind. You need a mind which can reason out logical and illogical scenarios.
That is when you will make a wise decision. It’s not about making decision, its more about communicating it in a right way. That is where language comes in. Many of the communication disasters result from inappropriate usage of phrases, sentences and words. General awareness helps you to communicate things to right set of people. Now, you can see the float right!

This is what connecting things does. It simplifies and makes things look logical. This is not possible with a fixed mind.

Same is the reason why you need to have knowledge of history, geography, politics, economics, general science and whole lot of things connected to common sense while writing civil services examination. A civil servant is connected to common man and he needs to know something about everything and that’s what your IAS exam tests. So, now you understood the logic! When you don’t, you will say, “Why I should write this stupid and useless aptitude test to do my business management course”? If you do, then you will connect the exam with what you will do in business management.
The management aptitude test measures your aptitude and gives a score on whether you really suit to take up the business management course or not. Then the next question that comes is, “do I have to take up coaching to clear these tests”?

The answer is yes and no

No, because aptitude is something that cannot be taught. It’s there in you, and it’s there in everyone. It’s like running. You need not teach how to run to anyone. Everyone can run. If everyone can run then what is the difference between Usain Bolt and you? He runs faster, much-much faster than you. He does that because he practiced it. Usain Bolt learnt the scientific way to of doing it faster and quicker. Same is the way for your aptitude test. So, it’s a yes for coaching.
Coaching teaches you the effective way of solving the puzzles and helps you to practice. If you can do it at home, you don’t need a coaching. You can practice yourself. You would get that motivation to practice only when you are able to connect the fact that management aptitude is a must for getting knowledge on business management. If you have the aptitude and knowledge you can make a right decision!

The logic is simple. It’s just that we need to connect it.

Not only this, you can connect everything in this World. And the mind that connects is a floating mind and the floating mind always makes a right decision with total clarity. Time for me to switch back to my text books and prepare for my next exam. Will wait to connect to you again next Tuesday. Till then good bye and happy connecting…
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