This post is for all those parents who have children under the age of 10 years!

For you all a word of caution. Look at the kids of 14-18 years today and compare them with the kids of same age group 30 years ago. You can see that more than 50% of them are either over weight or obese compared to less than 5% seen 30 years ago.

Kids of 21st century are quick learners, multi-tasking, stubborn and fast movers. We feel happy with the fact that our kids are able to use mobile phone and operate it with ease. We treat it as achievement and speak about it to others saying that your kid is able to open applications, make a call, play games and much more. The moment kids start crying we would give him different gadgets and he gets involved into it. That’s when you heave a sigh of relief and get back to your work.

Talking about the older generation kids, that time world didn’t have much technological advancement or gadgets. So, spending one day time was almost like spending a week today. When you don’t have a gadget which can be of time pass what would you do? You would be playing a game or meet friends or watch over movements of people. You will be puzzled watching things around you. That is when you will start finding answers by putting thought and creativity into it and learning like that has much fun and sense of satisfaction also. Olden days if the kid is crying the parents would take him near and converse with them. Today they just give him a phone or a tablet and let him play what he wants to play.

The thing is that we are all using technology and we should all use it for better purpose like getting information, sharing things or staying in touch with people. Rather we are using them for different other purposes. Technology is for sure a biggest invention by mankind it can’t and shouldn’t make a man lazy. A kid will not know the usage of these gadgets till he becomes old enough to understand their usage. He only plays with it and gets addicted to it by the time he reaches his teenage.

These days in the childhood itself children are so much over driven with the gadgets that they don’t learn things with intensity that’s required for them. The learning becomes quick but the knowledge gained will be nil. Though they appear to be tech savvy but their intellect remains low. These are all the ills of treating him with artificial and easy methods of enjoyment. Enjoyment lies everywhere and parents should let their children enjoy in a natural way and in the lap of nature and not with the artificial gadgets that simulate real environment. If a growing kid learns in his childhood that gadgets give him enjoyment he will never understand the seriousness of things that exist in reality. That’s when we will see people by the time they get to jobs are not interested and show reckless attitude.

Finally, to end it, by resorting to easier ways of letting their kids play with gadgets, parents are looking at a short term fun but they are welcoming a big danger in future. It’s the parents now who have to decide whether to keep the doors of gadgets closed and open the doors of outside world for their kids or face the consequences of playing angry birds and candy crushes to become couch potatoes from the age of 6 or 7 and face huge health, emotional and psychological issues at the later stages of their lives!