Karkotak uses Shukracharya’s help to poison Kirtivirya and turns Arjun on his side…

Ruchik is at the right place, it doesn’t matter how he is treated all that he wants is to stay in Kanyakubj.

Back in Mahishmati, the little amounts of poison are showing effects and one day Kirtivirya collapses. All the best health specialists are called but it all goes in vain. At that moment, Manorama says ‘Why don’t we show it to my father, he is a good doctor himself’? Arjun quickly requests Karkotak to come over. Karkotak who’s eagerly waiting for this opportunity rushes to Mahishmati and spends time alone with Kirtivirya and he gets fine in no time. That’s when King Kirtivirya and Arjun decide to host Karkotak in their Kingdom.

Karkotak smartly denies it in the beginning but gets convinced after both Arjun and Kirtivirya speak to him. Arjun even says ‘you can treat me like a son because you saved my father life’. Arjun is trusting Karkotak way more than required because he doesn’t the intentions of Karkotak. Karkotak sends the message to Shukracharya. Shukracharya advises Karkotak win the mind of Arjun and Kirtivirya. Once that is done with their help, a war can be waged on the Sapt Sindhu kingdoms.

Obeying the orders of Shukracharya, Karkotak tells Arjun ‘We need to now expand our empire and wage wars against the Sapt Sindhu Kingdom. That way you can become Chakravarthy’. Arjun who’s king yet likes the idea and believes in it. But, the father and the current King Kirtivirya is not convinced. Differences now start getting visible. Arjun thinks ’There is no wealth in the South, all that we have is in the North. Sri Lanka which is the only wealthy Kingdom is far away. Kirtivirya then explains if Sapt Sindhu fights internally, it’ll open for Asuras. Avanti kingdom will be their first target and I have seen it before. So don’t think of all that.

Ruchik is now living his life peacefully, but hasn’t he forgotten his goal?

Ruchik doesn’t meditate anymore. Because he is in the process of building relationships between grandsons and other people in the Kingdom. The good news is Renuka gets pregnant. The stage is set for ‘Parshuram’ birth. When he hears the news, he feels very happy. Mahur King Prasenjit is sent a message on Renuka’s pregnancy. King invites all of them to visit Mahur in the 7th month and stay till the baby is born.

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Back to Mahishmati: Son and Father are not on talking terms. Karkotak visits Shukracharya and on his advice, Karkotak changes medicine resulting in a paralysis attack on King. The paralysis attacks one side of the body and the treatment would take no less than a year. Karkotak then advises Arjun to occupy the throne and rule the Kingdom. Arjun discusses the same with King Kirtivirya and he agrees. That’s how the new King ‘Arjun’ is born for Mahishmati, Avanti. All the great kings including Deval take part in the ceremony. Satyavati, Ruchik and Jamadagni don’t go as Renuka are pregnant. Arjun is fond of Satyavati; thus, she sends a message that when they visit mahur they will stay over in Mahishmati for few days.

After two months of becoming king, Saurashtra which is just next to Avanti gets attacked. This news comes as a surprise to the entire Sapt Sindhu. Ruchik now understands things have gone far towards Shukracharya. Ruchik goes into meditation and gathers all the information on the happenings in Mahishmati. By then Renuka enters her seventh month of pregnancy. A message reaches Mahishmati on the arrival of Satyavati and others from Kanyakubj. Arjun expresses happiness hearing to the news.

Ruchik and Karkotak take on each other – Black Magic vs Yogic Power

Ruchik knows Arjun is a nice person, it’s just that he got completely influenced by Karkotak and Shukracharya’s web. Satyavati and others reach Mahishmati and they were received by many others including Karkotak. Karkotak and Ruchik are the only people who knew everything that’s happening around them. Karkotak is always on job to make sure Arjun does not speak to Ruchik. As planned, Karkotak doesn’t let Ruchik speak to Arjun.

Black Magic - Does It Really Work and How to Remove It?

One day, Ruchik confronts Karkotak and both argue. Karkotak says ‘I know everything and I don’t want you to come in between and spoil your life. It’s better if you leave. Ruchik knows that Karkotak is powerful and his pregnant daughter in law Renuka cannot be exposed to danger. So, he decides to drop off Renuka in mahur and get back to mahishmati and deal with Karkotak. With this thought, he leaves mahishmati.

But, Karkotak has got some other plans. Using his black magic, he creates disease and transmits it into Rats. Rats become the carriers of that diseases which we call plague. Rats generally have the habit of entering rice bags. As soon as the Rats die, the disease gets activated. Like that many rats are sent to Mahur and the plague disease is increasing in numbers.

Ruchik understands that it’s the Karkotak’s net to kill his entire family.

King Prasenjit is extremely sad but he doesn’t know the real culprit. Ruchik takes off all the family members and starts their journey back to Kanyakubj. Karkotak discovers this truth and once again uses his black magic to create deadly crocodiles on their way to Kanyakubj. Ruchik and others use to take the river route to Kanyakubj. They are now at the Chambal River which is a dangerous route.

The deadly crocodiles are waiting for Ruchik’s arrival which he doesn’t know. As they reach Chambal River, it gets dark. As it’s turbulent and risky, all of them decide to wait at the river shore. Renuka is now 9 months pregnant. Suddenly Ruchik captures 40 crocodiles coming towards them and he is on the task to save the family. Now, there is a war between Karkotak and Ruchik. But as soon as one crocodile is killed more are taking birth. Asuric magic is fully working as it’s dark. Ruchik now understands that killing Karkotak is the only solution… will he kill and will the pregnant Renuka and others be saved?

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