Karkotak is Killed after Ruchik confronts him, which pushes Arjun to become the ‘Chakravarthy’!

After all the trouble created by Karkotak, Ruchik decides not to leave Chambal River without putting an end to this battle. He sets the rest of the family on the banks of the river with full safety and goes to mahishmati. His sole purpose to visit Mahishmati was to confront Karkotak.

Karkotak is confronted by Ruchik and then Killed by Arjun in his Palace in front of his wife Manorama…

Ruchik reaches the King’s palace and visits Karkotak. An argument takes place between them and Ruchik says he will say everything to Arjun. Karkotak hurriedly tries to stop him but Ruchik doesn’t stop. He goes to Arjun and Karkotak rushes behind him but Karkotak doesn’t enter Arjun’s room. King Arjun and his wife Manorama were in the palace.

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Ruchik requests Manorama to step out and she obliges. Arjun is surprised to see a sudden visit by Ruchik. Ruchik then opens up and explains the story of Karkotak and tells that ‘Aryavarta’ is in danger. Just when Ruchik is about to reveal the poisoning of Kirtivirya was done by Karkotak, Karkotak enters the room. Karkotak tries to use his black magic to stop Ruchik but he fails.

To further stop from using any asuric magic, Ruchik freezes the time. Ruchik then uses his power and explains the story without holding anything. The poison story, the conversation between Shukracharya and all the dirty plans made to conquer Sapt Sindhu are all shown to Arjun. Arjun gets to know the entire story and he is shell shocked listening to the danger that his father-in-law Karkotak posed for his father.

Arjun is relieved and happy that Ruchik was able to see all this and he says ‘I will conquer all the land Asuras and drive away from the Asuras’. Ruchik presents a weapon to Arjun, this is the only way to kill Karkotak. He then de-freezes time and before Karkotak could regain his senses, Arjun kills Karkotak using the weapon presented by Ruchik. The noise of killing Karkotak reaches Manorama and she comes to see her father killed by her husband.

Aryavarta is now saved from the danger of Asuras and Shukracharya…


Ruchik has saved the entire Aryavarta and he is immensely satisfied with his actions. But on the other side, Shukracharya is burning with anger and helplessness of not being able to stop it. Ruchik then makes his way back to Chambal River where the rest of the family is residing. The day of reckoning finally arrives as Renuka is blessed with a baby boy. The boy is named Ram. Deval is perfectly serving and protecting Kannauj. Ruchik is more worried about the Aryavarta because he knows Shukracharya won’t keep quiet after whatever happened to Karkotak.

Seeing all the sincerity and actions of Ruchik, Jamadagni and Satyavati feel proud and move closer to him. Finally, it is a restart to family life for Ruchik. Renuka is the happiest because she now has both mother-in-law and father-in-law to take care of her son. It was decided that Ruchik will be the Guru of Renuka’s son Ram, the future Vishnu ‘Parashuram’.

Shukracharya is stitching a new plan to bring malice in the Sapt Sindhu

Shukracharya knew he has more to do so he starts acquiring more skills through meditation just like how Ruchik did. Through meditation, he acquires dangerous asuric skills. Asuric Maya is always powerful only during nighttime. This is why even today black magic and other evil practices are seen in the nights. Because the power of ‘Sun’ doesn’t allow Black Magic.

Arjun has conquered the entire Southern land. He is now declared the ‘Chakravarthy’, the greatest of all the Kings. During the same time, Parashuram is getting educated under the able guidance of Ruchik. The powerful army of Arjun had driven away the Asuras outside the Indian Peninsula and even from Lanka asuras are driven away. All of them ran to Pathal Lok and are hiding in there. In short, Bhu loka is free from Asuras, thanks to ‘Chakravarthy’ Arjun.

‘Dattatreya’ comes to visit Arjun and he blesses the hugely talented Arjun on him becoming Chakravarthy.

Dattatreya says ‘Nobody can ever defeat you because you have fulfilled your Dharma. But remember that the moment you disrespect your ‘Dharma’ and take an adharmic path, you will not be spared by the one who has never broken the path of ‘Dharma’. He will be the person who will defeat you and bring you down.

Kartavirya Arjuna - WikipediaNo other person can defeat you, says Dattatreya.  With this message in his mind, King Arjun rules the country and with a lot of interest & passion. Years have passed Shukracharya is still mediating intending to acquire more asuric powers.

Parshuram is now a young boy just like his father Jamadagni, he is also rock solid and carries a nicely built body. That’s when Shukracharya finishes his meditation and comes out of it. He knows everything that Dattatreya told King Arjun and he also knows he is not the one who can defeat Arjun, including him because he had already taken the adharmic route to achieve success.

Shukracharya builds an outrageous and devilish plan that one can never imagine. He meets the King of Lanka, the country known for business and trade. This was the place where he sowed the seeds of mass destruction and malice in the Sapt Sindhu…

What must have gone wrong? What is that devilish plan? All of this in my next post…

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