The fate of Delhi Capitals IPL team will be decided today but the political fate of Delhi’s 7 constituencies will be decided on Sunday 12th May in the 6th Phase of Lok Sabha Elections 2019. Delhi is a very different city, firstly being the capital city of the country it has got its own advantages. But Delhi is also known for crimes, pollution, Lutyens where the privileged live while 49% of its population live in slums. The irony is both Good and Bad are present right in one place. Parliament being the good place – the temple of democracy and the bad things being the crimes, environmental pollution and Lutyens Pollution. Let’s get to know Delhi little more:

Delhi is the highest populated city in the country with 1cr 61 lakhs. Delhi is as old as Mahabharat and gets mentioned as Indraprastha, the capital city of Pandavas. It was the seat of power for Sultans and Mughals as well as the British. Delhi is also a city with multiple religions and the breakdown of the population on the basis of religion is as follows:  

  1. 81% is Hindus – (High percentage of Jats from Haryana and Sikhs from Punjab)
  2. 13% is Muslims
  3. 3.5% Sikh
  4. 2.5% Others

Coming to elections, Delhi which was having just 3 seats in 1951 has 7 seats now and am going to talk a bit about each seat.

  1. North East Delhi – Famous seat for BJP. Manoj Tiwari the BJP president for Delhi, won the 2014 elections and is contesting again. But this time he has got a tough opponent in Sheila Dikshit who is the Ex-Chief Minister of Delhi. Though it looks tough, Victory is expectedly coming in the favour of BJP.
  2. North West Delhi – Udit Raj left the winner of 2014 from BJP has left the party. Reason being, Hans Raj Hans was given ticket from BJP. AAP and INC don’t really any tough leader to fight for.
  3. East Delhi – A very controversial and prestigious seat for BJP after all the allegations made on Gautham Gambhir by Atishi Marlena of AAP. A very Strong BJP seat. Since 1991 BJP is winning, but only in 2004 and 2009, it was won by Sandeep Diskhit who is the son of Sheila Dikshit. Atishi Marlena from AAP is famous for her work with respect to education and schools in Delhi. From Congress we have got Arvind Singh Lovely. This will be one of the seats to watch out for on May 23rd.
  4. West Delhi – Another seat with not much of news. No great candidates standing from either side. Parvesh Varma from BJP, Balbir Jakhar from AAP and Mahabal Mishra from INC are fighting for the seat. BJP Victory is again expected easily.   
  5. South Delhi – Hindu dominated seat and from 1989 it was all BJP. Only in 2009 INC won. Sushma Swaraj from BJP is one of the famous persons to win fro this place. Ramesh Bidhuri is fighting this time who is also the sitting MP and his opponent is Vijender Singh(Boxer) from Congress.
  6. New Delhi – The Big Seat. Place where Parliament, 10-Janpath are located in New Delhi. It is a bell weather seat and the trend is being followed since 1977. Only in 1980, even though BJP didn’t come to power it was won by Atal Ji. Was represented by Vajpayee and Advani in the past.  Meenakshi Lekhi from BJP, Ajay Makhan from INC and Brijesh Goyal from AAP are the candidates.
  7. Chandni Chowk – The only seat with low Hindu population. Muslims and Sikhs are high here. Harshvardhan famous BJP leader is standing from here and he is sitting MP from BJP. It is another Bell Weather seat. Kapil Sibal from Congress won in 2004 and 2009. Harshvardhan from BJP is contesting, Pankaj Gupta from AAP and J P Agarwal from Congress.

In 2014 BJP won all the 7 seats and in 2009 Congress won all the 7 seats. Whereas in 2004 Congress won 6 and BJP won 1 seat. BJP is expecting to win back all the 7 seats and keep up their tally.

So the 6th phase is going to happen on 12th May which is Sunday. Polling will happen in 8 states for 59 seats. Of these 59 seats, BJP won 45 seats in 2014 which is 75%.  Congress won 3 seats and others won 11 seats.

Break Up of 59 seats coming from each State:

S No State NDA UPA Others
1 Bihar (8) 8 0 0
2 Haryana (10) 7 1 2
3 Delhi (7) 7 0 0
4 Jharkhand (4) 4 0 0
5 Madhya Pradesh (8) 7 1 0
6 Uttar Pradesh (14) 12 1 1
8 West Bengal (8) 0 0 8
Total (59) 45 3 11

7 Big states for BJP of the 8 states going for the poll. For BJP to repeat 2014, every state victory % be nothing less than 90%. The real test for BJP like it was in the 5th Phase. BJP will expect to retain how much ever they can, but there are problems coming in from different states. Haryana, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh are looking to be in little trouble. All BJP will want is to make inroads in Bengal and make up for the losses from other states.