IPL 2020 is at the half way mark, Mumbai on the top and Punjab at the bottom!

Well, well… Many a time we hear commentators and cricket analysts saying ‘IPL is the best cricket league in the world’. The Indian Premier League has shown us the competitiveness and thrilling contests already. Many firsts were seen in the first half of the tournament. One of them is to see all the teams opening their points tally in just 2 matches. No team is undefeated, any team can defeat any team in this league.

The 4-time champions Mumbai started their campaign in not so great fashion after losing to first Chennai in the first match. Things quickly changed right after that; Mumbai is now sitting right on the top of the table with 5 wins from 7 matches. While Dhoni’s Chennai is in 7th position with only two wins from 7 matches.

Apart from 2 close games, Chennai didn’t look in the right spirit to win matches. The passion to win the matches was missing in players. Today they play their 8th match against the SRH and have been doing really well. The much wanted intent is back in the team. Hopefully they will script the impossible comeback like the 2010 campaign.

Whatever the equations are and whoever would make it to the playoffs, as fans we have lots of entertainment coming for us.

As I look back to the post I have written before the tournament started, I expected Mumbai to top table and that’s going right. I expected RCB to be in the third position and that’s also gone right. Then the Delhi Capitals whom I thought would be 4th in the table have been exceptional under Iyer and Coach Ponting. They are 2nd giving tough competition to Mumbai. KKR have surprised me. I saw them at bottom of the table but right now they’re in the playoffs spot.

But there’s still a lot more to play…

We have a new rule this year. A mid season transfer window open from today. This will allow a team to draft other team’s players but only if the player has played not more than 2 matches. There are some interesting players who may get transferred if the teams want to.

First on the list has to be Ajinkya Rahane and the team who needs him is Chennai. With not so very good middle order, Rahane could be a right solution or maybe add Chris Gayle to the yellove?

The biggest surprise and shock could be Ben Stokes getting drafted to the other team. A impossible transfer only good in imagination I must say. Like this there are many possible mid season transfers. A very good option introduced by the IPL this time.

Finally, we are less than a month away from seeing the new IPL champions. I say this because I don’t see either Mumbai or Chennai winning the competition. It could be the team from Bangalore RCB or the Delhi capitals!

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